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I agreed to a bet that I could drink a gallon of liquid smoke in 24 hours.
Would this kill my dumb ass?

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this is my 3rd favorite copypasta

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You’ll dye the local water supply from shitting.

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Yea dude, your toilet with be stained black after you pass that shit, you bettin on good money? If you are I say do it, and post the results

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Make sure to record this so when the paramedics find your corpse they will know what happened

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Remember that guy who nearly died from drinking a quart of soy sauce? I'm pretty sure that could've been me if I didn't have news stories like these to let me know consuming a drink sized amount of soy sauce is enough to put you in a coma or kill you. It just seems so delicious and non-dangerous.
>The teenager drank so much soy sauce, he started to suffer a seizure. His friends took him to the hospital, where he was given anti-seizure medication. He remained in a coma for three days before he woke up on his own.
>The 19-year-old experienced hypernatremia, a condition caused by too much salt in the blood. The salt causes the brain to lose water, shrink and bleed, Dr. David J. Carlberg, the doctor who treated the young man, told Discovery News.

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You are like a little babby.

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more importantly, the soy in the soy sauce permanently cucked the young man. all he can do now is watch interracial porn and buy manchild toys. A FATE SURELY WORSE THAN DEATH.

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I'm still amazed they sell this stuff by the gallon...

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what are the ingredients, dingus?

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OP is a pasta, but:
>Natural hickory smoke flavor (they supposedly smolder wood at super high moisture/temperature levels and condense the smoke into a liquid, which is then refined/filtered/aged in barrels)
>Carmel color

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So nothing dangerous other than the vinegar, which isn't that bad.

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uh no, there’s also a shit ton of sodium in it

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The perfect soyboy suicide.

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you dont think condensed smoke is dangerous?

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How much will you win? You will probably require medical assistance.

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It's not really even soy, it's wheat. Soy milk is more what soyboyism's about.

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I wouldn't say a shit ton, well, per serving. 11mg x 1 tsp serving. 768 tsp in a gallon, though..
That's about 8500 mg of sodium, or 3.5 times the daily recommended intake. People probably eat more than that just by pigging out on McDonalds and junk food in a day. Chase it with enough water and you should be good.
From what I can figure, full on soy sauce would come out to 230 grams of salt in a gallon, almost 100x the RDI. That's pretty fucked.

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if the money's right, you should do it OP. also make a thread so we can root for you

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That can't be healthy. All that vinegar.

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>Would this kill my dumb ass?
god I hope so

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We use it at The Outback to flavor the steam we cook the ribs initially in. We go through a gallon every few months.

1 cup liquid smoke
4 cups water
15-16 full racks of dry rubbed ribs

Layer ribs in pan on support to keep them out of the liquid during cooking and then seal with plastic wrap and aluminium foil.

Let cook 2-3hours until ribs are easy to separate from meat.

Let cool and then reheat on grill with additional sauces.

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sounds like coma for months mang

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how about an update
did you died?

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>Not knowing that drinking liquid salt will kill you
you should have done it

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Anything is poisinious if ingested in large quantities. Please dont.

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can you tell me how the kookaburra wings are made? It's been my white whale since birth.

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Large bag of chicken, rinsed thoroughly. Massage with seasoning, let sit in fridge until needed. Fry.

Pretty basic.

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yeah, guess I should have been more specific. What's in the seasoning?

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Almost nobody knows that without having been taught it. It's not like you ca figure it out through logic or something.

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I was missing the chicken, it's so obvious in hindsight.

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this would make me so ill, i have to hold my breath just from opening a tiny bottle of liquid smoke it makes me nauseous

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how is being an attention whore on the internet a viable career?

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This shit would not kill you. Barely any sodium, which is the only cause to be worried. I'm pretty sure that I have had different brands of liquid smoke that taste damn near like soy sauce but this particular one isn't it.

You made the bet now pay debts OP

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>mfw thinking about doing it

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So I did the math and that is not even 8000mg of sodium in the gallon jug there (i.e. 4x the daily value)... I'm positive I have eaten near that amount or more in a sitting before, let alone in a full 24 hours

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just show your tits on twitch or youtube

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Proprietary seasoning.

Sorry bro, it's not listed on the seasoning bag.

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