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Can we get a Battlestation thread going. Last one only had 2 :(

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mine is too shitty to post

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I love your floor.

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take the knife out of your cutting board fag

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Whatever it is, it's not as bad as mine

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I'm honestly impressed by you guys

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What's that thing against the far wall?

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In the back corner? Homemade sous vide setup

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This apartment was built in the 50s or something

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Looks like a radiator to me.

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the doorway to his kitchen gremlin's lair

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my pride and joy

took 28 grand and 3 months of working away at it but I have just about got myself set for life. being middle aged sucks dick except when you get to do things like this, lmao

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that's pretty rough

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Do setups like these exist in condos or do I have to get a house to get something like them?

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That is pretty legit friendo.

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OP here. I have a small house of 1100 square feet that only cost 110k.

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Needs more gun. Knife blunted on the board won't do it.

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I'm too lazy to actually take a photo, but this is essentially mine, albeit a bit more spacious.

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That’s not a cutting board, it’s just a dumb wooden board meant for serving meats and cheeses on. OP wasn’t even willing to put an indentation in his actual cutting board.

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>OP wasn’t even willing to put an indentation in his actual cutting board.

What now faggot

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post pic of cute vintage electric mixer please

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>house got burned in an arson last year
>got to redesign kitchen and got a hefty appliance budget from the insurance
>threw another couple thousand out of pocket for upgrades

It'll be ready in May, getting excited

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It's very spacious, and I love the unique color of the granite. I have more than enough room for an island from Ikea or something. Perhaps I will finally go ahead and do that for my birthday.

I'll bet you like that massif refrigerator from the 80s it's so cherry.

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how's the weather in Australia?

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Nice hunk of meat.

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That's the exact kind of fridge I want. Everything lately is stainless steel, which I hate, and the frenchdoor ones with the freezer on bottom, whichialso hate.

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You know you have to post the story anon, come on lad

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if you're american you can order any fridge you want in white, black, or stainless steel

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>your kitchen is an absolute mess right now

I'm too embarrassed to post a picture of it

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1/2, can’t get any good angles with this floor plan

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Nice but way too cluttered

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>inb4 someone makes fun of my 99 cent store brand soy byproduct sandwich bread

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i'm glad you're doing well cape cod anon

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shit neighbor kid set fire to my neighbor's house, it managed to spread to another three houses before firefighters managed to get it out, no one died, one lady lost her cats, and the shit kid is waiting trial and will likely see at least 8 years time if not more

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If you count still being alive as doing well then yeah I guess
May your fridge be ever full, anon

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Jesus Christ fuck that kid man that’s some bad luck
Good shit on your new setup tho so I guess it worked out?

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OP here and jelly as fuck

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yours seems more comfy tee bee aytch

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do you think it's weird that i notice you? i will stop if you'd like

t. orbiter

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i don't mind, i don't talk to a lot of people regardless so i'm happy to collect any (You)s you'll throw me
glad i could pique your interest

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I only take photos in the kitchen while making something.

>tfw no pics of the 1970s KitchenAid mixer

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What meat grinder is this?

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yep, they just finished the roof and the contractors are about to order the new kitchen, counter top is pic related

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That was post-holiday-dinner so yeah it's gonna be a little cluttered

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It is the cheap version of a Squeez-O strainer.

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>tfw no pics of the 1970s KitchenAid mixer

pleaseeee i require these photos

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fuck that's tasteful

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what ancient Loa spirit are you trying to conjure

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Thanks Anon

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It is a "Victorio" if you want to know the brand name. It has mostly plastic parts while the Sqeez-O brand has all metal parts with a nylon gasket and wooden handle on the crank.

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Jam Spirits. You should taste our Creamy Apple Demons.

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tfw i live in a tiny apartment with almost no kitchen counter space

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Thoughts and prayers. Thank god that time in my life is over.

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This pleases me. Countertop close ups, niggers.

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Same, my nice cutting board doesn't fit on any of them without hanging over the stove or sink. I have a dining table though that I use when I need room to make bread, assemble sushi, or for lengthy tasks like gnocchi.

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Tiny. SAD.

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This photo did, in fact, make me sad

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I'm a NEET on welfare so it's not like I'm exactly gonna rock some McMansion.

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Where do u live I've never seen stove like that

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I would be setting off the smoke alarm constantly without a real exhaust hood in that setup.

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2 ovens, double sink, lots of work space. Looks good for cooking multiple things at one time

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>that fridge
How old are your little ones, friend? My sister's expecting in June and I'm so hype to be an auntie I cry every time I remember.
>tfw going to have adorable crayon art on my fridge in just a few short years

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why are we doing this again?

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>/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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Oh man, the crayon/watercolor art is cranked out at a prolific pace around here. I have a 2yo and a 5 yo. Congrats. Being a good auntie/uncle is an importanIt's and fun job.
I have 6 for real nephews and another 3 BFF nephews. It's really important to be a somewhat questionable, yet reliable influence.
I'm the only one with girls tho. It's weird.

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>dat Corelle ware doe

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Got them from my grandma

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bad counter space aside that's actually really nice for an apartment

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who else /clutteredbyflatmates/

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Your oven is super cute :D

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Very nice senpai

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floor is hideous and the cabinets are drab. smartly designed layout, however. if you feel like dropping a grand or two, upgrade the shitty laminate countertops tho.
cheap rental/10
pretty good, only small nits to pick here. the color of the countertop is awful imo, but i dislike tan and beige in kitchens for the most part. i feel like the color of the knobs are off for this design. maybe brass? the bronze seems to be odd given the stainless steel appliances and sink
good layout, awful mishmash of stuff. change the shitty brown blinds to a nice grey or off white. pick one appliance color and stick with it. very nice backsplash tile at least
the arch doorways are really old fashioned and out of place in what is an otherwise fairly modern kitchen. integral backsplashes generally aren't my thing, but i don't hate em.
i like most of the colors (the tile or linoleum in the kitchen is boring as fuck) and the general design, but i think getting a separate floor oven and cooktop is just silly. you're buying two appliances when one will do the same thing and not really saving any space. maybe that warming tray makes all the difference?? shrug
tiny apartment, yes, but a very, very nice design. good, clean lines. very nice aesthetic. very tastefully done.
soviet bloc/10
not awful. i feel like this kitchen doesn't get enough light to have that dark a cabinetry. dislike the cathedral arch wall cabinets with flat lowers and that molding around the sink. too old fashioned for whats a transitional'ish aesthetic elsewhere

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Kill yourself

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My parents have the same set. Brings back memories of family dinner in the late 80's

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It's just something my tablet does literally every time I try to post a pic I took on 4chan. I dunno why.

In other news, I was looking up local real estate for shits and gigs. Check this out! 3bd 2bt 17ksqft craftsman built in 1911.
I have never seen appliances like this. The hot plates fold up!!

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There are two of these in the kitchen, but look at the counter tops! I'm like whaaaaat..

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jeeeeeezus christ no thank you.

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And like, is this the oven?? I don't know. It's in the historic district. $488k! Probably a good investment opportunity if you do it right. Original wood flooring looks good.

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17k sq ft for under half a mil? fuck me, where?

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Sorry. I meant 1,700. That's pretty roomy here, though for a 3bd. It has a sun room, though. I made a mistake. The floors aren't original. This house is updated weird as fuck. Why replace the countertops, and sink but nothing else.

Bathroom coming up next, you guys will love this.

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Absolute madmen built a stand up shower right in front of the goddamned clawfoot tub.

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>tile or linoleum
It’s a hideous carpet to protect the hardwood floor from scuffing since there’s a lot of scuffable activity in the kitchen
The extra appliance is an excuse for another counter area lol

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Fridge to the left, not pictured

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better pic

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I like it, it's really comfy.

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Like your build in damper next to the stove. Always wondered: is it really as good as a hood hanging above the stove?

Asking because I'm going renovate my kitchen, and I'm going for a different layout.

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functionally it works just as well imo, my other house has a copper overhead vent so i've had plenty of experience with both. it's nice to have nothing overhead sometimes, kinda opens the space up a bit

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gutted my kitchen and made custom, knotty alder cabinets. entire remodel cost under 6 grand
>looking south

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>looking west
nb4 hurr durr durr kitchen sign
old lady decorated it

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Bam! Not a terrible kitchen but hardly the best in the world.

>> No.10316873

i'm so used to the range being tucked into the middle/corner of a kitchen. what countries are you guys in and do you like having the range out in the open? i imagine the only downside is kids getting close.

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All are better than mine

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I am >>10316856 and am in the United States (specifically Ohio, if you care). I honestly love the oven being where it is, it's very central and easy to work with and around. Also, the flat metal bit is actually a griddle, which is also fantastic.

I have no children, so that is not a concern, if you're curious.

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I miss my Maytag refrigerator so Goddamn much. I think I should have just spent the money to get it fixed. I had a power surge blow pretty much all the electronics including the compressor. After it was fixed it was never the same and got louder and louder until it sounded like a TARDIS taking off all day and night.

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Do you guys ever stick food into your horny gf's pussy and then cook it?

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Noice. Looks like smooth river rocks under cool water. I wanna put my feet on it.

>> No.10317758

Reagan F?

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the kitchen i rarely use

>> No.10317782

Really cheaped out on that backsplash, someone did.

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>not getting you counter absolutely filthy just so you can clean it again

>> No.10317890

nice 'sai

>> No.10318288

Thanks. It was a gift. I'm kind of worried about it.

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One last counter top and backsplash closeup.

>> No.10320824

>my pride and joy
well, congrats m8.
however.. you spent that much and you install knobs on everything?
i always get stuff caught on the knobs in my kitchen

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Not best angle sorry

>> No.10321218

Is that a dishwasher by the fridge?

>> No.10321243

Love the wall tiles.

>> No.10321361

>should have just spent the money to get it fixed
> After it was fixed it was never the same

>> No.10321371

Whoa...what third world shithole is this guy fro-
>washing machine in the kitchen

Ah, hello my fellow slavic friend.

>> No.10321385

Lol, wtf? Among the other more egregious disgust, who has a clothes washer in their kitchen?

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File: 2.58 MB, 4032x3024, E6090AA2-BA84-41BF-ACDB-A093D0BD9335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stove needs to be redone.

>not pictured is the 150 bottle wine cooler

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File: 2.34 MB, 750x1334, 63B3D10C-5282-4A30-A2EE-64D89F31A004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10321508

Is this a screenshot from the new Resident Evil?

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File: 2.19 MB, 750x1334, 42F0D57C-C6B1-436A-8D67-C9E36E020AA7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And the outside kitchen

>> No.10321531

this is one of those magazine kitchens. it's beautiful, and i am very envious, but then you post the outdoors kitchen and you live in a got dang mcmansion and there is nothing to be jealous about a 5,000 sq ft house on less than 1/2 acre.

>> No.10321542

I actually built the outside kitchen out. Much cheaper to do. Only thing that wasn’t made was the oven. I just bought it.

>> No.10322146

Julia Child?

>> No.10322164

My parents house also has a nice kitchen

>> No.10322170

What is your house worth?

>> No.10322357

>tfw i have 2 acres
>tfw we have a normal house on it
The forest is pretty comfy, lots of good times out there.

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File: 3.39 MB, 4032x3024, 20170319_201002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 3.32 MB, 4032x3024, 20170319_202835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Well I bought it when the market crashed. Around 630k... currently its 1.2 million

>> No.10322585

seems like a lot of yuro-peeins do man

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>spend extra money to get the extra super quiet refrigerator
>a year or so after the warranty expires a power surge blows it up
>get it fixed with homeowners insurance but it never as quiet as it was when it was new
>keeps getting louder and louder as the years go by
>finally can't stand it anymore when it sounds like Tom Baker is about to jump in it and fly away from the next room
>find out getting another compressor for that model would probably cost as much as a new refrigerator and it will still never ever be as quiet as it was
>say goodby to the best refrigerator I have ever had


>> No.10322625

Move it to the garage so it can live on as a beer fridge

>> No.10322706

my grandmother's old one (it's that ugly ass goldenrod color) is sitting at my parents' house, but it's the one with the levered head.

i have a new silver one (matches my fridge and oven) that's the professional series, with the fixed head and moving bowl.

>> No.10322717

if you're going to redo the kitchen, at least update the cabinets from the 80's. bare minimum, replace/refinish the doors and get rid of that accent piece over the sink.

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File: 237 KB, 800x800, Good Night.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the bars on the windows are the nicest thing in the kitchen

>> No.10322736

house like that in certain areas around me would be less than half that price. in the city, you could get a house that size for under 100k.

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File: 2.92 MB, 2626x1903, Kitchenlet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw too poor to have a nice kitchen
>tfw have to share this with 3 others

>> No.10322952

oh well

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love these!

Thanks, it's a tiny 600 sq ft apartment but I love it, good lighting and great view

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