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I’m making falafel style veggie burgers today for lunch, if this thread is still up I will post them.

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This is not a safe place, OP, You faggot!!!

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Hi Op. I'm not vegan but I appreciate you making a vegan thread that isn't fucking garbage about how you're better than carnivores. Have a comfy vegan day!

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Ate spaghetti bolognese but with green lentils instead of ground meat.
Feels good man

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Helo, vegano thy. L'ok other ghuts

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I'm not strictly vegan but I try to limit my consumption of animal products. How the heck do I into protein? I eat all kinds of legumes but it still feels like it ends up with too little protein unless the whole meal is legumes.

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Get some quinoa bro
Its lynch approved

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Post your favorite restaurants lads
G-Zen in CT probably the best vegan meal I've had at a restaurant

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Fuck off just make falafel

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Im a vegan symapthiser I was vegan for 6 years but Iv given up due to being suicidal which meant I didn't have the energy to make healthy vegan food or plan meals so I was eating only carbs for like a year and was getting very unwell so im back on dairy till I get my strength back

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>eat unhealthy
>get sick
>eat 'healthier'
>get strength back
>just to eat unhealthy again
top minds. just the very best intellectual powerhouse ITT

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Mycoprotein niggq

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1g protein per kg of body weight is easy if you eat enough calories. I never have a problem, just main meal with legumes (30-40g protein) and whatever for the rest of the day..
Some tips for protein - Use other grains instead of rice - barley, buckwheat, millet or hipster feed called quinoa; nuts and seeds as a snack; glass of soymilk (fight me) ~ 6g protein with few calories, often fortified in stuff lacking on vegan diet; add chia/flax/hemp seeds to oatmeal and other stuff for extra protein, they also have omega 3s.

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tasty but so friggin pricey m8

yeah I've had quinoa too

I guess I probably should just eat more to up my protein, I get away with it from meat because it's more protein-dense I guess. I haven't tried millet but I'm intrigued.

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oh yeah adding to this, any tips to protein rich pasta dishes without switching to pasta made from legumes/whole grain? I'm fine with "different" pasta but it doesn't quite fill the same need, tomato sauce with lentils is probably my best one atm

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Froposter is vegan. Sounds a bit like virgin.

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Who /lentilsoup/ here?

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I ended up making chana masala, sorry to disappoint

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Vegan here. Just got done with my tofurkey burgers tonight. I can't understand why anybody would eat flesh.

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.png? Here, have the webm version.

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uma homuncula...

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Meat eater here, while I enjoy tofu in soups, stirfrys and currys. I could never do it as a full on meat replacement as no matter how I seasoned it , i would never get that meat flavor.

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New vegan server


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Fries and hashbrowns from Burger King are vegan but not fries or hashbrowns from McDonalds or Wendys

Haha! Ain’t that a thing!

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Wow. That webm is annoying as fuck. I hate kids these days.

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what a cunt

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When I was her age we didn't have facial expressions. We stared dourly at the world around us and occasionally grunted a few monosyllables of disapproval. We understood.

Now the world is full of people like her being all rubberfaced for no good reason. I fear the future is bleaker than ever.

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Cook beans in a pressure cooker. Done. Throw tomatoes peppers and onions into a blender to make salsa that flavors the beans. Done.

Optionally cook rice in a rice cooker. Where's the effort?

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remember that kidney beans from pressure cooker can kill you, you need to boil them for few minutes first

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False. Pressure cookers get hot enough already. Been eating kidney beans from one for years no issues.

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>hot cocoa with water instead of milk

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It's fine if you use proper cocoa, the kind you use when hiking.

Or just use coffee.

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>Literally a full third of the webem is her posing next to her drink of a banana and canned pumpkin

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la cretura...

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also not vegan, but also wanted to say that you guys are all right. Enjoy your 'gumes and have a good day
all the effort goes into doing it while being depressed

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Who /no oil/ here

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Is veganism the ultimatum? All proof points toward it.

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esto el fin

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fuck, w2c qt mexican gf

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Most people eat more protein than they actually need. Unless you work out a lot you probably don't need more than 60-70 grams

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just be sure not to overfill the pressure cooker my dude

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