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Anyone else overly cautious with raw/undercooked meat because of their WASP parents?
>all meat as a kid was beyond welldone
>mom only ever handled raw meat with gloves
>would bleach the gloves, and all kitchen tools/surfaces contacted afterwards

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No but I knew a jew kid growing up whose mom washed everything they ate beforehand with dish soap. So much so that you could still taste it after the food was cooked.

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I'm still very cautious about undercooking pork

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well memed

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Hey, at least he built an immunity to tide pods, right?

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What does WASP stand for?

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White Anglo Saxon Protestant. It's your generic "white as fuck" Canadian/American. The stereotypes are super boring, plain, conservative fuddy-duddys who have little to no connection to their European culture or heritage - and therefore, really none at all.

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White As Succ Parents or White As Shit Parents.....

I dunno

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Uh oh

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My dad only ate well done steak and burgers. I eat raw lamb, egg yolks, fish, and liver.

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>White Anglo Saxon Protestant.
>have little to no connection to their European culture or heritage
No fucking shit, my ancestors came here to get away from the catholics.

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Can jews eat soap?

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>Best chefs in the world are white
>Niggers can't even afford a spicerack

Really makes me think

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we dont need a spicerack cus we actually use them instead of using them for decoration LMAO

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Thank you for posting nigger logic to reinforce my point.

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You have to admit, there is a certain group of white people who are fucking awful at cooking, and the stereotypes given to them absolutely fit same with the awful black and asian cooking memes

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nice crosspost from /pol/

stop posting on this board if you aren't actually going to talk about cooking

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Please keep meta related topics on /qa/ and only post here if you have something constructive to add to the topic at hand, which (it should go without saying) must be related to food and cooking.

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You guys seem to not understand the finer points of WASPdom.
The connotations are not flyover , they are most east coast old money.
Where I grew up WASPs ate beef rare because it was blue collar to eat it well done, that is something a catholic would do.

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Yeah, their bodies have high soap content especially during times of hardship they revert to it as a primary food source, so much so that some Jewish casualties in WW2 actually partially turned into soap upon their deaths.

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I'm not white but grew up in a VERY white place (I don't use that as a pejorative btw, they were great), lower middle-class area and I have never, EVER met anyone who fits any of these white food memes (or even most of the non-food ones, honestly). About the only one that rings true in my experience is the "I listen to everything but country and rap" thing but that's a real huge stretch to find that to be some sort of negative trait.

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Can confirm, my catholic mother prefers rare steak but my baptist father likes his steak to look like a seasoned boot

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The first time I ate dinner with my white friends family, his mom made chicken thighs and rice. Rice was watery and flavorless as was the chicken. I didn't complain, but damn, it's really not that hard to use some seasoning for baked chicken.

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you can always return to the Home of The Father

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>lower middle-class area
That's probably why.

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Keep /pol/ in /pol/ for christs sake what does that have to do with foo

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Please season your food people. That is all.

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My parents do not own seasoning. I got so fat in college when I knew that food could taste good, took me years to get down to a regular weight again. I didn't have friends or anything so I never ate out as a kid, and my parents are health freaks so everything was homemade.

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My parents seasoned things, but not to well or creatively. Imagine my surprise when I found out that every single food can be made delicious with calorie free seasoning, I had no idea.

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I still don't get this meme. What the fuck do niggers eat at Thanksgiving that's so different from ours?

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imagine being a white person forcing yourself to write this

outside of New England, the whites in america are all germanic and have no religion...so your lame attempt to insult people doesn't do much

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As someone who grew up in Germany and moved to the US as a teenager, I write it with glee. You travel to Germany, Sweden, France, England, Spain, Italy, Greece, anywhere in Europe and there is so much culture everywhere, you can feel it in your bones. Outside of a few tiny areas though the USA is completely devoid of it, and the meme exists for a reason.

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>You travel to Germany, Sweden, France, England, Spain, Italy, Greece, anywhere in Europe and there is so much culture everywhere
>white people have tons of culture
>but also white people are bland af lmao white genocide when

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Their food has 10x more butter and salt to make up for the poorly cooked meat.

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>black people thanksgiving
>show prisoners eating prison food

Well that's not a very acc.... oh wait

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You don't get anything out of American architecture, art, and statecraft? There's a lot of expression there.

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>>but also white people are bland af lmao white genocide when
are you fucking stupid?
WASP is about a certain type of white people, not ALL white people; ya dingus

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No, I'm the other way round. My mother overcooked the shit out of everything which put me off doing that

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>WASP is about a certain type of white people
a certain type of white people that makes up a fraction of the whites in the US but is used as a blanket against all whites in the US. he also mentioned England having culture but apparently your religion erases all of it.

face it, you're fighting to defend the most subhuman IQ tier meme that not even reddit uses

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>calls other memes subhuman IQ tier
>thinks that there's a war on white people

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>there is a certain group of white people who are fucking awful at cooking
there's a chunk of people of all races that are horrible cooks, the white way is to do it very bland with as little spices as possible with few, cheap ingredients
not gonna deny, i do that too when making what i'm gonna eat during the week and at work; can be boring but i want to make it quick and cheap and nutritious
blacks for example, would toss tons of cheap spices and sauces and cheap shit just to make it taste a lot

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I grew up with WASP parents who totally contradict all those stereotypes.
>beef was always cooked medium rare or rarer except for things like cheap burgers or roast beef
>they maintained a small herb and vegetable garden in the backyard
>seasoned the absolute fuck out of everything we ate
>strove to branch out and try cooking food from other cultures from time to time while still making white southern food
While the stereotype does exist for a reason, it’s nowhere near as pervasive as people seem to think.

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>but is used as a blanket against all whites in the US
i barely ever hear anyone say it, and when someone does it's usually a quick insult at rich white conservatives

>> No.10196485

>ummmm like so boring

I'd take a country full of WASPs over the "vibrancy" and muttery we've arrived at

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Yeah I have no problem ordering rare meat at restaurants but when I cook meat myself I overcook it to fuck because everyone in my family was scared to death of foodborne illnesses.

>> No.10196515

I was like this too until I bought a good meat thermometer. Nothing is more reassuring than objective values.

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>taste a lot
That's funny, I'm going to use that

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This. You'll never undercook or over cook anything ever again.

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Jesus is food really all non whites care about? No wonder they never accomplish anything.

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Also crime and fucking.

>> No.10196628

They just - on average - care about food more

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You can't?

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White people literally conquered the world for spices and land. Your image is retarded.
>Had WASP parents.
No wonder you're a pussy.

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>there is a certain group of white people who are fucking awful at cooking,

And even they are dwarfed in size by mexifats/blacks who don't cook, they just buy potato chips, frozen shit and cover it in uniodized salt.

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>white boy can't take a joke without screaming "but you're even worse"

White people memes are funny. Black people memes are funny. Asian people memes are funny. Good memes are funny. Stop being so sensitive.

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My biggest issue is that it's not like white people haven't made great food in the past, it's just that we're over it and they don't realize it. Niggers have never heard of a diet, and that's why they're leading the nation in heart disease. Like shit you stupid porchmonkey, of course I can put more fat, grease, and salt into my food like you, but I actually have a sense of restraint.

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>"haha white people cant cook"
>"Sure they can, all the top chefs are white or asian"
>"wow white boy i wus jus joshin sheeeit *steals bicycle*

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>because of their WASP parents
Its not a racial/religious thing. Its a generational thing

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good one

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>"white people don't season their foor"
>mfw multiple european countries established world-spanning trade routes by land and sea and eventually air to get spices
Sure thing nigger boy, sure thing.

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>dat webm

>> No.10196923

This Image is so telling even the libcucks know it. Chicago is what made me racist, not my parents (who are bleeding hearts), not the school system, not some "nazi" influencer. It was me living around shitskins for a decade.

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Yes, Europeans with strong culinary history, not Americans without ties to their heritage who boil everything.

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I was a democrat until I actually had to start working and interacting with inner city blacks

If anything, city's should have less vote, because these disgusting vessels barely register as 'people'

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>black "cuisine"

>> No.10196953

Yeah we know, you just wanted to post your stale forced meme

>> No.10196963

I agree.

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>le "america isnt white anymore" hypocrite face

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Literally, fucking kys yourself and go back to your cesspool.

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I've been to the US only a few time and I never saw anyone cook in the first place. I don't know how people cook there but I know that most youtube chefs I subscribe to on youtube are either american, canadians, or europeans, pretty much all whites.

And I'd assume the europeans that came to the US in the first place would bring with them their culinary traditions. I'm sure americans with italian roots still make great pasta, and I'm sure americans with french roots still make good roasts and stews, and I'm sure americans with polish roots still make amazing pierogi.

The people you might be talking about are probably well removed from their original heritage, but how? I don't know enough US history to speculate on that.

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>italians and polish

haha meme

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>europeans who immigrated did, in fact, bring all of that
>modern europeans come to visit
>because they want the "true american" experience they go to cities
>cities are full of jews and minorities
>these groups dont cook, they just buy prepackaged shit or eat out
>"wow, americans cant cook!"

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>And I'd assume the europeans that came to the US in the first place would bring with them their culinary traditions. I'm sure americans with italian roots still make great pasta, and I'm sure americans with french roots still make good roasts and stews, and I'm sure americans with polish roots still make amazing pierogi.

You are 100% right. Families in North America with connections to their European roots are far, far superior cooks. The "Italian Grandma being an incredible cook" meme exists for a reason in North America.

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kike get ye gone

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Do you have a geiger counter I can borrow, friend?

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Italians are meds, Poles are slavs.

>> No.10197013


holy what dude? Jordanians moving slightly westward constitutes a fucking ethnicity now?

>> No.10197018

science doesnt lie

>> No.10197024

I stopped eating well done after I learned to sous vide. I don't even need a meat thermometer because I had a water thermometer guaranteeing my meat is cooked at the exact same temperature for over an hour. It's lead to some life changing experiences with meat.

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And? They look pretty white from where I'm standing.

Definitely more white than anyone below the mediterranean sea line. Both italian and polish culture are a result of being part of the greater european culture. We are all mostly christians(catholics), we all together fought the islamic scourge and we all share histories in one way or another.

I might add the polish and itallian IQ averages are consistently on 100 point or 1 off.

>> No.10197039

Apologies anon, I thought you knew liberals were retarded and make shit up for their agendas, creating entire fake fields to circle jerk themselves

>> No.10197041

>Science doesn't lie.
Scientists do though.
>Trusting anybody that sucks the establishments cock to keep their jobs and to feel important.

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>> No.10197044 [DELETED] 

Facts>Feels faggot.

Mediterraneans and Slavs aren't white. I don't care how they look to you.

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kike spotted. Divide and rule huh? How about fuck off?

>> No.10197062

who decides? less than successful english guys named Thomas Malthus?

>> No.10197070 [DELETED] 

Newfags spotted.

Meds and Slavs have never been white.

>> No.10197076

>/ck/ - Food & Cooking

>> No.10197092

Divide and conquer kike spotted, take it over to /pol/ so they can destroy to Chaim.

>> No.10197093

t. Kentucky rural education

>> No.10197099

Get with the times gramps. This is an anime website, hobby boards are the just hobby section of an overall anime community.

>> No.10197106

No it's.
>/ck/ - Cocksuckers and retards shitposting.

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>> No.10197121

I have no problem with anime, I have a problem with the sheer quantity of race baiting threads on every single board I visit since the election

>> No.10197130 [DELETED] 

Literally can be applied to KANGZ too.

>> No.10197138 [DELETED] 

>since the election
You outed yourself as a filthy newfag.

Go back and never return.

>> No.10197140

Y'know what, I'd be glad if this was a cooking and anime board, just get rid of the sheer political shitflinging that's been going on.

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Nah I had black friends going up and I'd go over to their houses to eat sometimes, you get pretty immunised to most stuff from eating such slop.

>> No.10197156

>t. El goblino La creatura the IV

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I've been here since 2006.
It's obvious it fucking exploded during the election, retard

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I can see fish and shit, but lamb? Liver? Nigga

>> No.10197205

Who the actual fuck cares about culture you stupid, stuck-in-the-past, leftist fuck. The world is changing, anyone worth their salt isn't keeping traditions and customs around from hundreds of years ago so they can brag about it to their tumblr blog and 4chan everyday and then have a false sense of superiority. Culture wont matter when we are all cyborgs and flying space. Culture and religion only hold us back, kill yourself.

>> No.10197212

This post is so jewish it's probably circumsised too.

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File: 112 KB, 688x1434, The Fox and The Grapes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10197218

Says the commie filth.
>Hurr Durr culture is holding us back, Goldenstein and Tyrone are going to take us to mars!

>> No.10197220

No I’m based catholic

>> No.10197224

But jews literally care about culture more than the same fag autists on 4chan

>> No.10197230

That explains it, bunch of pedophile kike lovers.

>> No.10197237

the only prob with that pic is theres no mayo on that sandwich

>> No.10197238

Well, it depends on which ones. And the only care about their own. Jews have been historically always trying to disolve both european cultures and chriatian values.

Read "200 Years Togethe", most jewish intellectuals do nothing by try to undermine western culture and values. And of course they consider their culture to be sacred.

>> No.10197241

Sounds like you could use a little culture in your life, anon

>> No.10197246

>thinking space will ever be economically viable

>> No.10197259

Behold, this is the modern rootless, spineless, and valueless western male. Behold the face of civilizational suicide.

>> No.10197289

Too bad. America is a Catholic nation.

>> No.10197300

How is it going through life being this retarded?

>> No.10197395

Palestinians have an ethnic tradition of blowing up their own children that distinguishes them from Jordanians. Why do you think Jordan restricts their entry?

>> No.10197403

I'm not saying my grandad was better than a nigger, I'm say I am right now

>> No.10197545

>thinking metal objects will ever fly

Haha ammiright my fellow luddite

>> No.10197575

Afaik it was actually fashionable in ye olde country to NOT season your food, as it showed off the freshness of your 'gredients. Tastes bad, but at least its clean. Anyway white people cant cook, thanks Obama.

>> No.10197586

Sure, but that's entirely dependent on availability of fresh ingredients. If you don't have those you'd often mask that with more spices. It depends on the situation.

>> No.10197587

>Tastes bad
Someone never had garden grown vegetables. Taste doesn't even compare to industrial shit.

>> No.10197902

in my country the protestants killed all the Catholics, turns out god is on our side which is why making Easter a bigger deal than Christmas is heresy

>> No.10198013

>Thinks he'll be one of the 1% chosen to leave the planet after they make it entirely unliveable for the other 99%
Time to wake up Sonny Jim!

>> No.10198912

Yes, but its considered cannibalism

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>this thread

>> No.10199656

Good riddance. Nobody wants you orange cunts over here anyway

>> No.10199683

>muh cultureless space age
Growth without purpose is a cancer

>> No.10199909

>niggers make fun of white people food
>when the times i've been to nigger households their mother (no father of course) always either makes boxed mac and cheese like shown in the photo, gets KFC because the meme is fucking real, or most of the time doesnt make anything and tells them to "make yo ass some food yoself i aint yo slave"
My parents were your typical Asian strict (not really tiger parents though, I could go to peoples' houses and even spend the night as long as my homework was done) which also meant that my mom made me delicious as fuck food all the time, thank god. None of that boxed shit. Always home cooked and always delicious.

>> No.10199972

>against minorities

Against who? East Asians? Those dastardly Dutch? Perhaps the villainous Inuits? LMAO That fucking headline makes it sound like you'll wind up hating everyone if they release the stats.

>> No.10201696

>Villainous Inuits

Don't clown around son, I live in Northern Canada and they're the nicest motherfuckers on the planet. Dene on the other hand, fuck them.

>> No.10201700

The only purpose any humans have ever had ever is "well, I have all these things, but I kinda want more" it's not about culture, it's that humans are naturally discontent with their lives. If we were content and happy in our little cultures we would have never evolved past stone tools.

>> No.10201709

Imagine when aliens create such advanced space travel they can go between solar systems within days and they see Earth and monitor it and think:

"What the fuck, these people are still arguing over frivolous things like muh racism and muh traditional values and muh culture and still having war over false ideologies like religion. Their planet is slowly dying and they have way too many people and they aren't even close to traveling. Well they aren't worth talking to and sharing our great space inventions."

What happens then?

>> No.10201722

>That's probably why.
Explain. I went off to college, too, and then I still didn't meet anyone who fit those stereotypes. I'm not saying it doesn't exist because I'm sure it must, but I'm not going to start handing out sheet music to every dog I see just because one can play the piano.

>> No.10201751

To be fair, not only WASPs do this. Traditionally, the creole cuisine is based on low-quality meats, only safely edible if cooked beyond done. The deep frying just keeps it from drying out.

>> No.10201804

Don't they all rape family members though?

>> No.10201871

Only in muttmerica

>> No.10201932

why do niggers think they are cooking gods because they overseason everything and fry everything

the entirety of nigger cooking can be summed up by





>> No.10202008

Why answer if you have no fucking clue? Dips hit.

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I just want to talk about how my parents' fear of raw meat made me paranoid as an adult, why the fuck does this thread have to turn into /pol/?

>> No.10202345


>> No.10202440

hilarious. you should be a comic or maybe a writer for a documentary.

>> No.10203528

>cooking your meat in plastic

enjoy your estrogen laced meat faggot

>> No.10203615

>Anyone else overly cautious with raw/undercooked meat because of their WASP parents?

no. despite my mom being a terrible cook, I made it point to learn the actual science behind cooking and safe food prep as an adult. I moved out of my parents' house at 18 years old and never looked back.

>> No.10203640
File: 14 KB, 640x480, Flanders_style.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>rice was watery and flavorless as was the chicken

my mom ALWAYS cooked without using salt. She read that salt was bad for you when she was 15 and vowed never to use it in her cooking.

I made fried okra for a family get together when I was 25 (almost 10 years ago) and her comment was "OMG! Anon, I can't believe how good this is! I never would have thought to salt it like that."

She freely admitted to not knowing that fried savory food needs salt. I'm so glad I taught mysellf to cook.

>> No.10203668

I had this too. She'd always say that "salt is why blacks have so much heart disease". Did you also find most salty foods inedible? Really salty things like French Fries and Potato Chips I found disgusting as a kid.

>> No.10203698

>She'd always say that "salt is why blacks have so much heart disease".

I wasn't raised by a racist, so I never heard that kind of ignorant microagression in my home. I had loving parents who were just slightly misguided about the risks of heart disease.

>Did you also find most salty foods inedible?
No. I found well-seasoned food quite deicious actually because it had good flavor, unlike my mom's cooking. I was in love with Hamburger Helper for a long time because it was the one thing my mom would make that was somewhat tasty.

>> No.10203702

>I was in love with Hamburger Helper for a long time because it was the one thing my mom would make that was somewhat tasty
Probably helps that it had salt in it eh?

>> No.10203747

>Probably helps that it had salt in it eh?

No shit, Shelock; that was the whole fucking point of my posts. HH is literal garbage tier, but compared to my incompetent mother's bland food, it seemed tasty.

Why did you bump the thread just to state the obvious? Do you have autism? What's it like having autism?

>> No.10203866
File: 226 KB, 498x278, Pls no bully.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just trying to have a conversation, why do you have to be such a bully?

>> No.10203870

It's the -tism my dude, he has the -tism.

>> No.10203884

I grew up in the deep South of America it depends on who is cooking my mother could be a good cook with certain things but when it came to certain things she was awful she thought a rare steak would kill you. Now my dad and Grandpa make a lot of good southern comfort food, biscuits and gravy, potato soup, chicken and dumplings, and beef stew

>> No.10203912

My dad is French, my mom is anglo.
I pretty much grew up with rare meat. My mom always avoids rare meat, but apart from that my meals were always very tasty.

How is it like being 15 years old, kiddo.

>> No.10203949

Muh dick

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dis thread

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this. we have our southern standards to fall back on, and i don't really feel bad about it. redneck cooking is like southern black cooking but with slightly less offal.

not that there aren't bougie white people around these parts who can't cook for shit, because they are actually quite abundant.

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