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>mfw I got fired from Subway today for bringing in a bag of raw chicken strips and trying to cook them in the toaster oven for my lunch

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Probably considered a minor health risk

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Ahaha yeah that's something you shouldn't do, come on OP

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>Cooking food
>a minor health risk
You sound almost as dumb as my manager.

I shouldn't be able to cook my own lunch? If I'm opening I reserve the right to take a break and eat before our lunch rush. I was still making peoples orders but then I get screamed at for trying to cook my lunch at the same time.

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If they won't even let you rawdog in the toaster id say it wasn't worth it.

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I lost the best job I ever had today, the only problem was my manager was a bitch. I don't even get severence because I only worked there for 2 and a half months but it was the best 2 and a half months of my life. I hope I can get another job at subway but I'm afraid I might be blacklsited now which is fucked up.

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Dont smoke before your mom gets home, shes going to be super pissed. Tell her you're just suspended for now then in like a week tell her you're still not back on the schedule and have called twice and they don't seem to want you back. Make it sound real sad so she isn't pissed at you.

Start looking for another job and stop sitting in your garage smoking pot and watching lets play videos.

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>You sound almost as dumb as my manager.

you're fucking retarded. there are specific standards that are defined by city by-law. you think your manager will risk thousands of dollars of penalties just because you are too cheap to spend $3 on your fucking lunch? go neck yourself you unemployable piece of shit.

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are you ACTUALLY retarded or just act before you think about what you're doing?

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Why wouldn't you just fucking make yourself a sandwich. You worked at god damn subway...

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Get for Jimmie johns bro. My wife and I met at subway. Pretty magical place

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You shouldn't bring raw meat from outside into the restaurant to cook on THEIR equipment.
You should have just had some Subway for lunch bro.

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Eating subway every day would get old real quick

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>I lost the best job I ever had today,
How old are you?

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Not really, it's a single meal a day, not like you're eating that for all 3 meals.

Besides, subway has a TON of options, you could eat a different sandwich every single day for a fucking month.

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I'm cooking CHICKEN STRIPS you hypochondriac faggot, not fugu puffer fish.
I wanted to see what kind of sauce tastes good with chicken strips and my cunt manager pulled out the strips before they were cooked all the way and got made because I put a customers sandwich in the toaster oven after. Boo fucking hoo the heat will kill literally 100% of the germs and quite frankly if you get sick from that your a pussy and should kys.

I was tired of eating Subway. I gained 12 pounds in 2 and 1/2 months just because I was forced to eat subway all the time. I loved my job but the food wasn't my favorite.

See the above point and by the way when I'm on duty it is MY equipment. If it was "THEIR" equipment then they'd be fucking using it wouldn't they be you fucking moron?

All of you are pretty fucking stupid, don't act like you worked at Subway like me when you didn't.

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can't bring outside food into a restaurant you dumb mong. you deserved to be fired you retard.

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>All of you are pretty fucking stupid, don't act like you worked at Subway like me when you didn't.
Dude, there are literally dozens of people on /ck/ who have or still do work at subway.

I worked there for 6 months about 5 years ago. You're not that special. Subway is a common as fuck highschool/college job.

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Go back tonight and burn the place down.

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This is so fucking stupid I feel like it's got to be bait, but if you are actually that retarded I'll lay it out for you: there are rules about food prep and considering nothing in that shithole restaurant arrives uncooked you don't do any actual cooking there just heating--it makes a big difference from the point of view of a health inspector/health codes.

Ignoring the fact that you brought raw fucking chicken to cook in a device intended to quickly toast a sandwich, you also used equipment designed *to feed customers* to feed your own stupid fucking face while customers were waiting to be served.

You are the exact kind of retard that makes people furious when they hear about $15 minimum wages for fast food drones.

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now you have no reason to without the business's secrets...
tell me, how do you make a cold cut combo on wholewheat?

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>I lost the best job I ever had today
Fucking burgers
Never change

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Heaven forbid this dumbass steps foot in an actual restaurant. He wouldn't last a week.

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Thats only for customers, dipshit. My coworkers brought yoghurt and meals from home and they didn't get fired but my cunt manager singled me out for little to no reason.
I didn't deserve it at all, I was just trying to cook my own fucking food on my own break and I was nice and was still helping on the line while on my own break and how do I get repaid? I get fucking fired for LITTLE TO NO GOOD REASON.

Well if you worked at Subway you shouldn't sound so ignorant about it. I worked at Subway for 2 and 1/2 months and you don't see me going around bragging about it like you. It's just a fast food job it's literally no big deal.
28 why?

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>my cunt manager singled me out for little to no reason.
>My coworkers brought yoghurt and meals from home
Yeah, and I bet none of them cooked some fucking chicken AT the store.

Cook your chicken at home and bring it in for lunch and 100% you wouldn't have been fired.

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>Probably considered a minor health risk
Which is why he cooked it rather than tried to eat it raw.
>there are specific standards that are defined by city by-law.
State regulations, and federal guidelines. Also what regulation do you think cooking violated?
Retarded managers are a problem in all workplaces.

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Lel, you must have gotten rabies from the ass chicken to be this mad, retard. Raw chicken is different than cooked food and prepackaged yogurt. There's far worse pathogens that could be on raw meat than cooked. It's good you don't work in restaurant anymore if you don't understand this.

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they didn't put the fucking yogurt in the toaster oven you fucking mong. you don't put outside food in cooking equipment or cooking utensils that service customer food. this should be fucking obvious unless you're an idiot.

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Thank god, this has to be a troll.

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tfw work in deli/restaurant combo
We get to make whatever we want as long as we pay for the ingredients. I usually make a hot sandwich.

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the only food that can enter a service line is food that is vetted by the supply chain. chances are no one will get sick from store bought tendies, but who would risk a multi-million dollar lawsuit. take zero chances. this is simple risk management.

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Of course they didn't cook the yoghurt, I feel like your just trolling now because that's not even an argument. At no point did I say they cooked the yoghurt, show me where I said that, go ahead because I know that I didn't even imply that. All I said is that they brought the yoghurt to work to eat and they didn't get in trouble. They even left it in the walk in fridge which isn't their property but yet you defend them instead of me. There's a lot more bacteria in yoghurt than raw meat by the way, google it if you don't beleive me and third of all like I said the heat would kill all of the germs in the first place. I don't know why everyone is mad at me when I was fired for bullshit reasons in the first place.

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It's a health code violation to put raw meat on kitchen equipment that will touch food that's going to be served to customers without being fully cooked, regardless of whether there's actually a risk of cross-contamination.

Since the toaster oven is just for briefly toasting a sandwich rather than fully cooking it, you can't put raw meat in there without the restaurant risking a fine from the city health inspector.

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So if my coworker ate yoghurt on the line then everyone would be at risk because it's not from Subway? That's fucking stupid.

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>cooking food is a health code violation

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You 100% deserved to be both fired and blacklisted for those actions and that unprofessional, selfish, bratty attitude.

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.... handling raw food in a place where there is no raw food handling area yes, is a violation.

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are you literally retarded? YES! eating over the line is a health code violation. and a sealed yogurt container in a walk in fridge is NOT THE SAME as uncooked processed food touching equipment that touches customer food. You're a mother fucking retard.

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If you cannot get this simple concept at age 28 then you were fired for reasons other than cooking raw poultry in front of customers--you're fucking stupid beyond repair.

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>getting this fucking mad for getting told he goof'd

OP, follow what image you posted, thanks.

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Thanks for the kek before work anon. I work in the worlds comfiest subway in a walmart. I'm definitely sharing this with my manager and laughing at your dumb ass for thinking you could break health codes and get away with it.

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>Well if you worked at Subway you shouldn't sound so ignorant about it. I worked at Subway for 2 and 1/2 months and you don't see me going around bragging about it like you. It's just a fast food job it's literally no big deal.

i just got worked

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I love how idiots can get fired from a job, post about it online where pretty much everyone agrees he's a fucking idiot, and STILL he believes he isn't wrong.

You can't fix stupid THIS advanced.

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I'm just going to assume it's a very dedicated troll

I don't want to believe these kinds of people exist

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Anon, you should go read up on health codes
I'm glad your tubby sperg fingers won't touch my sandwiches

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I said prepackaged yogurt, can you not read through the tears in your eyes? Or are you that dehydrated from salmonella?
Also yogurt is actually cooked.

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>All I said is that they brought the yoghurt to work to eat and they didn't get in trouble.
Was it sealed? Because if it was, cross contamination is literally not an issue. Did you know that raw meat can cross contaminate really bad? Or did they never teach you to leave raw meat with other uncovered things in your fridge

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In my area at least most subways are franchised so they're separate owners. You can probably get a job at another no problem

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It is indeed, if you're using a piece of kitchen equipment not meant for cooking raw ingredients. The rules about keeping cooked and raw ingredients separate are autistically precise.

And not without good reason. Raw chicken is often wet and slimy; suppose that a bit of this juice splashed onto the counter top or the opening of the oven. Then after hours of sitting at room temperature growing bacteria, a customer's sandwich touched that bit of chicken juice. Now that poor motherfucker could get salmonella.

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You get the labor you pay for.

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if not a larp youve got the tism

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>all these gullible newfags falling for OPs bait

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>yogurt is actually cooked
Jesus man you gotta try a little harder otherwise everyone knows it's bait.

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>28 years old
>Want to cook raw chicken from an unknown source from Subway (could be positive with salmonela) IN THE MAIN OVEN.
>Complain he is fired

This has to be bait.

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You sound like you are a fag because you talk exactly like my cunt exmanager in this post. Congratulations on talking like a 55 year old single mom, bro.

>You are the exact kind of retard that makes people furious when they hear about $15 minimum wages for fast food drones.
The rest of your troll post aside if I made $15/hour I wouldn't have had to make my food at work and none of this would've happened.

I don't know why you guys are ganging up on me and attacking me over this. You all sound like sad people that try to bring other people down and make me feel sad and angry over the fact that I just got unjustly fired.
Yoghurt is literally made of billions of germs and bacteria and your sitting here and saying that meat with less germs on it is worst to cook because it has salmonella. Guess what retards, go ahead and guess why we cook the food in the first place because it KILLS the bacteria and germs including salmonella. If cooking it didnt get rid of the bacteria then no one would bother eating chicken or cooking meats.

I tried to let it cook on the 12in double meat setting but my cunt manager pulled it out before it even cooked all the way and your saying I'm the one at fault for cooking it when shes the one that pulled it out before all the bacteria was dead. None of the customers said anything about it and as a matter and fact I was getting good reviews from the regulars according to the owner's son. Fuck all of you morons for siding with her over me when she isn't even a good person and I'm the one who browses /ck/ and 4chan not her shes a normie retard like most of you.
I am praying for a new Subway job so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

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This is just like that anon on /vp/ that cried about abusing his girlfriend, holy shit.
This can't be real. Have you never read a single health code in your life? Don't you have to, to get your food handlers card?

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>getting this fucking mad

OP, follow what image you posted, thanks.

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>she isn't even a good person and I'm the one who browses /ck/ and 4chan
Why could you not just eat the chicken strips they have in house for sandwiches? after all they are ALREADY COOKED, like everything else there.

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>If cooking it didnt get rid of the bacteria then no one would bother eating chicken or cooking meats.
So you didn't read >>10171127
I take it.

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I know all about cooking I've been cooking sicne I was 14 its just common sense instead of this stupid fear mongering bullshit. And no I didn't take the test myself I gave my cousin half of my first paycheck to take it for me because I am bad at tests. I'm more of a street smarts kind of guy than a book learned kind of guy.

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>this entire post
so you're complaining you got fired for a health code violation because you were too stupid to take the test designed to teach you those health codes? Holy shit dude, the absolute state of you

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I stopped reading it after he called me autistic and I got angry.

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Not street smart enough to sell drugs instead of working at Subway, not book smart enough to keep job at Subway. Nigga you have no smarts.

>> No.10171216

ITT A masterful bait for the ages, well done op

>> No.10171217

> I reserve the right
No you don't, bucko. Your employment contract doesn't say shit about you being entitled to use their equipment for your own personal gain. I'd fire any fuckwit that tried that crap on my gear. Remember, unless you're self employed your ass doesn't belong to you.

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Somehow you're even more of a fucking nutcase than 'professional foods' guy. Well done, retard. Continue your dance for our entertainment.

>> No.10171228

Christ, you're poor at comprehension. You realise he didn't call you autistic at all, right? The only mention of autism was towards the rules regarding cooked and raw ingredients.

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>'professional foods' guy.

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What do you expect from a literal retard?

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I made this thread to vent and share bullshit restaurant stories with other anons and instead I get ganged up on and verbally assaulted for no reason.
I keep having to close the tab and take a breather because I kept tearing the fucking things on my desk apart out of fustration and anger and the space around my computer is trashed Only 2 people in this entire thread have been nice to me and the rest are just trying to make me angry and sad.

Case in point

I don't care maybe you shouldnt talk shit in your post and I'll read it. I'm tired of being called autistic and a "retard" when I am anything but that

>> No.10171262

So every so often there's this autist that throws shitfits about how he can't find "professional food." I don't have any screencaps because his autism shits up entire threads for days. He's just amusingly paranoid, probably some schizo from /x/. Have an archive link

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Sorry, you're right. So what kind of sauces did you spend your good boy points on to dip this delectable and sanitary raw chicken into?

>> No.10171268

>verbally assaulted for no reason.
First of all, you're on fucking 4chan
>I keep having to close the tab and take a breather because I kept tearing the fucking things on my desk apart out of fustration and anger and the space around my computer is trashed
Are you literally autistic? so much so, that people being mean on the internet for you being retarded are hurting your feefees?
You posted that you broke health codes, and then complained about getting fired for it? And then revealed you didn't even know those codes. You weren't terminated unfairly, you got the boot because you fucked up, dude. own it.

>> No.10171275

Thank you, I accept your apology. I actually didn't bring any sauce from home I was going to mix the teriyaki sweet onion, southwestern, marinara sauce from the meatball hot well, and the ranch together and see how it tasted.

>> No.10171276

The goal of being a troll is to type less than the people you're riling up. Pretty much a fail.

>> No.10171279

This isn't even funny bait.

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Bro I work in a kitchen. You fucked up. Especially considering Subway is an open kitchen. Accept your mistake, learn from it. You're not autistic or a retard though but you did make a mistake.

You can definitely get another job elsewhere, but probably not subway.

>> No.10171286

>being on 4chan
>expecting people to be kind
Incredible. This ain't tumblr or reddit or wherever where you'd get validation for being a spastic. Then again, try posting this on reddit and you'd probably get fucked over too with the same reasons these other anons are throwing out. Tumblr's definitely a safe space for someone like you though.

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This is what gets me. Awful topic.

>> No.10171294

Icant believe OP is real.

>> No.10171304

Thanks for stating the obvious, retard.
I am NOT autistic in any way, shape or form and this has been establihsed early on in this thread.
And yes I am fucking mad because I dont deserve this. I am nothing but nice in the other threads on here and for some reason it never fucking matters I just constantly get shit on for literally nothing and it makes me feel sad, lonely and mostly angry.
I posted that I didn't take the test because its bullshit to make someone take a test to get a job so I paid my cousin to take it for me because hes more book smart then me.
I didn't do anything wrong except tried to cook chicken while my normie single mom cunt manager was on the clock. Shes the one who took it out of the toaster before it was cooked which is why all of you are mad about.

I could care less why you are trolling this thread I just wish you'd stop.

>> No.10171305

Post desk

>> No.10171307

So did you spend your good boy points on the raw chicken then? My retard mother won't let me use good boy points on raw chicken.

>> No.10171313

Get tested for autism and collect neetbux, you're literally going to kill someone

>> No.10171315

>its bullshit to make someone take a test to get a job
By the way, how did the raw chicken get into the toaster in the first place? That's what we're not necessarily mad about, but mad that you do not get it.

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>> No.10171323

You violated a fucking health code, anon.

Also, >>10171276 wasn't even trolling. Can you just take a moment, read, and process the words we're trying to say to you? Besides the standard 4chan mockery, these anons have done nothing but explain where you've gone wrong, but all you keep doing is exploding off in these rants. Maybe you need some anger management classes, rather than a new job.

>> No.10171326

So you nearly killing people with bacteria is okay but your manager wanting to protect people from it is not?
dude. My guy. You should take that test and learn some shit. There's a reason you have to.

>> No.10171341

hahaha get fucked retard

>> No.10171345

>I didn't do anything wrong except tried to cook chicken while my normie single mom cunt manager was on the clock. Shes the one who took it out of the toaster before it was cooked which is why all of you are mad about.

Stop. You know what you're saying right?
>I shot a guy but the paramedics couldn't come in time to save him, so it's the paramedics' fault for killing him

>> No.10171347

If you like Reddit and Tumblr so much maybe you should go back there and stay.
I'm not going to give you faggot retards any more exucse to make fun of me.
I'm going to literally kill you if you don't fucking stop implying I'm autistic for no reason.
I don't know why your mad at all.
I put the chicken in the freezer when I clocked in and I used a lettuce cambro to thaw it out before lunch. The strips were still half frozen but I put the toaster on the defrost setting first and I just put them on the tray and turned it on. Then I put it on the 12in double meat setting and 30 seconds later my cunt manager saw the chicken packaging in the trash can and asked me about it and I said I was cooking my lunch and she started yelling at me and pulled it out then she made me sit in the back hungry and sad that I got in trouble for no reason before she wrote me up for no reason.

I didn't violate shit because you can't even proof that the chicken had salmonella in it in the first place. By this logic why aren't every other restuarant getting in troubel for cookng raw chicken? Chic-fil-a cooks it raw too but they don't get fired for it which is why this is honestly bullshit. And he just admitted he was trolling in the post I responded to don't know why you think he's not when he just said he likes to troll to make longer then short posts which doesn't even make sense
Read the above points and those tests make it harder for people who wouldn't pass the test to get the job which is bullshit itself

>> No.10171348

Best thread in weeks, thanks OP.

>> No.10171352

Exactly where did you put the raw chicken in the freezer?

>> No.10171355

>Read the above points and those tests make it harder for people who wouldn't pass the test to get the job which is bullshit itself
If you're literally so stupid you cannot pass a bare minimum test my drug addicted aunt could pass, you deserve to prove darwins theory correct

>> No.10171356

Then she called the owner who came in and said he had to "let me go" because I tried to cook chicke nin the toaster and I tried to ask him if I could have a second chance becaues I wouldn't try to cook chicken i nthe toaster again even though I dont see anything wrong with it myself and he said I'm too much of a lilebility to work there and then I got mad and said its just fucking chicken and he asked me to turn in my apron, hat, name tag and shirt. I turned in everything but I kept the other shirt I had at home because fuck them I'm keeping it

>> No.10171360

On top of a box we put the opened cookie bags we used. I ran by walmart before work and picked up a 6 pack of strips for $3

>> No.10171361

Was the raw chicken in a container or did you just leave it out? Because for one of these things, you deserved to be fired on the spot. The fact that you cooked it the way you did is even worse. Where did you leave it to thaw?
Chickfila is not subway, there are very particular standards to handling meat. You would know this if you took your food handlers test.

>> No.10171366

>Contaminating those bags
nice, they probably all had to be thrown out

>> No.10171373

>and I'm the one who browses /ck/ and 4chan not her shes a normie retard like most of you.
bait.move along folks nothing to see here

>> No.10171375

>you can't even proof that the chicken had salmonella in it in the first place
First of all, it's prove. Second of all, ALL raw chicken has a chance of carrying salmonella. Even if it doesn't, it carries other bacteria too.
>Gee, I wonder why eating raw food gives you food poisoning
Because it has bacteria in it, dummy!

>By this logic why aren't every other restuarant getting in troubel for cookng raw chicken?
You're not reading the thread at all, are you? >>10171127 already EXPLICITLY explained different equipment are for either RAW or COOKED food, but never BOTH, because that leads to contamination. The sandwich toasters at Subway are strictly for COOKED items.

>Read the above points and those tests make it harder for people who wouldn't pass the test to get the job which is bullshit itself
Ever think about why the test exists? I wonder, could it be so people like you who have utter disregard for health and safety don't get jobs where they could risk harming dozens of people? Oh yeah, because that's ACTUALLY the reason. Grow up, stop complaining.

>> No.10171379

More specific specific. Unless it was sealed in its own plastic sealed container, placed on the very bottom rack in a stack aside from any food stuffs or anything being used to handle food for customers, you fucked up. That is a huge liability, and the fact that you did not/still do not understand that makes you a huge liability as an employee. They more than likely had to throw out some product because of that action, and you still do not understand what you did. Yes, you were our lolcow, but please understand that that is why you were fired, and the fact that you keep insulting the manager and referring to her as a single mom, when you are a 28 year old who cannot pass your own health code exams to work at SUBWAY, is just sad. Thanks for the laughs, but take a hard look at this post. Good day.

>> No.10171380

It was frozen retard.
It was in the plastic that it came with. I pulled the frozen chicken out and put them in hot water in the lettuce cambro like I would do at home and threw the package in the trash. I left them to thaw on the meat prep table for just 1 and 1/2 hour before I tried to cook them before my cunt manager came in for the lunch rush and saw me trying to cook them. I just dont get why I'm getting so much shit for cooking chicken when thats literally all places like CHic-fil-a, Popeyes, or KFC does

>> No.10171387

You are all forgetting something, OP is worst than a subhuman, he clearly can't process simple things like health code violations or basic common sense, Even NEETs, spics and niggers can follow simple rules and keep their jobs, you got fired from a shitty fast "food restaurant", which is the lowest common denominator on your age range, so what does that make you? Ponder to on that while you eat your uncooked chicken in that cardboard box under the highway soon.

>> No.10171389

>I just dont get why I'm getting so much shit for cooking chicken when thats literally all places like CHic-fil-a, Popeyes, or KFC does
Because Subway ISN'T a place that cooks chicken?

>> No.10171392

Not him but they have the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Buffalo Chicken, Guacamole Chicken and Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwiches all of which has to be toasted (cooked).

>> No.10171394

Yoga mats.

>> No.10171398

I could be wrong as I've never worked at subway but I assume the chicken that use in those sandwich is precooked and not cooked onsite.

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OP is this you?

>> No.10171401

yei but they get it pre-cooked and just warm it up. this autistic retard apparently tried to cook raw chicken in a toaster oven used for sandwiches.

>> No.10171403

>I left them to thaw on the meat prep table for just 1 and 1/2 hour
That's a huge mistake
>I just dont get why I'm getting so much shit for cooking chicken when thats literally all places like CHic-fil-a, Popeyes, or KFC does
Person who worked in food service with raw chicken. No. You deserved to be fired. You risked cross contamination, even if the chicken is frozen it can still contaminate other items. Cold does not matter as much as you seem to think it does. You then left it on a table in a container with contaminated meat water that was probably filled to the brim with bacteria, as you left it out for an hour. You then tried to put it on non raw machinery, which is a HUGE no no. That will contaminate cooked food.
Here, so you can learn you a thing or two about safe food prep:

>> No.10171408

I'm pretty sure the chicken strips in those come pre-cooked, and even if they don't, Subway doesn't have dedicated stations for chicken processing unlike KFC and all the other fried chicken places do. Unlike Subway, those places are BUILT FOR cooking chicken, so OP's argument is absolutely mind-boggling how he thinks this way. It's like demanding surgery at a clinic.

>> No.10171409
File: 36 KB, 300x441, successful-troll-is-successful.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well done op, well done.

>> No.10171412

Your a hypocrite. I said earlier that yoghurt has billions of bacterias in it and your fine with that but meat has bacteria in it too and you lose your mind.
I already said I refuse to read that post because he called me autistic in like the first sentence for no reason.
It's called a toaster OVEN for a reason it also cooks food if it couldnt then they wouldnt even use it.
I don't care why they try to make opeople take the test its just more discrimination against people who arent good at tests (I have test anxiety) which is complete bullshit that they make you take it to get a job. If I took the test and didnt past it they wouldnt have given me the job at all

>> No.10171417

If you weren't a mouth breather you'd know you can take it online :^)

>> No.10171420

That's what my cousin does, idiot

>> No.10171423

>I have test anxiety
>even though it's a no stress test online where I can google answers
what did the fat goblin mean by this

>> No.10171424


At first I thought you meant a toaster oven in the break room. Why would you think it's okay to put raw meat in one of those? Do they even get hot enough to cook them properly? They're just for toasting sandwiches.

>> No.10171428

It's not really successful if you're constantly typing paragraph after paragraph in the thread in response. Or, at least, his victory came at a terribly autistic price.

>> No.10171435
File: 65 KB, 630x400, whinnying.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10171436

>being THIS fucking dense
Kid, ever study biology? You know good bacteria and bad bacteria exist, right? The bacteria in yoghurt are all good, they don't harm us, just like the bacteria that lives on our skin, inside our mouths and even on our eyes.
The bacteria in meat on the other hand? That bacteria exists in there because they're eating the meat. And when you consume that meat, that bacteria begins eating you. That's why they're bad bacteria.

>I already said I refuse to read that post because he called me autistic in like the first sentence for no reason.
He did NOT call you autistic. Please stop acting like a child.

>It's called a toaster OVEN for a reason it also cooks food if it couldnt then they wouldnt even use it.
For Subway's case, it does NOT cook food. And there are differences between toasters and toaster ovens too, y'know? The ones in Subways are just regular toasters.

>I have test anxiety
What? And you expect to live as an adult in the world? "Test anxiety" may be a real thing for you, but try telling that to your next employer and see if they give you the job.

>> No.10171437

I just don't understand why you are all mad at me for having bacteria in the food when my coworker Lauren ate 1 yoplait yoghurt a day and she didn't wash her hands after that would leave billions of bacterias on the food and the equipment but instead your all talking shit to me when I only tried to cook some chicken strips.

>> No.10171443


that horse is showing a Flehmen response, NOT whinnying.

>> No.10171444

I just don't understand how you don't see the difference in good bacteria and the disease causing kind you'd find on chicken
and was she eating it with her fucking fingers? If not, then she's not getting food on other food.

>> No.10171446

retard alert. although part of me thinks this is bait, what kind of dickhead FIRES someone over that? a write up sure, what did you do in the past OP?

>> No.10171447

>Remember, unless you're self employed your ass doesn't belong to you.
what if im unemployed?

>> No.10171451

then your ass belongs to ME

>> No.10171454

Obvious troll threads are pretty lame and not funny at all but the people who give serious replies to them and get all offended are even more pathetic than OP.

>> No.10171456


>> No.10171460

I'm not
a fat goblin you fucking idiot and you can google text anxiety yourself and see what I mean its a real dabiliatating disorder.
Why would a subway have a break room? Your just as dumb as the other guy
Salmonella cant live past the degrees of temperature a fire makes in the toaster oven, if the cunt manager didn't pull it out before itwas cooked it wouldnt have been the issues.
>He did NOT call you autistic.
See >>10171127
>it does NOT cook food
It's an oven thats literally what its made to do you fucking idiot htis is so simple how to do you not get it.

Test anxiety can be a dabiliatating disorder your luicky you never had to deal with it

>> No.10171466

The good kind of bacteria can cause diseases to. The bad kind like salmonella cant handle being frozen, thawed in hot or warm water and toasted in the oven. Its just that ismple

>> No.10171468

>The rules about keeping cooked and raw ingredients separate are autistically precise.
Point to where he says YOU are autistic. Right now.
I did have to deal with it, but I'm not 14 anymore

>> No.10171493

Debilitating. Calm down, because you're starting to not make sense anymore.

>See >>10171127
Yeah, you aren't even reading it. Here's a version without a mention of a derogatory word, how about that?

>It is indeed, if you're using a piece of kitchen equipment not meant for cooking raw ingredients. The rules about keeping cooked and raw ingredients separate are extremely precise. And not without good reason. Raw chicken is often wet and slimy; suppose that a bit of this juice splashed onto the counter top or the opening of the oven. Then after hours of sitting at room temperature growing bacteria, a customer's sandwich touched that bit of chicken juice. Now that poor man could get salmonella.

I can assure you, the word "autistic" or anything even close to that is no longer in there. So, please, read it.

>It's an oven thats literally what its made to do you fucking idiot htis is so simple how to do you not get it.
If it's that simple then why aren't they making pizzas in Subway? Oven's an oven, might as well use them all to bake bread too, right? Why even get them shipped when we can just make them in-store, eh?
Listen, there is a difference. And like I said, the toasters in Subway are TOASTERS. Not toaster OVENS. There is a difference between the two. A toaster is just for toasting bread, a toaster oven is an oven the size of a toaster.

>> No.10171494

He said I was autistically precise whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean.
It doesnt help that I have dysleixa and hand tremors.

>> No.10171504

workings gay you dont need them

>> No.10171513

>the rules
>About keeping cooked and raw ingredients separate
>Are autistically precise
Do I need to break down this sentence with a noun, direct object, and indirect object breakdown? Because nowhere are you mentioned in it

>> No.10171523

does anyone know if my cousin needs to take the test again for me if I apply at the other Subways?

If you could do that it would be helpful, its not my fault he types like a retard and people with dysleixia cant read it
I loved my job

>> No.10171527

how did you work with people? i cant manage being around people at all anymore.

>> No.10171529

>The rules about keeping cooked and raw ingredients separate are autistically precise.
Alright, here's your breakdown
>About is a preposition, so you can cut out the phrase
>the rules is the noun
>Are is the verb
>autistically precise is the modifier
Therefore, the sentence reads 'the rules are autistically precise'. Is this too difficult to understand?

>> No.10171530

Please take the test yourself.

>> No.10171558

If I fail I wont get a job retard.

I worked fine with my all cowrokers except my cunt manager. She's a 55 year old single mom (her husband killed himself or something, I would to if I married her). She would come in 2-5 mintues late and say she had to drop off her retarded kid at school or some other bullshit excuse and then she expected me to do all the chores on the list while she sat on her fat ass and did the food order or stacked the chip rack. I fucking hate her with every cell in my body and I hope she gets brain cancer and her stupid kid dies in a car wreck. She took away my 1 joy in life all because no real reason

>> No.10171565

>my boss made me do my job
Holy shit, call the police. You had to work at your job.

>> No.10171569

I understand it now, thank you. I'm sorry to the person who wrote the origianl post, I was just having panic and rage fits for a while there from some of these posts and when I read autisticaly I snapped and broke a picture of me at my graduation

>> No.10171573

It's your job, is it not? It's not your cousin's. Think of it this way, the test is there so you can get the job. And please stop calling me a retard, I've been nothing but courteous to you.

>> No.10171575

Holy shit, you have genuine autism if this is real. Stay away from normal people

>> No.10171584

Take the test autist.

>> No.10171593

You're mad your boss makes you do shit and does the manager stuff while you do the busy work?
Welcome to every job ever

>> No.10171599

I'm sorry for calling you a retard but I cant take tests good. My cousin is a genius at taking the food tests hes done it three times now so he knows what to say. If I took the test and failed it they wouldn't hire me is all which I want them to hire me so I get my cousin to take the test instead. Hope that clears things up.
Fuck you I have said several times that I do not have autism in any way I just get really angry when people shit on me for no reason. You normie scum can all go to hell as far as I am concerned, I don't want ot be any where near you anyways because all you do is bully and harrass me

>> No.10171613

If you cannot take the test and pass it yourself, you do not deserve a job. Fuck your disabilities, fuck your test anxiety, imagine the anxiety employers would have hiring someone ignorant to health code.

>> No.10171616

Then learn to. You can't have your cousin babysit you through the entirety of your life, can you? And have you thought about him himself? What if he doesn't want to? What if he gets tired of your constant begging for help and shoos you away? Are you just going to accept that it's the end of your life?

Anon, it's not about the job here. It's about growing as a person and learning to be independent.

>> No.10171623

>for no reason
lol it's not for no reason, it's because you're a broken person.

>> No.10171626

This better be the buildup to the first mass Subway shooting or I'm wasting my fucking time

>> No.10171627

Hey, aspie, if you literally can't function enough to handle people on the internet being mean you don't deserve a job. Take your excuses to the next life

>> No.10171637

how are you 28 and satisfied with a minimum wage job?

>> No.10171647

Because he's a failed person trying to take solace in the one thing of value he had in his sad pathetic life.

Honestly he should probably just kill himself now, even if he get's hired at another subway you know the dumb faggot wont last more than 2-3 months again anyway.

>> No.10171648

Not everyone has to be a docter or a laywer, the world needs Sandwich Artists to

>> No.10171662

Yes and they're supposed to be teenagers or bored housewives.

>> No.10171676

wow what the fuck is wrong with you? what did I do to deserve being to talk to this way? i did nothing to you, not one thing and you come here and just bully, humiliate and threaten me with this bullshit. I juts want you to know I spent the last 5 minutes punching my bed because i didnt have anything else to take my rage out on and your making my blood pressure so high its exacserbating my heart condition.
I spend months on /ck/ trying to be nice and beter the board and in return I get called fat, autistic, stupid, retard, subhuman, pathetic and told I should kill my self. how would you feel if I really took my own life? how would you feel if the rage i built up inside me was let lose? I gauranted that you wouldnt say any of this to my face, especially right now I would beat you into a blodoy plup.
I lost my job and now the only place I can go to get comfert for it is bullying and humilating me for no reason

>> No.10171682

Maybe it's not fair anon, but that's not the point. The point is, when you open your own sandwich store you can follow your own rules. But if you are working for subway, you follow their rules. And if you can't do that, they fire you and find someone who can

>> No.10171686

Not him, but a teenager can't be a doctor or a lawyer unless they started their education really early on in life. It takes years of going to college, medical/law school, residency, specializing, etc. A bored housewife is unlikely to seek a profession such as the medical field or the criminal justice system, and is much more likely to get a menial entry-level job or just go out shopping.

>> No.10171689

>when you open your own sandwich store you can follow your own rules.
You know what, maybe I will open my own sandiwhc store

>> No.10171693

no one is going to give an unemployable 28 year old with no capital the money to open up their own sandwich shop.

Put the pipe down.

>> No.10171700

I don't know if this is some kind of weird joke going over my head, but that's pretty much what I was saying.

>> No.10171704

>I lost my job and now the only place I can go to get comfert for it is bullying and humilating me for no reason
Maybe don't post a stupid confession that you lost your job because you're stupid on a vietnamese crawfish tackle and bait forum

>> No.10171716
File: 39 KB, 600x600, 1503450047222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10171745

>mfw I got fired from my hospital for bringing in a bag of piss and emptying it into the bed pans of the patients.

This is how you sound.

>> No.10171760

Im in line to get a large inheritence from my grandparents in the next few years so I dont need no one elses money to do it. and if i need more money i can always ask a bank. I had my eyes on a empty buildign I thought would make a good restaruant because its down the street from walmart. I didnt think about serioujsly doing it before I read that post but now I think I will open my own sub shop to show everyone what they missde

>> No.10171770

You're going to lose this money in a month and post about it
and I will laugh at your stupidity

>> No.10171776

>i can always ask a bank
unless you're an insanely different person in real life, no bank would lend you money.

>> No.10171778

What am I missing, huh? Chicken cooked in the same toaster as my subs?

>> No.10171794

Good god, hire someone to do your books. You can't spell for fucking shit.

>> No.10171803

Post your desk anon

>> No.10171804

patriotic digits speaks truth

>> No.10171808

Do an hero please, the world doesn't need your offspring.

>> No.10171828

when my sub shop becaomes a hit I will be the one lagughing at your and subway's stupidness for rejecting me
They have to give me money if i put a mortgage on the house, retard.
Fresh cooked meats and toasted sandhwichs, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, fries and cookies. thats what you will be missing
I have dyslexeia and I am hyperventalating from the stres this thread caused me that makes it hard to read and rtype. My whole body is shakign and I have sweat and tears all over my face

>> No.10171837

You can't mortgage your mothers house, anon
Jesus, if you're this anxious turn off your computer. How are you an adult man if you can't handle this? like, nigga, stop replying

>> No.10171844

Its my step dads house and if i get a mortgage they have to give me a loan or else its illegal

>> No.10171852

Alright, pack it up guys. It's a troll.

>> No.10171854

lol what the fuck are you on about?

>> No.10171856
File: 127 KB, 1096x660, 1497013686472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people like OP are cook your subs

>> No.10171865

since my mom died 4 years ago I owne part of the house and if I take out a mortage the bank has to give me money in return or else they are breechign contract. i only plan on getting a mortgage if i need to but i hope i dont have to because i read you have to pay it back

>> No.10171870


>> No.10171917

>f I take out a mortage the bank has to give me money in return or else they are breechign contract
They can say no to a mortgage. Do you even understand the concept of credit

>> No.10171936

I dont use credit cards there a scam, i got one when i was 26 and i ended up spending $3000 on it and my step dad had to pay it off

>> No.10171976
File: 244 KB, 2000x2000, bait quality.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this entire thread

>> No.10171981

U r a faggot

>> No.10171987
File: 181 KB, 625x626, bait drop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10171997

They don't have to give you anything.

>> No.10172008

Tou are a bad criminal

>> No.10172013

Health risk cause it was uncooked meat from unknown source

>> No.10172028

If it's bait it's pretty high quality and kekworthy

>> No.10172033

That image doesn't show bait. It shows a bunch of fish being legitimately fed.

>> No.10172046


2 and a half months job at subway was the best job you ever had?

>> No.10172064

Read the thread, retard. It was from walmart.

>> No.10172072

That you then took home and did god knows what with.

The point is the COMPANY has no control over it, and therefore does NOT want it being prepared in their store. If anything had happened THEY take liability. Unless you want to have full legal responsibility for any potential happenings from your bullshit, of course you're going to get fired.

Not to mention, you have no capital with which to back yourself with, so no reasonable entity would LET you take responsibility on your own because you have no collateral.

>> No.10172076

>cook my lunch at the same time.

>be customer
>go to Subway
>try to order toasty sandwich
>autistic "sandwich artist" has covered the toaster in raw chicken

>> No.10172114
File: 96 KB, 1200x900, IMG_2018_02_19_341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The last post calling me autistic was the final strwa and i accidentally punched my laptop now its fucked up and i dont have the money to get it fixed. this is the worst day of my life

>> No.10172116


>> No.10172121


>> No.10172143

Holy shit he posted his desk
you are a tard. You are on Chris Chan levels of retarded

>> No.10172173
File: 22 KB, 246x384, waha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bringing raw chicken to your job at a restaurant

damn, you are dumb

>> No.10172191
File: 2.33 MB, 640x360, monica visits anon's kitchen.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this whole thread

>> No.10172219

I also met my wife and her son at a subway

>> No.10172230

you fucking mongrel, if you can't understand why what you did was wrong and inappropriate, then you don't belong in the food service industry.

>> No.10172232

>28 why?
28 and Subway was your best job? Damn nigga, you gotta self-actualize.

>> No.10172235

I feel for you OP, that is some bullshit. I got fired 7 months ago for showing up to work while high on heroin. I was falling out in the middle of my duty as the fry cook and I got oil everywhere

>> No.10172240

I get your general point, but your description is off. The bacteria living in/on us isn't harmless by nature. If they become out of balance with the proportion of other microbes that keep them in check, they'll make you sick.
Also, the bacteria (typically E. Coli or Salmonella) in meat that makes you sick doesn't eat you. They produce toxins (Like Toxin K) as byproducts that make you feel ill and can be harmful (Botulism for example).

>> No.10172245

That is literally exactly what I said word for word you fucking troglodyte.

>> No.10172248

I have heard of employers firing for far dumber reasons. It seems to be a largly American problem though.

>> No.10172255

If you're careless enough, chicken strips can be a health risk for your customers. I'm sure you're not retarded enough to make that happen, and it seems a bit too much to fire you for it, but I completely understand why he wouldn't let you do that.

>> No.10172261

Are you retarded?

>> No.10172265

I mean it's probably fine but your manager can't take the risk of anything going wrong

>> No.10172269

Holy fuck this entire thread. nobody can be this dense, I'm never going to subway again

>> No.10172275

Because it’s not a troll you fucking dumbass

>> No.10172307
File: 585 KB, 737x722, 1506335746121.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol you need to go take your meds

>> No.10172308

My apologies, I guess he's just a complete idiot.

>> No.10172393

>you can’t fix stupid this advanced
If you were less self aware you’d cease to exist

>> No.10172397
File: 1.54 MB, 230x230, 1518068456923.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10172403

Not him but "can't fix stupid" is a routine by Ron White, acclaimed Southern comedian and entrepreneur.

>> No.10172433

All jokes aside, I've actually met someone like this. It's frightening.

>> No.10172442

I saw my friend prepare chicken for dinner recently, he was touching the raw chicken filets and then his beer can without a care, and he even used his computer without washing his hands first. People are stupid as fuck, and if I was a manager at Subway I would not trust my employees with raw meat.

>> No.10172456

toasting in legendary bread

>> No.10172472

This is obviously a LARP but the fact that you've let it go on this long means you're autistic anyway.

>> No.10172513
File: 645 KB, 722x525, 1512691056563.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how would you feel if I actually took my own life?
Transcendent amusement

>> No.10172528

>"wahh why won't you let me do anything that I want, I'm an america X(
Wow people like OP literally exist.

>> No.10172545
File: 29 KB, 665x574, 1518823788596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all that blogposting
What are you, gay?

Just own up to your mistakes and do better next time, shit happens my dude. You can't just do as you please at work, always ask for permission.

>> No.10172547

I-is this real? This thread isn't bait?

>> No.10172549

>what did you do in the past OP?

This. I guarantee this wasn't OP's first fuckup. Or it was and when the manager told him not to do that, he was a dick just like he's been in this thread.

>> No.10172566

breh you got serious problems, seek help

>> No.10172567

Fucking kek

>> No.10172572
File: 112 KB, 300x300, 1508065884010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Put me in the screencap

>> No.10172607

congrats, you just made someone punch their laptop with 8 characters

>> No.10172612

I'm sure when confronted the OP was probably a dick about it and the manager probably got pissed off and fired his ass.

Every Subway I've ever been to, the employees always seem so depressed.

>> No.10172649

>If it was "THEIR" equipment then they'd be fucking using it wouldn't they

i didn't think it was possible to be this stupid

bring me proof of your vasectomy and i'll donate $100 to a charity of your choice, and write it off lol

>> No.10172715


reverse image searched, couldnt find it

either OP just has this one of a kind pic sitting around on his PC or this is real.

>> No.10172721

He has a point desu

>> No.10172778

Nice headcanon faggot

>> No.10172805

>If you stop using anything you own, anyone else can walk up and take it
Yeah I don't see any issues with that whatsoever, what could possibly go wrong

>> No.10172827

>Yeah I don't see any issues with that whatsoever, what could possibly go wrong
Not him, but you're a fucking moron if you unironically think there isn't anything wrong with that line of thought. If you stopped owning your possessions the second you stop using them then you would barely own anything and everyone would constantly be taking other peoples' things you moron.

>> No.10172853
File: 95 KB, 639x639, IMG_3672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

put me in the screenshot, fellas

>> No.10172901

I know sarcasm can be hard to get over the internet, but I don't think that post could have been any more obvious.

I hope you're baiting.

>> No.10172949

Look OP the only way to get back at your manager and prove you’re not autistic is to shoot up the subway

>> No.10172968

i worked at subway when i was 17.its kind of unlikely you'd get fired for doing something like that the first time yelled at sure, fired, probably not unless you did it again. which indicates to me that they already wanted to fire this guy and the chicken was just an excuse.

>> No.10173131

You think this is the only thing this guy's fucked up?

>> No.10173133


i said, 'which indicates to me they already wanted to fire the guy and the chicken was just an excuse'.

>> No.10173146

And you still think this is the only thing this guy has fucked up?

>> No.10173152

>I lost the best job I ever had today
kek you lost me here OP

>> No.10173162


that's what it means when they want to fire someone. you are retarded.

>> No.10173173

Skimming the thread, I've come to one conclusion: OP is a fucking MASTER troll.

>> No.10173174

Your a retard if you think that was the first thing he's done.

>> No.10173186


either you're trolling me or you are one dense motherfucker.

>> No.10173213

You can bring outside food as long as it's not raw. I bring food to work all the time because the average meal costs $10, my discount is only 20%, and $8+tax every day adds up quick.

Also the food there sucks dick.

>> No.10173216

OP for President

>> No.10173229

Why can't you bring raw food? You can't bring fresh fruits or veggies to work either? They're raw too.

>> No.10173268
File: 47 KB, 596x960, 1517381010478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You can bring outside food as long as it's not raw.
Then how do the kitchen staff get the food into the restaurant before they cook it?

>> No.10173273

Don't play dumb, also do you really think subway does anything but reheat meat In house?

>> No.10173289

Subway does a LOT in house.
They bake the cookies and the bread fresh daily. They toss the chicken in the sweet onion sauce to make chicken teriyaki. They put the marinara sauce on the meatballs for the meatball subs. They even thaw and put the guacamole into smaller individual cups. So yes I do think they do more than just reheat meat.

>> No.10173457
File: 654 KB, 1278x4993, XOmhFhQ[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does OP remind anyone else of this thread?

>> No.10173469

Thanks for the more detailed description, had to dumb it down so he could comprehend.

>> No.10173475

>tfw you can't be tested for autism bc you have test anxiety

>> No.10173481

this has got to be a troll but i can't imagine how someone develops this character to troll with. are you actually prep chef at some high end italian resturaunt and this is how you relax after deveining shrimp for 8 hours?

>> No.10173503
File: 21 KB, 360x318, 1501291667285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

top kek

>> No.10173560

OP is a troll but even if he wasn't, he would have received warnings for similar behavior and also they already have chicken strips that he would be able to eat

>> No.10173867

Is OP kill?

>> No.10173946

I think he rage quit the thread LOL

>> No.10173975

>can't hold on to a job where you literally just put sandwiches together
Can we just euthanize people like this? I don't want them going on welfare and eating my tax dollars but at the same time I don't want them fucking up my order

>> No.10174167

He was along for the ride in the beginning, was a shitload of fun. Sadly, I think he actually thinks like this.

>> No.10174217

sounds like they just had some other reasons to let you go, man, only you would know what that could be but if you really want the job back all you can do is call them and apologize for any mistakes you made and what you did not realizing the risks it posed. I really doubt you wanna do that tho when there's subways literally everywhere. and no, you're not on a blacklist, nobody's going to waste their time making up some shit like that. just apply at a couple different ones and tell them you have some experience and list the old job as a reference. these are the kind of places that need workers badly and will prefer applicants with prior experience.

I worked at a subway too and ended up really hating it. they cut my hours in a slow season for one schedule period and I just quit without asking why. I literally went from 40 hours to fucking 7. I was sitting around everyday not working because ???. they saved labor by cutting my hours but I also quit because of it. if they had a reason for doing it, I would have understood if I was told the reason, and would have corrected what I was doing wrong, but I had been there for two years and I literally could not think of anything I was doing wrong. management in places like this is just fucked up and sometimes their decisions don't make sense.

if it makes you feel any better if you'd done that shit in my restaurant, i'd be frustrated with you, but i'd make sure you know why that wasn't allowed, that you shouldn't do it again, and make sure you don't do it, but I wouldn't feel a need to fire a worker I just spent months training and liked their job.

literally where I work. best job I've had and kicks the shit out of subway in every way. clawed my way into management and it's paying for my house and bills just fine.

they also have a 'no outside food' rule.

>> No.10174620 [DELETED] 



This is OP, or what he's cleverly made himself out to be.

Threads like these are of the reasons why I love /ck/ so much.

>> No.10174625
File: 121 KB, 300x300, 1469744773171.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reverse image shows nothing

>> No.10174691
File: 30 KB, 499x338, tumblr_inline_p2lm4fOIrM1umcsep_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Gets called autistic
> Punches laptop because "Ahm not awtistic"

>> No.10174698

This thread is the best thing I've read tonight. Fuck, I'm high

>> No.10174705
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>> No.10174711
File: 225 KB, 500x649, 0a1224483a39fe96855253ebdba18f36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10174717

Honestly? The fact that you can't control your emotions like this just proves your job's point.

You aren't somebody who *anyone* would want to hire. You're a liability. You brought *raw meat* into a *restaurant* where you handle people's food. You went against their polices and common sense. You're attacking your surroundings because a stranger on the internet called you a name.

What would you do if a customer called you these things? What if you messed up a sandwich order and some old hag called you something awful? You seem like the kind of person who would lose it right then and there, you'd kill that bitch.

And believe me. People will say these things. I work retail and I've been called worse just for denying people's returns or bagging their books in a way they disliked.

Get some meds, find some help.

>> No.10174856

You didn't get fired because of the chicken, you got fired because you are an autist/retard and the chicken provided a convenient excuse

>> No.10174880

I think a stern warning would suffice, OP fucked up but don't think it should cost him his job

>> No.10174888

Good, that's a potential health risk

>> No.10174891
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>cooking food is a potential health risk

>> No.10174893

Not an excuse.

>> No.10174907

How does talking in a funny helium voice help with that situation?

>> No.10175197


>> No.10175200

Why did you post your name ITT?

>> No.10175296

I'm really glad I got here.

>> No.10175300

This thread was a hell of a ride.

>> No.10175518

this is why people are paid 8$ an hour to slap together sandwiches and will soon be replaced by robots.

>> No.10175525

Bruh I pray you are trolling.

>> No.10175535
File: 104 KB, 256x260, 27583936_10215724175961343_1465585031_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10175607

It's probably why he's 28 years old and can't hold down a job and hasn't started a path towards any career.

>> No.10175624

>my cunt manager pulled it out before it even
>shes the one that pulled it out before

Were you working at subway or a whorehouse?

>> No.10175663
File: 61 KB, 1280x720, 2lewd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the best thread I've ever read on /ck/

>> No.10175665
File: 12 KB, 166x213, 1452024961409.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit this thread. It's only like an autistic 12 year old is having a cry when he is in the wrong.

>I-I'll own da bes sandwich shop in the wurld and then i'll laugh at your stupid asses

He's probably punched his 2 monitors and his PC and his step dad has come up and beat his ass for constantly screeching.

>> No.10175697
File: 64 KB, 478x480, 3fMKhjq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fuck OP, I hope you're still here cause goddamn you are a special kind of mentally unstable. Like seriously, I almost pissed myself laughing at your turbo-sperg this whole thread.

You broke health violations, you deserve to be fired, that's it. I can't believe I'm in the same age group as you, I still refuse people like this believe to exist. Have you noticed literally every person in this thread that has worked food service, myself included, have told you that you fucked up? Those stupid """"ovens"""" are meant to reheat already cooked shit you aspie, how in the hell you ever got a job is beyond me. And all the rage and anger cause you're too dumb to see how you messed up? Get some help or some 9mm aspirin and do the world a favor. Pic related, my face the whole time

If troll 11/10 great thread overall really made my day

>> No.10175703


>being a retard in real life

Big if true

>> No.10176039

Late for the party, but it brightens my day knowing a mongoloid like OP got fired, feels like theres actual justice in the world for once.

>> No.10176459

Dummy are you there???

>> No.10176571

What should I get at the subway today?

>> No.10176769

medium rare chicken strips ;)

>> No.10176903

Is OP still lurking after today. Sorry OP, I am a bit late to the thread but I just really wanted to share with you that you are a COMPLETE RETARD. Thanks for the entertaining thread, I read everything and I could not stop laughing

>> No.10176920

Is /ck/ the most gullible board? Seriously, you guys.

>> No.10177070

>those holes in the wall
you do this a lot, dont you anon?

>> No.10177102
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>> No.10177161
File: 157 KB, 899x508, 1406322227848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kek you're fuckin retarded

>> No.10177171

Electronics are built to be disposable. Most of us have at least one ready-broken laptop or smartphone somewhere in the house.

>> No.10177226
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>> No.10177425


>no fun allowed!

>> No.10177786

>N-nothing ever happens guys! I'm s-smarter than all you sheeple!

>> No.10178163

I agree with you here.
This is the type of shit where homeboy lights up a school or an office one day.
Until he gets some help he will be a liability to everyone.

>> No.10178442


I don't care if OP is a troll, I don't care if all of this is fucking fake, the spergy fucking typing by him is hilarious. I hope you're actually crying and that you punched your laptop OP, you're such a fucking retard for even making this thread. This was pure /ck/ trash, and I'm glad that in this sewage dump of a board, people like OP will still be shitting into that cesspool.

>> No.10178461

This. I worked there for 3 years in high school. I didn't get tired of it. I don't even like subway that much.

>> No.10178475

Waste of time

>> No.10178608

Thank you!

>> No.10178815

Damn, and I thought I was a retard for complaining to my friends for getting fired for falling asleep in the manager's office.

>> No.10178979

You are.

>> No.10180036
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lol this thread

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