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Cooking with Jack thread.

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why jack instead of henry's kitchen?

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>henry's kitchen
>not Greg's kitchen

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i'm still confused

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nothing wrong w/ a nice cold burger.

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would have taken about 60 seconds to get everything out with a spoon. all seeds intact too.

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Where does he find these "recipes"?

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Haven't these been banned?

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Is that.... Is that greaseproof paper?

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This is like a worksafe reconstruction of the gay anal fisting festival’s recruit video

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What is this and why?

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>Haven't these been banned?
i think you mean beaned

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fuck what a moron

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i'm confused about this too
how do you do that?

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What fish is that?

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I think he grabbed the heel with his thumb, probably just bad habits from using shitty dull knives.

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jack commiting treason but failing

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I was always amused that he thought the meat was ruined because of a bit of flame, then he throws it all out and starts over

and of course blames the product

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yeah that strikes me as quite odd. a bit of fire doesn't cause any harm to the meat, does it?

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wait, I can almost understand this, except for the cheese, and does he add peppers to it? 0.0

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I fucking love these threads so much

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The real gem here is that he has his phone sitting on that raw meat packaging, haha

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This creepy guinea-mutt faggot makes me laugh, but also makes me angry.

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Anyone got the version of this that says YOU DIED?

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how in the fuck does this type of thing even happen

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Is that... is that reddit speak?

See how I stuttered like I'm actually talking and taken aback, but we're talking in text so that makes no fucking sense??


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This is actually from Chefsteps.

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>Jack can't coo--

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What the fuck is this?

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I guess you can fuck that up somehow.

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chill out dawg.

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fucking why can't he get anything to work

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Le Reddit maymay xD lololol just be yourself and chill breux,

Praise Obama

Also is this guy a retard or doing a character for views? These videos are alarming.

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He's a retard but I think he plays it up because he knows it gets him (View)s

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At first I thought
>ok no big deal, the heat will cook the egg immediately
Then I noticed it doesn't
>Ok, but it doesn't move
But it did!
>Now it's slowly going....aaaand it's gone

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Is he making jenkem?

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>At first I thought "ok no big deal, the heat will cook the egg immediately"
You're in a ja/ck/ thread, drop all assumptions of competence.

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There was still the possibility that he could fuck up in another way.

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True but then he'd have to get past the first step after cracking an egg. I guess considering that there's another egg there already that's not outside the realm of possibility. I might just go watch that video, I haven't seen it yet and I'm eager to know what else can go wrong.

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This dude has to be playing a character, right? Why would he upload all of these fuck-ups? Is he just at peace with his world-shattering autism?

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would someone do that?
just go on the internet and recreate other people's content poorly?

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>This dude has to be playing a character, right?
I thought so until I saw him cry on TV. It's kind of like how you watch DSP and you tell yourself that he's faking it because that makes you feel better about your species but then he does something like make an hour long video defending RE6 and you know it's all real.

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>that time detractor Jack spent two hours on the Sons of Kojima podcast

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when the shits too dank

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go homuu whituu piguu

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I heard he's had a stroke.

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>not the dark souls edit
you had one job

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why does he buy such useless shit

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>from using shitty dull knives
It's a form of leverage, nothing to do with knives. He's just fucking retarded and managed to reproduce and make money.

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He's "reviewing" them.

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you aren't here to police how people type in this manner.

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what was he crying over?

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It was some southern barbecue series and all he did was shill his sauce instead of barbecue, so the judges kicked him off and he cried in front of them about how he was serious about barbecue.

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to be fair to Jack they were pretty stupid to think white trash townie would know ja/ck/ shit about pit BBQing, even if he sells The Best BBQ Sauce You'll Every Taste

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holy shit is there video of this

>> No.10619715

the vid for this with the audio is so much better
>oh no no no no no no oh come on, really?

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The show is west texas investors club, but I can't find the actual clip aside from someone talking over it. If you want that, it starts at 3:10 in this video: https://youtu.be/v_CnVFFMpYc

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Yea I saw that. Dude is one sick fuck

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I can't find this anywhere in his channel, did he deleted it?

>> No.10620350

Copper grill mat

>> No.10620356

that doesn't look good

>> No.10620443

Yes he did actually delete it. I assume because he said the product is dangerous or something and I guess he might be sued for it? If anyone had the foresight to save the video, please mirror it somewhere.

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so they can get sued by some egg iron company for Jack's statements?
great idea

>> No.10620522

You can get sued for a lot of reasons, but fighting it out in court is expensive and stressful. Better to just avoid the possibility in most cases.

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Could Jack be an autistic alien?

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How the fuck does his slapchop work so well while every other one I've seen jams the second it tries to do anything harder than air?

>> No.10621264

needed the pan hotter

>> No.10621281

He thinks of himself as an average man. He makes mistakes like that so others do too and he leaves them in his videos because he wants to show that it's perfectly normal to fuck up. It's nobody's fault if they're too stupid to use some kitchen gadgets.

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MMMmmmm, JUICY one dollar uncooked steak.

>> No.10621328

Highest kek

>> No.10621342

I will never be able to get over this one. Every time I see it...

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I can not find this episode. Link?

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Is that supposed to be a chocolate ganache and did he fuck up something as simple as a chocolate ganache.

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whats the housing market like in the US and even specifically Jack's area? Surely Jack can't be making a crazy amount of money but it looks like he has an okay looking kitchen?

>> No.10621670

Have you tried his sauces?

>> No.10622020

He drops stuff into the pan from a mile up, so he always gets burned. Instead of dropping it from lower like a non-retard, he just turns the heat down

>> No.10622028

his wife is the bread winner and they live in tennessee so shit's cheap

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