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does /ck/ have the best 'taste' in women?

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Depends on the level of doneness you prefer.

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>actual pedos on my /ck/

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best girl coming through

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Daily reminder that she could be cute if she lost about 60 pounds

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post some nigella I need to rip my dick off

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Medium rare (#12) is always the correct answer.

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>wanting girls that look like 14 year old boys with a feminine face

yeah........... okay......... sounds...... cute

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/biz/ threads have some serious dimes tbqhfam

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>obesity is what distinguishes adult women from teenaged boys
On a scale of Cleveland to Topeka, how flyover are you?

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>healthy weight women are obese
>anorexic women look like adult women to you

did your mommy touch your peepee when you were little and that's why you only want women that look like children?

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Topeka it is

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Who dat qt

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what is a topeka?

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>his waifu doesn't rep his homeboard

embarrassing desu

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/ck/ prefers fat girls, cartoon girls, boys who look like girls, and cartoon boys who look like girls. /ck/ likes what /b/ likes, and /b/ likes the worst of everything. /ck/ also has the worst food preferences.

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What's her yt channel?

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this but unironically

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It's the name of a field somewhere in Kansas

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That's a pretty good looking guy

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Claire is a fox

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I like how she's not out of my league but is still easy on the eye.

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Would knead her batter.

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