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how do you like your eggs /ck/? over easy, scrambled, poached, etc.

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Why are asians obsessed with eggs?

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If I make it myself I usually make scrambled but if I go to a restaurant or someone else's house I ask for over easy.

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Would the king suck an egg?

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I don't
they always taste like oil

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Over easy, or egg drop soup. Hard to choose. I don't like scrambled eggs. They're almost always overcooked.

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at home or restaurants i go for over easy for dipping toast into the wet yolk but when im on the coasts on a naval base I get scrambled at the galley just because it's faster so I don't hold up the line

they're cheap and lots of different animals shit them out constantly

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Cook them in butter fag.

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Poached, soft boiled, over easy. Actually there are very few ways to cook eggs that I dislike, and the ones I dislike usually involve overcooking them or eating them fucking raw.

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why not

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>dumb fag can't even make scrambled eggs

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Basted eggs over a hearty whole grain toast = sex on a plate.

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but... how?

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ok thats hot.

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no break?

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pickled desu senpai

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Sunny and runny, ftw. All else are made of fail and smell like farts.

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over easy with some black pepper, sea salt, and cayenne pepper.
preferably served atop homefries or hash

omelettes are nice too

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Perfect scrambled eggs are in the top 5 food of all time.

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American style, English, or French?

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Whichever one uses milk

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Where do I find JAV like this

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Because it represents fertility and they don't really get laid that often
Also Ajitsuke Tamag style is best, Asians are obsessed but it does lead to tasty results when they put their minds to it

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sunny side up

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Scrambled, nice and creamy. Usually on toast.

Melt a tablespoon of butter and add two beaten eggs just as that fucker melts, and stir vigorously until it gets nice and curdled, then just slowly fold it on itself until it's done. Shit spreads like cream cheese.

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mfw I always cooked my eggs this way, and only realised there's a name for this kind of cooking.

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