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I got some baloney, never tried frying it. wat do?

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cut from middle and out
if you just fry it like that it'll just go concave.
do not under any circumstances salt it
make sure you leave it on there for a good while too because bologna has zero texture.
ideally you don't want to eat it at all.

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was gonna throw it on some toast with a hot mustard. I'll cut it good bb don't worry

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Wow, that shit is terrifying. Bravo for his skill, but that's a gruesome workplace accident waiting to happen. It only takes one slip.

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Welcome to The Jungle

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recently someone here posted that webm. another anon came in and said they were a janitor at a meat factory and got promoted to slicer because the one before him got his fingers cut off

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Try frying it.

>> No.10138111

Ahh, yes, when there were no regulations and human meat from common accidents were included in the final product. Where's Ayn Rand when you need her? Oh, she's back with a vengeance!

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fry it

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