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>order for anon?
>that'll be $19 plus your tip

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God I hope she has a penis

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oh I've got your tip RIGHT HERE
*unzips pants*

>> No.10606004

What porn video is this from?

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gimme da sauce gimme da sauce

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Tattoos are so disgusting. Why are they so popular nowadays?

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>19 bucks for just my tip?

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>brown eyes

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why do you have to assume everything is porn? get your mind out of the gutter

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tfw no pizza delivery girl gf

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It really looks like it wants to be porn

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Because nobody cares what you think

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Not because there is thot in the video, nooo

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where are you finding all these thin, wholesome pizza girls acting cute and giving the bedroom eyes who are also not spreading their assholes for $100 an hour

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My pizza delivery is always male, and either young and drunk or old as fuck and grizzled

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kitty kat luna

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cause it is porn


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>y-you too

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Once again 2d>3d.

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Why the fuck is this video 42 seconds long it's over after the first 10

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ah shitt nigga I read this a couple years ago

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I see no issue.

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>plus your tip
Has anyone actually ever heard this from a delivery person?

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Bitch, why's there a slice missing?

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is it porn? is it any good? im not even gonna bother trying to look it up myself without the promise of some creampies

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Mainstreaming of degeneracy

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easy way to pretend you're unique in some way

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>looked up Hirame on the panda
>am not reading this, but am now reading something in french to practice my french and not even for the porn

what has become of my life

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How sad your life needs to be you start learning languanges from hentais?

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So how heavily photoshopped is that first pic? I always see it banted about as "muh hot traps", but every other pic of the guy looks fucking gross.

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it's hard to be an anglophone quebec nationalist, man.

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Got'cha, man

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>e-hentai instead of exhentai

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>20 years old
nah son

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Its unlisted, for some reason I have the e-hentai version bookmarked.

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look at her chin...

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Where the fuck is the insulated delivery bag? That pizza has to be cold by now. Also, where are the toppings I ordered? You get nothing. I'm ordering Chinese.

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