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Holy shit can you guys BELIEVE what they make people eat in prison?


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It's almost like they're being punished for some sort of crime!!

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>selling crack rocks to children
don't tread on me

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That's honestly too good for them.

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Also, that shit looks better than the stuff I used to eat for lunch.

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Do one where homeless people try it and see what they think.

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Selling hard drugs is degenerate.

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I've been in for almost a year. What they showed in the video was a bit better than what we got. So much soy though, most of it isn't real meat. Oh, and the bologna, so much bologna.
After a while, all your shits and farts smell the same.

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Looks like grade school lunch desu

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ONLY two meals a day?

>low morale in prison
>you lose a lot of freedom
>meals cost as little as 2.50 USD
>complaining the meals are only 800-1100 calories each when daily requirements for active adults is around 2000
Are these people fucking serious?

My dinner tonight works out to under 2 USD/portion. Prisoners don't need steak.

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Because most prisons actually have functioning kitchens. Most schools just serve food. Nothing is made in house unless they have a grill like they did in my High School.

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Holy shit can you guys BELIEVE what they make people eat in the military???


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Those MRE are more about meeting energy requirements than taste. Food for fuel.

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jap prison food is better

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Most of the food in Japanese prison is made in house. The issue with schools and institutions in america
is that they want nothing made in house. They sell contracts to big companies that provide frozen and premade food that only needs to be heated up.

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this goes to schools as well.

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>black guy
>"This makes me feel at home actually"

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Mre's are pretty tasty usually. Some meals are total shit though. Veggie omelet was the worst

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MREs are not standard food. They're pretty much intended as emergency rations only for when field cooks aren't available or it's too dangerous to set up a field kitchen.

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I always wonder what it would be like if I went to prison with celiac disease. I literally can't eat anything from a kitchen where it's possible cross-contamination happened otherwise I get incredibly sick.

Maybe they'd let me prepare my own food first. Then I'd probably get beat up for being a fag with food sensitivities.

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>Then I'd probably get beat up for being a fag with food sensitivities.

I doubt it, if that sorry excuse actually worked then everyone else would copy you in a second

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I heard that Japanese prisons were basically 24/7 military bootcamp, maybe that was just for foreigners though idk

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If you were smart you would eat the prison food for a couple of days, shit your guts out, then sue the state for a fuckload of money for not accommodating your disabilty. Then when you get out you'll be loaded.

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oh boy here we go with the

"my favorite drug is ok but other drugs are bad"


you cant cherry pick and be morally consistent

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Every single person in that video is such a fucking faggot I had to turn it off after about 20 seconds.

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I went to jail, not prison

The food is basically the same as school food, or fazolis level restaurante

Its not high class, but it will feed you

They would probably make you eat whatever prepackaged food they have

Which in the case of my jail, would mean you would be eating shrimp ramen and cookies and pbj in a bag

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Why bother cooking at all? Just make prisoners eat MREs without heaters.

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>shrimp ramen and cookies and pbj in a bag
>celiac disease
Are you retarded?

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I hope that jail is right next to the local plumbers guild

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>bottom right
Inspired by prison food, not what they really get. prison food is terrible. its well known that hungry prisoners get in fights and cause trouble. well fed prisoners are more passive. its a fuckin mystery to me why we don't feed our prisoners better. treating people like animals is only creating more problems for society when they get out. reading the fortune cookie, bumper sticker attitude towards the penal system ITT just makes me sad. you people have crappy genes if your critical thinking is this bad

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People in prison shouldn't get food.

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mres are fuckn way more expensive than some prison meal

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looks like someone forgot this isnt facebook

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Prisons within the US are - like everything else - treated as a business. It's not an official statement or anything, but I guarantee the majority of the prisons in the US are turning profit by abusing their prisoners.

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this, there's a reason we have a 66% rate of recidivism

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An MRE is expensive. It’s cheaper to feed prisoners with food that can actually expire if not eaten in time.

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Most likely scenario is that they'd just force you to eat the standard food until you can get your doctor to come verify your condition at literally the most inconvenient time for your doctor, which would make the process take as long as possible, and when it finally happens and you get approved for special dietary needs they still won't give a fuck and you'll constantly be taking in gluten anyway.

>its a fuckin mystery to me why we don't feed our prisoners better.

No it's not. US Prisons are for profit.

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>this, there's a reason we have a 66% rate of recidivism

>The food in prison is so shitty
>I want to go back
said anybody ever?

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>its a fuckin mystery to me why we don't feed our prisoners better

Tell you what, why don't you run for public office on the platform that we should raise taxes to make criminals more comfy

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Its more because they contract the food to big companies like Tyson and etc.

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>Its more because they contract the food to big companies like Tyson and etc.
I thought it was more like "institutional food" suppliers like Sysco, Sodexo, Aramark, etc...
The same ones that supply schools and hospitals

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>us prisons are for profit
Only the private ones, but they're like 20% of the prison system now

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>Feed prisoners EXCLUSIVELY on soylent
>Watch prisoners become more effeminate from all the estrogen
>Prisoners end up as passive soyboys once they're released
>Only crime they'll commit from then on is being a faggot

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agreed, the two minutes felt like two hours. and i think my estrogen levels have risen after watching this shit.

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>Some prisoners are fed only two meals a day

Then someone is committing a felony. Prisoners are required to be served 3 meals within an 18 hour period, 2 of them are required to be hot, served at a specific temperature that I am currently forgetting. The third meal can be cold, and is generally lunch, like a sandwich or some shit.

Long time cop/former corrections officer. Also, they need to quit bitching, I ate prison food all the fucking time when I worked behind the wire, because it is free and prison guards get paid bullshit. It isn't bad.

Also I like how they just forget all the chips and microwaveable shit and cakes and whatnot you can order on commissary. No prisoners eat *only* what comes off of the line.

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I mean, that's wrong, but okay. MREs are for field operations. You don't haul around a fucking field kitchen when you are balls deep on an LRP or some shit.

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They are legally required to adhere to any special dietary needs. This includes optional diets like vegetarian and vegan menus. If you have celiac's then you get a meal prepared by the dude or group of dudes who do the special diet trays. Special diets include liquid (for force feeding or broken jaws), kosher, vegetarian, vegan, whatever medical shit/ food allergies you have, and a lot of other stuff. Pregnant women also get extra food.

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Any good stories?

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It is, Aramark has an entire subsidiary dedicated to corrections.

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Too many. When you have been in law enforcement for over a decade, you have all the stories. Want any specific ones?

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>sheltered, middle class snobs get paid to overreact to eating food

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>with no real care for the person who is eating it
Who the fuck cares about gang members, rapists and murderers?
Giving them food is a privilege, not a right.

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prisoners in jap can't talk

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No it isn't. It's the same shit every day, literally, the exact same shit, which is illegal in the US as a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

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Damn, I've eaten plenty of MRE's and have never seen any of those. Matches are the same though.

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Anything stand out from your time as a CO? Otherwise just anything you found particularly humorous or horrific really

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I googled the brand symbol on the package. It's AmeriQual. Some shitty civilian mre replicas.

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A lot of fights, a lot of suicides. I probably worked a dozen deaths in custody in 4 years. This one is always a gem. Didn't happen to me because I wasn't working DSeg.

>DSeg is packed, 2 to a cell, 23 hour lockdown, rec is literally just opening their sliders one at a time from the bubble for an hour a day or so.
>dude apparently hates his cellmate
>kills him
>props him up against the phone sometimes
>tucks him in bed
>sits on the bunk with him
>takes 3 fucking days before they realize what has happend
>dude managed to hide a murder in plain view in a pod that has one hour sight checks for 3 fucking days

Was pretty impressive from what I hear, the photos were neat. The murderer was covered in decomp because of moving around a corpse and making him seem not dead for 3 days. Guy had no remorse at all.

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>whole wheat bread
>soy loaf

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I now accept that I am not hard af. I have found the benchmark and I am left wanting.

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Jesus that must have reeked. How often if at all do prisoners try to square up with CO's?

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Why not just buy a lot of cheap ingredients and make the inmates cook it instead.
Surely you could band together a team of inmates who could make some tasty rice and beans for dindin.

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No, 98% of people are little pussies. Don't feel bad. I only got as tough as I am due to the unchecked PTSD I deal with. That's really what being "hard" is, it's just being totally fucked in the head.

Be glad, so very glad that you are a normal person. Bask in your normalcy, enjoy being a pussy. Enjoy life. Once you walk on the other side long enough, you never get to go back, you know?

You stare long enough into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you. You know what I'm saying?

Oh another good one, has to do with "being tough."

>be me
>on duty
>doing sight checks
>notice a couple dudes standing watch in front of a cell, blocking the view into it
>lol fags think I'm not going to bust them for smoking (smoking was only permitted on the yard, and people regularly did shit like this to get away with smoking indoors)
>hear whimpering as I approach the cell
>call for backup, I ain't about to get my ass kicked when I don't need to
>dudes in front of the door try to bar entry, they are detained
>3 prisoners inside the cell, 2 older ones and one fish, young, 19 IIRC
>one is holding down the fish while the other is raping the shit out of him with a broom handle
>when I asked them why they did this, they responded with
>he was being a little bitch, and if he is going to act like a bitch, we'll treat him like one, but I ain't fuckin gay so my dick ain't goin in there


The smell is what tipped them off that there was a rotting carcass in the pod.

Fights are constant, we worked 4 12 hour day rotations, 4 days on, 4 days off, called "sets." In one set we would on average have 9-10 good fights. That being said I worked a med-max, so it wasn't pussy shit they were in for, all real criminals.

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This. Moldy bread, water and 18h/day hard labor in silence. Get beaten black and blue for making eye contact or talking. That's how it should be.
Japanese prison is like the above but with plain rice and fish at 1200cal a day and they advertise it too. It's no wonder the have no crime and a 99.9% conviction rate.

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They do that. The issue is that you can't use 90% of spices because the menu is supposed to be edible to over 99% of the population. They have industrial sized bags of things like sliced potatoes, beans, vegetables, oatmeal, stuff like that, all cooked by inmates. Problem is, you can only season it with limited amounts of shit like garlic, imitation black pepper, oregano, rosemary, and a couple other things. You might only use a half or quarter cup of spices to season a dish meant for over 1000 people.

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Get them industrial size bottles of hot sauce

>> No.10153289


Yeah but some people can't have hot sauce. I am also pretty sure they still sell hot sauce on commissary.

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How often does actual rape occur? I've been told that if you don't want to get raped, just fight back the first time because nobody wants a hard target, so to speak. And also that actual gays are pretty much feared in prison

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Define "rape"

PREA states that any sex act involving a prisoner is rape, regardless of consent, because prisoners cannot give consent. Sometimes you have some gay relationships, sometimes sex is used as a power play, the UABs are known for that one, they will sexually exploit the younger dudes. Actual, hardcore rape? Extremely rare. Sex in prison at all is extremely rare in general. From what I understand it was significantly different back in the day, but anymore there is a tight grip on all that shit.

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the black guy, kek. this isn't that bad. it doesn't look that bad.

>> No.10153453


just kind looks like frozen dinners or something

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i was just looking for some bread, butter n fruit drink. and yall hocked me up with corn meatloaf and mash. sssshhhhiiiittttt.

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>My name is anon and I'm unironically this retarded

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>some prison inmates recieve only two meals a day
get fucked buzzfeed

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this was no joke probably the funniest video i've watched in a year
>1.53 million prisoners were served meals in 2015
well i fucking hope so
>this reminds me of like, a school lunch program, where they're trying to feed a bunch of people for as cheaply as possible

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how do they get a 99.99 pct conviction rate on no crimes
i passed math bro

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maybe if you're a brainlet you can't categorize things...
good thing this is a question of law and not morals

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To all the people saying that inmates shouldn't get food - there are laws in place that prevent prisons from using "cruel and unusual punishment". Not giving access to meals is considered "cruel and unusual".

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>there's a reason we have a 66% rate of recidivism

It's because at least that amount of the prison population is made up of spics/nigs (and increasingly Arabs) who can't be rehabilitated.

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welcome to the filter

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I think he was talking about how people treat ex cons shitty, despite prison being the punishment for their actions
If prison was actually a punishment, then why treat ex cons poorly? Why would there be any stigma of being an ex-con?

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oh my god!

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savage motherfuckers

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Japan has a 99% conviction rate because they have a notorious conviction-happy justice system. The Japanese society desires a perfect world and they hate cold cases, so judges oftentimes convict suspects if they simply feel that the evidence is "good enough."

The polar opposite happens in its neighbor South Korea, which is notorious for having a justice system that takes "innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt" mantra too seriously. In South Korea many criminals that most people are 99% sure actually did the crime walks free.

Pick your poison.

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I had MRE's while camping and thought they were disgusting. Had them a second time when I was actually active and hungry and they're awesome

>> No.10153658

well it knid of makes sense for anyone potentially about to invest in the former felon as an employer, or otherwise. I'm not saying its a good system. It's just bullshit.

>> No.10153684

It doesn't make sense
The assumption is that someone who committed a crime will commit a crime again
But if that assumption is there, then why let them out at all? Did they not do the time? If there's a chance that they could commit more crimes, then why wouldn't the justice system reflect that? What is the point of punishing people by sentencing them to jail if the punishment isn't enough to ensure that they won't do it again? What is the point of a justice system based on the notion that people are punished according to the severity of their crime, but doesn't actually do it in a way that prevents crime from recurring?

It is bullshit, but it definitely doesn't make sense

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Aside from some relatively high per-capita rape rates; South Korea has a remarkably low crime rate. If you couple that with not likely to get your life ruined do to wrongful imprisonment, their justice system sounds fine to me.

Japan's courts sound off their rocker, but I don't know that much about them. I know Italy and Britain can fuck right off though, they can destroy you without ever even pressing charges.

>> No.10153703

I suppose that is why a lot of prisoners become institutionalized, or at least reapeat offenders. I have always thought the same thing honestly, being what is the point of trying for a normal life when most opportunities are barred against you. I guess the only thing to do would be construction, or some sort of manual labor. I know in the U.S., or maybe its by state im not sure that felonies will be expunged from your record after 7 years or so, but i'm not even sure if that applies to repeat offenders.

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Yes I believe that it is 100000000x better to let a criminal walk free than send an innocent man to jail. The crime already happened, so sending a criminal to jail only provides a brief solace.

Meanwhile, sending an innocent man to 30 years in jail is the creation of new suffering and misfortune. South Korea does it right: the justice system should protect the suspect from flimsy convictions and bad judgement as much as it can, even if that means that a good number of actual criminals walk free.

>> No.10153740

Sending an innocent man to jail means the criminal goes free anyways. And you're exposing an innocent man to the criminal element and denting his life.

You might actually be creating felonies in two different directions, which is why people need to take the words "beyond a reasonable doubt" more seriously.

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Japan has many fucked up cases where the court admits to false and bad convictions only after the guy serves his multiple-decade sentence.

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Good god what the fuck is your picture

>> No.10153775


>tfw my family members have all used me to get out of jury duty

>> No.10153777

burger dog

>> No.10153795

I am also under the impression that Japan is pretty swift to execute prisoners, and sometimes under false convictions.

>> No.10153805

of course prisoners who are on death row if thats what Japan calls it

>> No.10153864

Kek the "dindu dindin"

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I wouldn't want to be here

>> No.10153996

Do their execution rooms really look like something from the SCP foundation?

>> No.10154013

He’s here and he has served time. He’s probably an Asukafag as well.

>> No.10154035

It unironically looks better than the food I used to get from school. I would have killed for some collard greens or black beans back then

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File: 35 KB, 615x409, EDITORS-NOTE-JAPANS-JUSTICE-MINISTRY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You go past a golden Buddha before you get hanged

>> No.10154063

Oh shit we Steveposting now?
For real though, MREs aren't supposed to be the ONLY thing you eat in the military. Sometimes it ends up working out that way because of logistics issues, or because you're away from a FOB for a few days or more, but in an ideal world you're only eating MREs for a meal or two at most.

>> No.10154093

Holy shit that’s the answer to our problems

>> No.10154098

I stayed a night on the first floor of a jail the day before my trial back in high school. The dinner they gave me was almost completely inedible garbage. The only food that I could actually get down was the tiny piece of sweet cornbread in the corner. That meal looks way better than what I got.

>> No.10154111

>everybody in prison has raped and killed 500 children
There are people in prison for shit like failing to pay fines and minor drug charges. Are you really suggesting that these people should be denied their basic humanity because they fucked up?

>> No.10154116

wtf, that looks good compared to what you get in prison

t. somebody who has been to prison

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would you eat canadian hospital food???
(note this is probably the worst looking one i could find from my collection)

>> No.10154132

MREs are top comfy and usually pretty decent. A waterproof, lightweight, warm balanced meal with tons of calories and it lasts for years. what's not to like?

>> No.10154148


I'd rather forage out-back of the hospital and start seeing what foliage was edible. What the fuck?

>> No.10154160

friend with crohn's had this happen. there was no special treatment, if i recall from his story. he had pretty severe crohn's, so he lost a ton of weight, was in a lot of pain, but luckily was only in there for less than a week.

>> No.10154187

Not prison, but when I was in county we only got 2 meals.

A sack lunch with some bread, meat, condiments, powdered drink mix, a tiny apple, and a small cup of milk.

For dinner we got hot, mostly vegetarian meal.

Also not every inmate has people on the outside to put money in the commissary for them.

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eh they were decent
the key is steal pepper from the cafeteria to supplement the little packs they give you that sometimes have almost none

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>> No.10154212

>Holy shit can you guys BELIEVE what they make people eat in prison?
Im fine as long as its kosher

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>these buzzfeed faggots badmouthing MREs

>> No.10154237

I was a CO at McNeil Island in WA for a little bit. They had an apple orchard, raised and slaughtered cattle, fuck huge greenhouses, and wells on island that the inmates worked for $2 an hour. They ate fantastically, all meals made from scratch with almost all ingredients grown/raised on island.

Then Obama changed a bunch of guidelines to improve "inmate meals" and they went to what OP posted, because it was cheaper for the state to buy ready made processed shit than have the inmates raise grow and cook (and also gain marketable skills) food.

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>somebody actually posts a funny racist joke on 4chan instead of the run-of-the-mill forced "look at me I'm edgy" garbage

Today was a good day.

>> No.10154246

>but I guarantee the majority of the prisons in the US are turning profit by abusing their prisoners.
They're not, they're a money pit. They used to make a profit when prisoners worked and make things, but not anymore since the ACLU stopped that cause $2/hr is MUH SLAVE LABOR.

Hilariously that saw an increase in recidivism rates because inmates were no longer being taught skills and working jobs they could then transfer to the outside, instead just languishing all day joining gangs and learning to be better (or worse) criminals.

The most successful people who come out of prison are those who took advantage of trade and education programs.

>> No.10154252

Are prisoners being used as lab rats to test new GMO """"foods""""?

>> No.10154255

MREs are what you survive off of after you've seized Bagram and until the Air Force can ferry in the advanced team from Burger King.

>> No.10154273

>like failing to pay fines
Lol this meme

>> No.10154279

I can't believe this meme that prisons make a shitload is prevalent. Most prisoners lounge around all day and do nothing but consume. Meanwhile a wildly expensive security and caretaking system needs to be implemented around the clock.

>> No.10154280

There are people in prison for shit like pretending to eat turtle eggs. Are you really suggesting that these people should be denied their basic humanity because they fucked up?

>> No.10154294


Nevermind the massive cost overruns are the result of the federal government making more and more regulations like not allowing raised food, banning working, extremely limiting education programs, etc.

The result is an environment of limited supervision where Bob in prison for theft is forced to hang out with Jamal and Juan who are in prison for aggravated assault, and they have nothing better to do then sit down and convince themselves it's SOCIETYS fault.

Not to mention you have fucking leftists somehow against mandatory chemical dependency programs because it's "forcing people", then they're surprised when said addicts get out and immediately commit more crimes.

It's maddening.

>> No.10154295

>There are people in prison for having a bench warrant for a more serious crime and/or people on probation/parole and/or 7 time repeat offenders who get brought in on some minor drug charge or other meme crime
This is 80-90% of the people you're referring to

>> No.10154444

>hmm people get locked up in a place with extremely shitty conditions among other more hardcore criminals and then repeat minor drug offenses when they get out
>i know, lets make the food for them inedible, maybe the'll learn this time!

Yeah buddy, repeat offenses are caused because the food in prison is too good. Once again, let's deny them their basic humanity some more in hopes this will convince them not to get locked up again! The US prison system is already garbage and making conditions worse isn't the way to fix things for these small-time offenders.

>> No.10154472

Top milkdudes

>> No.10154481

Your right.
We should just kill criminals on the streets.

>> No.10154494

It's not inedible, it's just whiney ass niggers looking to portray themselves as victims some way or another. Been to three different jails and am pretty well off. Food sucks initially but you get use to it. It's not a big deal. I didn't know providing shit-tier but perfectly edible chili dogs was a crime against humanity lol.

>> No.10154499

i can't believe this meal adds up to 1260 calories

>> No.10154500

Criminals deserve steak dinners and stuff!
They need to be papered so they don't feel bad so they can be good boys.

>> No.10154515

Been to prison twice, my comment was directed to the argument that prison food should be worse than it already is. Some of the edgelords on 4chan think that prisoners should be fed straight dirt regardless of what they did.

>> No.10154563

They should get deportations for dessert

>> No.10154569

>has been to prison not once but TWICE


>> No.10154604

>NEET living with his parents on an anonymous imageboard feels superior to someone else

Book just writes itself

>> No.10154622

ummmm pretty shitty (and fake) book you're writing sweetie.

Nonetheless I hope you're doing well and that you'll stop committing crime, lol. I just think it's funny that the double ex-con has the gall to call somebody else an edgelord. Then again I don't know the circumstances of your arrests. You should greentext them

>> No.10154632

Back in my 20s I had a drinking problem. First time was for driving on a suspended license after a DUI. Second time was for getting a second DUI. Did 60 days for the first one and 15 for the second one. Haven't had a drink in 10 years.

>> No.10154699

>actually commit a crime
>they catch you and your fucked

>> No.10154703

Yea pretty much. A friend of mine blacked-out drunk, somehow got naked and broke some old guy's windshield wiper.
They tried to throw him in max sec prison for a year but he got away with paying $12,000 in fines and legal fees, spending 3 weeks in jail, losing his job and his apartment.
In short, don't touch or break fucking anything in Japan and you're gucci.

>> No.10154706

It's cuz often they'll beat someone until they sign the document saying they confess to the crime. They can legally hold you for up to 3 months without charge while they build a case against you.

>> No.10154710

I've had airline food that looks worse to be honest.

>> No.10154715

When I was stationed in Okinawa we used to get raging drunk and start fights with the japs. I’ve had a few scrapes with the nip legal system but the military always got us out of it.
Good times.

>> No.10154720


>> No.10154734
File: 42 KB, 520x347, 12995759_f520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those trays look good. This is what actual prison food looks like.

>> No.10154759

They did a study where they balanced the nutrition in a youth prison. Their recidivism rate dropped massively. And the balanced food cost no more than the previous shit.

>> No.10154768


Me either

>> No.10154774

Prison in Nam forces the inmate to grow vegs, raise cattle animal for food.
That is cheaper and more efficiency, consider the fact that they are human, they need for and need to work out and do something while they are in prison.
The Gov provide them with basic food (ex: Rice, which they can't grow in prison; spice, meat, ves). The inmate can live with those food, but like some anon said that the average calories s for active adults is around 2000, so that just make it more efficient
Well, the food is kinda bad, but it isn't frozen food, and you can eat until you full.

>> No.10154805

I think heroine and coke are on a different level than hallucinogens and pot.

>> No.10154812

Still better than Dutch food.

>> No.10154825

Can't be as bad as the cabbage rolls at the Terre Haute Federal Pen.

>> No.10154836

Yea that's pretty lucky. If you pulled shit on the mainland you get fucked quickly.

>> No.10154850

That is some unnecessarily finely diced fruit

>> No.10154856

dude weed lmao xd

>> No.10154858

>all drugs are bad
>even though you can buy drugs at a pharmacy really easily
>stop poking holes in my logic, STOP, ONLY THE DRUGS I SAY ARE BAD ARE BAD, NOT THE ONES YOU SAY
fucking tripfags
never even once

>> No.10154861

They eat better than the homeless

>> No.10154862
File: 25 KB, 520x293, D749EFEA-3013-4BA3-92BF-5699865765D3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m ok with this

>> No.10154867

hospital food has to be easy to fit into a mouth

>> No.10154919


>Prison in Nam forces the inmate to grow vegs, raise cattle animal for food

They should at least do this in other countries for small offences.

>> No.10154923

But I like our food..

>> No.10154984

>No tray
What were they thinking?

>> No.10154997

Well, this meal looks a lot better than what i eat right now.

>> No.10155009

I wouldn't mind going to a japanese prison

>> No.10155050

>In the US there are people in prison for shit like failing to pay fines and minor drug charges

>> No.10155073

>I know Italy and Britain can fuck right off though, they can destroy you without ever even pressing charges
>Ahah it's funny because he's assuming in Italy we still have the gestapo
Sorry but here you're "innocent until unresonably proven guilty": there are cases on going for like 20 years, even though it's almost certain who's guilty there isn't still enough proof to convict anyone.

>> No.10155080


>> No.10155085

Not nice.

>> No.10155092
File: 56 KB, 753x718, eugene.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>parents unable to raise responsible children
>this is somehow a small business owner's fault

>> No.10155094

If that business wasn't racist and got rid of the Plexiglas none of those kids would be in prison.

>> No.10155120

Bear in mind that the prisoners will still have to be your neighbor when they get out.

Would you rather an abused feral for a neighbor or a rehabilitated, productive citizen?

>> No.10155127

>Holy shit can you guys BELIEVE what they make people eat in prison?

Penis isn't all that bad

>> No.10155179


>> No.10155203

>active adults
Prison, dumbass. You are not supposed to be active in prison.

>> No.10155356


This isn't what people go to prison for, thats what they might spend some time in jail for. Learn the difference.

If you made it to prison, you got convicted of something that was bad enough for them to skip right over probation and lock you up (a serious or repeat offense), or you did some pussy shit, got let off with a slap on the wrist with probation, then fucked up repeatedly after that to end up in prison.

>> No.10155362

Why does /ck/ suddenly have like 4 tripfags? Ffs

>> No.10155372

Meals should be different based on the crime committed.
>Minimal Security Prison (non-violent) = Convict Cooks
>Medium Security = School lunches
>Max Security (violent crime) = Protein Gruel/Liquid Diet

>> No.10155377

Because they showed they were willing to commit crimes and dumb enough to get caught. Why would i want to deal with them without vetting the shit out of them first?

>> No.10155382

not bad. do they give out seconds in prison?
wondering because there's so many fat fucks in them.

>> No.10155383

Dude heroin lmafrop

>> No.10155395


That was his point, that the meal was totally sufficient.

>> No.10155435

If you think that's bad, prisoners often cook that.
Just think of all the unsanitary things that happen there in the prison kitchens.

>> No.10155470

Why don't they just serve soy-rich foods and soy milk to inmates to suppress testosterone and make them more docile?

>> No.10155486 [DELETED] 
File: 119 KB, 680x675, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

buzzfeed is the lowest common denominator of 'entertainment' and 'news' it's tricking viewers into thinking they're learning, but its just forcing its shitty agenda on you

>> No.10155490

I would be happy with this meal given the lack of food I eat now being a poorfag.

>> No.10155493 [DELETED] 
File: 119 KB, 680x675, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck buzzfeed

>> No.10155506
File: 2.56 MB, 1888x4304, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck buzzfeed

>> No.10155507

That dog looks like absolute suffering.

>> No.10155508

They include saltpetre in the food like the US army did during WW1 & 2 to keep the soldiers impotent but people build up a tolerance to it.

>> No.10155513
File: 148 KB, 640x368, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this statistic pops up whilst sad music plays
what did they mean by this???!

>> No.10155563

They supplement (or replace) their meals with junk food from the commissary. That’s why a lot of them stay fat in prison/jail. If they refuse to eat we often offer them Ensure and Gatorade, although going on hunger strike may get them sent to the SHU/adseg and result in loss of privileges. The food is absolutely shitty but it’s fuckin prison, it’s not a vacation. FBOP inmates should be glad they aren’t in a county jail, you have crazy Sheriffs like Arpaio that don’t even allow salt, pepper or sugar at their facilities, so all the prepared food is completely unseasoned and they don’t have the option to get their little treats from the commissary. They do get a piece of fruit, seasonal vegetables and milk though, and fresh bread.

t. work in corporate in part of the prison-industrial complex

>> No.10155610

they couldn't even spend a bit to get real actual MREs. They aren't super expensive if you're using them to make thousands of dollars in ad revenue. Though I guess the retards giving them the ad revenue won't know the difference.

>> No.10155635

Fuck you Dutch food is great.

>> No.10155669

You’ve obviously never done acid or shrooms, cus then you’d know those are good for you, and not at all like the actually addictive 3, heroin, meth, and coke

>> No.10155687

They actually accommodate it, they have to.

>> No.10155715

They do it at Angola in Louisiana, whole place is a working farm. Inmates work in the fields while deputies on horseback watch them.

>> No.10155734

They don't eat MRE's in prisons though.

>> No.10155741

Did you even read past the first post?

>> No.10155854

This is way more proportionate and fulfilling than my fucking school lunch.

>> No.10155897

Their conviction rate is just because of how their lawyer system works, not because they're actually always getting the guilty party.

So literally everything about your post makes you a retard.

>> No.10155914

Most drugs that aren't OTC destroy families and are generally frowned upon for a reason. My mother started off with weed, and is now hooked on crack, I found her crack pipe about a year ago and now she'd into pills. It all starts with weed. Weed makes the selfish and weak search for something stronger, usually resulting in abusive and barely functioning households. If she never started weed then our water bill would be paid and there wouldn't be rats in my kitchen.

>> No.10155923

If you're not trolling, you deserve a crackhead mother for being this stupid. People start with weed because it's the most common drug. There's nothing in weed that makes you want other drugs.

>> No.10155946

looks significantly better than the school lunches I had

>> No.10155958

"Weed makes the selfish and weak search for something stronger, usually resulting in abusive and barely functioning households."

I literally just said that this was the case for me because my mother is both weak and selfish.
She also has a slew of mental illnesses which have also made her take this route.

Obviously a normal fucking person wont go off and do harder drugs just because they want a better high.
But in my selfish and weak mother's case, she is now on harder drugs because of weed. If she never had an initial high to begin with, she simply wouldn't have searched for more.

>> No.10155964

At my school we get 1 stick of bread and 1 cup of salsa sometimes. They underfeed the students on purpose to force people into buying the good food from their "pick and choose" line, which has real food in it. Pizza, soups, salads, meats, the works. But in the real lunch line we get fed kitchen scraps.

>> No.10155965

Sounds comfy desu

>> No.10155970

They're lucky to be given anything at all. Fuck em

>> No.10155985

I can understand the problem with soy loaf, but whole wheat bread is healthier than white bread, has a richer flavor, and fills you up more.

>> No.10156006

Only in America is eating two meals a day considered a punishment.

>> No.10156030

Sounds shitty mate, sorry. But are you supposed to dip the bread in the salsa?

>> No.10156039

They expect you to, but the salsa is more of a salsa flavored water rather than something that actually resembles a salsa. The breadstick are so dry that it absorbed all of the water and still retained its structure, somehow still managing to be scratchy in the throat when you swallow.

>> No.10156043

Why are these adults acting like high schoolers? This is no different form Teens React.

>> No.10156287

>you will never own an african milf to give you lipjobs

Why even live?

>> No.10156439

>ugh this is like icky icky gross food lawlz iccckkkyyy

>> No.10156504

why don't they just kill them and get it over with

>> No.10156522
File: 3 KB, 125x94, Shhhhhheeeeeeeeiiiitt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10156526

She's got dem Rachel Ray titties.

>> No.10156605

Wow I’m so sad my tax money isn’t being used to feed Tyrone 5* cuisine

>> No.10156612

just lol

>> No.10156623


you can judge just by the thumbnail.

>> No.10156631
File: 94 KB, 853x937, roll_haets_pitt_sa__by_gatucaman-da37i0z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


HOLY SHIIIET GAYS can you fags believe what they make people believe with praEHERM SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS!

>> No.10156636
File: 499 KB, 388x520, 1498861043472.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10156646

Japan has been known to be pretty damn fucked up when it comes to the justice system , they refer as lawyers by derogatory terms, and if you are falsely accused, you are fucked there, and they are horrific executioners, there's no justice there.

>> No.10156649

My fucked what?

>> No.10156666

Might as well ban alcohol since it's the most common gateway drug

>> No.10156667

Sounds like what America should be honestly

>> No.10156678

Your mother would've huffed paint if it was the only drug available, and you'd be trying to ban Sherman-Williams. Quit blaming weed for her problems.

>> No.10156728

looks like what we used to eat in school for lunch. at least they get fruit juice though.

>> No.10156734

>US prisons spend a collective 7.6 million daily feeding murderers, junkies, rapists and domestic abusers
>omg just feed them gourmet meals you bigot

Lol no fuck off. Anyone who says it's "just a mistake" is retarded. You're instilled from childhood with the knowledge that doing heroin will get you sent to prison where you're assaulted and raped regularly. Don't tell me you didn't expect shitty meals when you decided to get hooked to provoke a fight or some dumb shit like that. Nobody accidentally goes to prison.

>> No.10156974

I fucking lost it right there

>> No.10157036

How can they measure vegetables using ml?

>> No.10157064

120ml is about half a cup
not like they're going to sit there and weigh every portion, volume is about as accurate as saying "this scoop is x grams of veg"

>> No.10157065

>99.9% conviction rate
>get accused of a crime with little to no evidence
>get sent to jail anyway

>> No.10157351

>treat prisoners like human garbage, deprive them of any opportunity to develop the skills necessary to function in the outside world, and occasionally lock them up in solitary confinement until the sensory deprivation makes them lose their minds
>release them upon the world with no support services

What could go wrong?

>> No.10157353
File: 58 KB, 480x720, 1347778749189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>The logistics of providing meals to people in battle are more complex than those who are locked in prison
>The main concern for MRE's are ease of preparation, shelf life, and nutrition. Not taste!

>> No.10157367

They don't even think they beat you. They just interrogate you(basically consists of them screaming at you and telling you you to confess) for days upon days while depriving you of sleep, until you finally break down and confess to make it stop.

>> No.10157382

They do that in Angola. They have a farm that the prisoners work on, where they grow food and raise horses. They did a documentary on it in the 90s. It looked like a pretty sweet deal, and apparently all the inmates were superbly well behaved, because they didn't want to lose their privileges.

>> No.10157524
File: 20 KB, 349x205, Parchman_prison_convict_labor_1911.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Annddd...no one mentioned Parchman pen in MS. You will work or you will not eat. Drive through here with a couple joints in your car and Jamal's your uncle! Sessions will look like Timothy Leary compared to this place.

>> No.10157669

He meant the guy who killed someone and rearranged the body for 72 hours was hard. Not the guy who wasn’t even there.

>> No.10157688
File: 31 KB, 508x453, 1482299811422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>soy patty
Wait a minute, is everyone in prison a soyboy?

>> No.10157829

Looks like you could wake AJ on that theory. Hit him with an email or twit. His vitality sales would definitely see a bump!

>> No.10157864

>Give shitty food to prisoners.
>State has to hire more guards which is more money spent.
>Might as well just give them good food in the first place.

>> No.10157872

funny, when I was in grorious nippon, I got in a fight with my Japanese ex gf and things maybe got out of hand. the town cops persecuted me for months, trying to get me to confess to putting my hands on her so they could jail me. I remember fucking with them by pretending I couldn't understand what they were saying very well. they did indirectly cost me my job, though, which effectively ran me out of town, but everything worked out for the better cus I needed to come back home and move on with my life. the point is they badly wanted me to admit to wrongdoing.

>> No.10157876

>Moldy bread, water and 18h/day hard labor in silence. Get beaten black and blue for making eye contact or talking. That's how it should be.
If anything this will just make criminals do desperate shit to not get caught. All of the shithole countries have super harsh prison systems and I don't see what good it does them.

>> No.10157914

That's actually much better than I would have expected. There's enough of it that you can just ignore the parts you don't like and still have plenty of calories.

>> No.10157995

>All of the shithole countries have super harsh prison systems and I don't see what good it does them.
They have criminals who are so desperate to not commit crime in those countries that they risk their lives to flee to European countries where they can steal and rape with no repercussions.

>> No.10158026


>> No.10158359

>wut we got here is, failure to communicate

>> No.10158763
File: 159 KB, 854x637, 032BCB3D-409D-46CC-9844-ABFDB51CA2E0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just came back from the field. MRE 3x a day for three days then 1x a day for 18 days, then 3x day for 3 days. Always chew the gum..

>> No.10158821

Yep, Buzzfeed is full of useless retard superfaggots

>> No.10158873

that honestly doesn't look so bad. Last time I was in the hospital I was given apple juice (good) and the world's saddest turkey sandwich. Two weird thick slices of turkey on white bread, and nothing else. No mayo, not even butter or margarine. I was so happy to get home and eat real food.

>> No.10158886

I wonder how well I would do in prison
I'm still not sure if you're supposed to keep to yourself, or be a crazy motherfucker and assert yourself all over the place

I'd probably make the wrong choice and get into fights. I wonder how many guys I could take down with me if I got jumped
I wouldn't go out like a bitch I know that much, I'd try to kill at least one of them, try to leave him with a scar to remember me by for the rest of his life

>> No.10158889

you can choose your food from a couple options for each thing
if you don't make a choice for lunch you're gettin a sandwich, though you can choose sandwiches too
would post a menu but don't feel like img editing

>> No.10158896

>Holy shit can you guys BELIEVE what they make children eat in the american public school system?

>> No.10158900
File: 974 KB, 285x171, Freedom Rises.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love hospitals.

>It's okay. Do you know your name? Do you know where you are? You've had a seizure, likely due to sleep deprivation. Your blood sugar is around 400 but that's normal after some seizures. Are you hungry? Here, have this raspberry jello and apply-juice.
God bless America. I could swear doctors are taught to murder.

>> No.10158999


>> No.10159025

You have forgotten what your ancestors when through (and what we may go through again if we dont start fixing our problems)

>> No.10159087

Why you spread BS?

>> No.10159095

>when they get out
They should be worked until they die. The Soviets had it right.

>> No.10159158

>all crimes are the same and should be punished by death
Konrad Curze go and stay go

>> No.10159182

>We need to pay for gulags, guards, and trains to liquidate these useless undesirables
United States:
>Sell them cocaine/opiates and the undesirables pay you to be liquidated

I'm starting to see why we won the cold war

>> No.10159356

they didn't have it right, thats why it didnt last

>> No.10159376

>everything is forced and edgy
One day you will pass puberty, but that day is not today.

>> No.10159382

>soy patty

>> No.10159393

Well said.

>> No.10159397

>unironically getting triggered because people are calling out The_Donald kiddies

Sorry son, >>>/r/eddit is that way.

>> No.10159405

Ehy is everybody in this video either a shitskin or a beta white male holy fuck. And people are still denying the 'murican media kikes are forcing this degeneracy onto us

>> No.10159450

Most of them liked it though

>> No.10159475
File: 19 KB, 405x399, 1502338131351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10159502
File: 182 KB, 960x958, leftist memes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gets triggered
>says other people got triggered

>> No.10159524

>defends The_Donald tryhards
>gets called out for it
>waaaahhhh muh libruls :(

>> No.10160044
File: 3 KB, 84x98, 431321fwg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>acid or shrooms
>those are good for you

>> No.10160216

..if only you knew ..the foods that are being served in Norwegian prisons

>> No.10160237

>1.5million in prisons
>out of a population of 323.1
>0.46439628482972% of people are in prison
>Less than half a percent of people in america are criminals in prison
You bet your ass more than that % of people are actually criminals.

>> No.10160242

>I have no idea what I'm talking about; the post

>> No.10160255


>> No.10160272


they should be rehabilitated, not treated like dangerous animals. when you treat someone like that and theyre already at risk, they're only gonna get more dangerous.

why do you think successful reentry in the US is so unlikely?

>> No.10160296


ever stat used in these articles is public information abd can be checked. the private prison business is huge and making tons of money and has only made tons of money because of contracts with government written and negotiated by lobbyist or even the company themselves.

research ALEC if you want to know more about the crony capitalism that's suffocating America's under privileged.

>> No.10160298

>ignoring the massive organized crime problem in your country out of fear counts as no crime.

>> No.10160310

My mom was in the hospital with cancer in 2003 and I swear I remember them feeding her fucking pizza pops

>> No.10160579

I guess I grew up in prison conditions since that looks like one of the better dinners I'd eat as a kid.

>> No.10160631

Stalin's method was dysgenic because it was compulsory; in America only retards choose to do the crime and so they reap what they sow. The idiots filter themselves out

>> No.10160737

>be japanese policeman
>find a dead businessman with a blackmailing letter and three shots in the chest
>welp, gotta be a suicide since sararyman so stress
>idiot weebs on an appalachian leather purse imageboard praise your efficient methods
weeabos are a mistake
they're nothing but trash

>> No.10160751

Last time I was in jail I ate chicken tender wraps, homemade ckn noodles. I was there 17 days, those are the 2 only decent meals.

Sandwich for dinner, oatmeal every single fucking day for breakfast.

Thank fuck you could just buy ramen noodles.

>> No.10160801
File: 54 KB, 540x696, 1517293528933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I guess I grew up in prison conditions since that looks like one of the better dinners I'd eat as a kid.

my mother NEVER cooked with salt and butter was always unsalted. sugar was non-existent. everything was boiled and flavorless. boiled potatoes, over boiled spaghetti with meatless tinned sauce. the first time and only time I ever got fed in the watch-house I scored a plastic box of beef lasagna and it was one of the greatest meals I've ever had. an overnight stay at a police station was a culinary upgrade. FML

>> No.10161567


It is, there's differs though in that they never tell you when they're going to execute you. It could be ten days or ten years from when you go in. They consider that part of the punishment.

>> No.10161943

President Duterte plz no

>> No.10162244

If you're ever in a Canadian hospital for the love of god don't eat the bread it's basically sand and wheat

>> No.10162251

Don’t tread on me... I got Obamacare.

>> No.10162257

eh the toast was usually soggy by the time the meal made it up but it wasn't terrible after the addition of jam

>> No.10162266

Lol, I’m old, everything was made in-house, better stats than most midter restaurants. The smell when they baked the apple crisp, it wafted through the entire school. Everyone ran to the cafe on those days!

>> No.10162284

Well prison should be about improving the person not punish them... there’s the problem with your argument.

>> No.10162286

Man you got lucky then mine was pure dry and just disintegrate in your throat. Fuckers even had a picture in the feeding room.
>The breads taste depends on how hungry you are.

>> No.10162308

That's the shit they served in my high school lunches.
Get on my level.

>> No.10162329
File: 499 KB, 1296x968, IMG_1008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>The breads taste depends on how hungry you are.
guess so
also the "toast" would barely be toasted most days
also helps to steal salt/jam/peanut butter from the cafeteria
the longer you stay in the hospital the jewier you get and the more you figure out you can get away with

>> No.10162675
File: 3.21 MB, 4096x3072, IMG_20180216_140009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Steak n Egg Soup!
A bowl a day keeps the Warden away.

>> No.10162684

>Girl I went to high school with is in this video

Keep forgetting she works at BuzzFeed when I open these videos

>> No.10162697

Shits good doe
>sauce: lived off em innadesert (az, ranchfag, not vet)
Looks like a bag of vomit though. Ill give you that

>> No.10162714

It would not be called imprisonment if the stated purpose was not to separate people who were dangerous to society from it

>> No.10163467
File: 281 KB, 371x532, 1516759545834.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I spent time in fed.

Ask me anything about the food.

>> No.10163598

>caring about what criminals eat in prison
Instead, you should be talking about what KIDS are eating.


>> No.10163633
File: 210 KB, 1001x751, soup-horseradis-beef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The schools where I live generally don't serve food. Kids bring their lunch from home made by themselves or their parents.
I suppose if we absolutely must have a State it could help those kids a bit by teaching the parents some basic stuff about what makes a healthy tasty bagged lunch but I think it's generally up to them to feed their own offspring.
This idea of the schools being in charge of feeding the children just seems strange to me.
I definitely think the parents should just pack their children a good lunch themselves instead of complaining about what the State serves them.

>> No.10163638

Shit, most prisons let you have better food than soy patties. The real entrepreneurial ass niggas ran their own stores, selling top ramen/cup o noodles, candy bars, pop corn, coffee, chips, cans of tuna etc etc... Also, most prisons have decent kitchens where inmates make shit from scratch, if you want the hookup on food, get a kitchen job.

>> No.10163639

Well, what is the food like? Is it the same in general pop as in PC and Ad seg?

>> No.10163676

Not him but inmates get served the same shit, unless they are religious and cant eat shit like pork, or vegan inmates. Lifers dont get worse food than non violent criminals only doing a couple months for theft or some shit

>> No.10163693
File: 264 KB, 1237x795, paddington.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, what about in Paddington 2 when all the prisoners get down with the cooking and baking and make themselves such comfy banquets! So cute, right?

>> No.10163695
File: 78 KB, 1250x703, nutraloaf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That seems to be different in the state prisons at least.

>> No.10163701
File: 21 KB, 308x389, Pablo Pissed Mad Upset.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

School lunches are an abomination. But you aren't doing a good job representing your side of the argument being super-obese in tight-fitting sheer clothing with pink hair.

You're sinking the same ship I'm on.

>> No.10163710

Yes it would. Words can be carried along even as intent changes over time with the benefit of research and new understanding. This is how etymological history works. Modern word usages are frequently quite widely disconnected from their root meanings.

>> No.10163720

That doesn't look like 1260 calories, maybe i'm wrong but

>> No.10163731

Well i mean depending on if its a minimum security vs maximum. I know low level minimum security prisons let inmates buy shit like candy bars, sodas, coffee, top ramen etc etc and people would start their own stores, i dont think maximum security facilities have shit like that and you either eat whats offered or youre SOL, religion and vegan diets are still observed though. lol i guess if you wanna change it up just claim youre vegan one day, then religious another to get some variety

>> No.10163939

Everyone got fed the same shit. It's all about cost efficiancy. The only exceptions were guys who had religious diets.

>> No.10163956

is the food really bad or is it just niggers who think anything that isnt fried chicken is bad?

>> No.10164044


I would wager it is wrong.

>> No.10164091

I'll tell you this much, I found a grub in my soup once. One guy found a tooth in his potatoes, another guy found a used bandaid. Other than that it ranged from tasting okay to downright fucking awful. The fish came in boxes that had "NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION" on them. On holidays like new years or thanksgiving we'd get special meals. One year it was steak(Low quality, but it was still steak. No A1 sauce though, had to put hot sauce from the commisary on it.) on new years, another was chicken wings and let me tell you we were thankful for that small amount of decent stuff.

A lot of guys ate a lot of commisary where you could buy beans and rice and summer sausage and stuff and other things like pepsi(I went 5 years without a coca-cola. It sucked.) and soy sauce and sriracha to put on your food. They started getting shitty about us bringing sauces to the chow hall though.

>> No.10164309

military boy here, air force dfacs are like old country buffets

>> No.10164488

how in the fuck is that over 1k calories

>> No.10164610
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I agree. Prisoners should be underfed: this makes them weaker and easier to handle for the prison guards. Also, less caloric intake increases the chance of lethargy (again makes life easier for the guards) and of depression/suicide.

>> No.10165017

stay out of Japan you fucking retard gaijin

>> No.10165236

nah ill be going back to tokyo sometime. get me some more good food while your girls flirt with me for not being a smalldick like you.

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