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I have seen the horrors of what you are eating. I signed an NDA, but I will violate it for pictures of your mom sunbathing.

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shut up bitch nobody will take your advice

t. doctor

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That's fine. Its not like I wanted to tell you what major brands regularly have fecal bacteria in them or anything.
I'll just gather my things and leave quietly. This board is about eggs after all.

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It's pronounced street-pharmacist, Lavontrell.

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I really thought you millenial garbage might like to know that popular energy drink ______ routinely has bacterial loads in the 150,000 colony forming units PER MILILITER for a supposedly food-grade sterile product. Typical counts of food grade products are... 10-500.
Fucking disgusting. Crack another one open stupid.
Or that Popular Sandwich Company ______ ROUTINELY has fecal bacteria in it. Bread made with shit in it. Fun.

Enjoy not knowing I guess.

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Brb apprehending your ass

t. inspector

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the 4chan inspectors got me?

>Drives off cliff with Bonnie.

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Post thighs if you're a cute woman (male) and I'll forget it

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Jew like?

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Go on, fellow /sci/ here. Am interested.

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Me too. It's been a while since I did micro, but wouldn't 150k cfu/mL be like flocculated and noticeable chunks? Or that the liquid would be incredibly cloudy?

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We survived without and you basically we are having a harder time surviving WITH you. So why don't you fuck off?

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Pro-tip: we already know industrially processed food is full of bugs and feces. You're not shocking or surprising anyone. Those of us that care don't consume it and the rest have just given up on life anyway.

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This, i generally make an excuse of it for our immune system and shiet but who am i kidding

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Proof of degree or GTFO. Saged.

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your the intern at some government funded pensioner "scientific organization" who looks through a microscope at people piss and shit all day ain't ya

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I eat my gfs ass for free do you think I care about shitbutter?

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>Fecal bacteria

I'm having trouble with the "NDA SUPER SECRET MICROBIOLOGIST" part when in biology 101 you swab many things and learn that fecal bacteria is on everything. Literally. Everything. You probably believe in food allergies

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What's he even looking at? Is that old-school 420chan?
How fucking old is this image?

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at least 8 years old

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Is microbiologist a comfy job? How do you get where you are right now?
Might be considering this job

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What are some heat resistant microbiological hazards? Are they common?
>Inb4 c. Botulinum

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>what major brands regularly have fecal bacteria in them
all of them do. go larp on reddit.

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>considering a job not a profession
good goym

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nah, bacteria are smaller than you'd think.
>industrially processed
>those of us that care don't consume it
That doesn't really make all the difference. "Muh organic kale" can be just as bad if not worse because its straight out of the dirt. Some shit has a higher load of bacteria in general, but some can have lower amounts of more dangerous bacteria like Listeria monocytogenes or E. coli H7O157.

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Yeah, that's not actually true. Many companies with "shit in food" problems who can't locate the source of their problem in their process will start swabbing the hands of employees until they find the sub-human who doesn't wash after taking a steamy growler and fire them for being an animal.
>he thinks NDA is government.
Its a Non-Disclosure Agreement. I am legally barred from saying the company names. Its a private sector company.

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Also, food allergies are a real thing. The human immune system isn't perfect. This is just an example of when things go wrong and your body shits the bed for something that isn't really dangerous.

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Yes and no. Depends what you are doing. Some can be basically smart-assembly-line bullshit. Some is more interesting. All in all I like it.

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Anything that sporulates. We regularly put shit in full rolling boil water for half an hour to kill off everything non-spore and then plate the rest to see whats there. Ranges the gamut from perfectly clean to fucking disgusting. Kind of depends on whether its an ingredient for making something else, or a finished product, and who its intended for: baby formula is cleaner than energy drinks, etc.

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Some places are pretty underhanded. Popular-Sandwich-Chain regularly has very high "shit counts" for their products at a particular plant that makes the bread. They made up some fake facade as a chocolate manufacturer to send us samples so that we wouldn't put 2 and 2 together.

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Common, yes. Clostridium species are fairly ubiquitous. Some make deadly toxins, some do not. Wash your shit before you eat it
> I don't :) but I have cast-iron guts
Of note, Clostridium require anaerobic conditions to grow, so if you're vacuum sealing your sous vide that I know you have you need to be careful there. If the bag seems to be swelling from gas production at all, probably not a good idea to eat it. Same goes for bulging canned food. Essentially the same growth conditions inside the can.

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>waves at former coworkers

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>How do you get where you are right now?
Considered replying with the "what did he mean by this,"
But then I remembered I'm not autistic. What do you mean friend-o? Like, education or what.

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Well thats sort of helpful but there are a lot of energy drinks. Does the one in question have a regular circle jerk thread here?

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>"Muh organic kale" can be just as bad if not worse because its straight out of the dirt
Literally grown in piles of manure lmao

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But the toxin produced by the botulism bacteria is destroyed rather quickly with the application of heat, no?

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Generally true, but as it is one of the most deadly compounds on the planet I wouldn't risk it.
>1 sugar cube sized amount of pure toxin could kill everyone on the planet.

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before someone shits themselves, that article is just a representative example of a subset of data.

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Yeah, around 80℃ I believe. Now, OP, tell us about mycotoxins.

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No, the bacteria is killed but the toxin produced isn't. It's very hard to destroy the toxin.
But, it requires specific conditions (low acidity, warm temperature, anaerobic) to produce toxins.
Even then it's usually at least 2 days in ideal conditions for the toxin to form.

The bacteria on it's own doesn't do shit, and you're probably eating it all the time.

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Yes and no. One of the major antigens (things that activate your immune response and all the associated phenomena) are just the components that make up the physical structure of bacteria. It isn't specifically true that the bacteria sans toxin is safe to consume.
I think you may find that the spores from the Clostridium can and do grow quite well within the human body, and can produce the toxins there. You're not considering the whole picture.

Again, there's few perfect solutions here, its a biological science. Just saying if your food is swelling from gas production, don't eat it.

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Honestly, never worked with mycotoxins. Those were sent to a different laboratory, so I have little current understanding. I'll read up on it though.

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>The question you all want to ask but don't know it:
Do they test marijuana edibles?
Yes. Yes they do. And they send more than we need to test. ....and that shit gets thrown away when we're done with it. :)

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>The bacteria on it's own doesn't do shit
Except if you're too young of a baby, that's why they shouldn't be given honey. And it's the spores that aren't destroyed. Bacteria ant toxin are. Learn more.

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Yeah. Cronobacter sakazakii has a 40% mortality rate in infants infected.
And you find it in baby formula.

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Regarding food safety, knowledge about molds seems to be far less widespread than about bacteria. Why is that?

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post bobs

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This is a bit frightening. Infections are not that common, are they?

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>muh bacteria

Guess what, vaccines are made up entirely of viruses. Are they harmful? No, and if you think they are, your opinions on anything ever are invalidated.

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Molds are less dangerous, generally speaking. It is also easy to see moldy food and therefore avoid eating it whereas bacteria are invisible and hence a more important concern.

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Good point. But don't they give cancer, though?

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Not in any sort of significant way, but literally everything can result in a cancer risk if you look hard enough.

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>he doesn't know that viruses and bacteria are two different things

congrats, your opinion on anything ever has just been invalidated.

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eukaryote vs prokaryote?
Microbiology degrees really hone in on bacteria, few mycology courses in my experience at least.
I couldn't speak to the causes any more than personal anecdotes.

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I meant via mycotoxins
(which are not heat labile btw)

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Not in this country. When a "product" gets a "THERE DEFINITELY IS X IN THIS" result, the company and the lab are required to inform the FDA, and that stays on record permanently. They either reprocess it, or throw the entire $X00,000 worth into the landfill.
So, we're fairly safe in this country as long as the lab and producer are doing their due diligence.

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Good attempt at a bait shitpost.
You'll get em next time champ.

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Also of note, is that bacteria could potentially grow to very dangerous levels much more quickly than mold. E.coli can double every 20-some minutes. Mold testing in the lab usually takes almost a week just because it doesn't grow as rapidly even under ideal conditions.

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What if I already shit myself

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Use it to fertilize your Organic Garden and then sell the proceeds to hipster faggots.

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and? a single probiotic pill has billions in it. why would i beafraid of bacteria? theyre everywhere. there are more bacteria cells in your body than human cells

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Tons of people sign NDAs, I have for multiple companies but they do expire and you're full of shit.

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Only a total moron would sign an NDA without an expiration.

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I made my terms clear. Still waiting for pics of your mom's tater tots in a two piece.

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Two years is about as far as any NDA will ever get from me.

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Hey brainiacs. With the information available, you should be able to deduce that mine has not expired yet. Tu stultus es.

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Six months is lucky, two years is really pushing it.

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I'm not some braniac faggot, I'm just a regular guy. Who the fuck are you?

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So what shit has prions and what doesn't? Or is it so minor that FDA doesn't give a fuck?

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What does a prion have to do with microbiology?

And to answer your question: nothing has prions in it.

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Can i eat raw eggs without catching salmon?

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>she thinks I fear microbes

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>He had to get a degree in microbiology to learn that vegetables grow in the ground
fuckin' lulz

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I have an irrational fear of prions. And mostly because I like eating meat, but still have an irrational fear. Was drilled into me when I was a kid, when I didn't eat beef.

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I only eat raw, pastured meat. It is good that these dead food eaters at least get some bacteria in them, even if it is from other humans.

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I can't tell if you're trying to be smug by saying you don't smoke it, or implying you guys do smoke it, but either way, stop typing like my mom does on Facebook.

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>bacteria are all the same
Probiotics have lactobacillus or other harmless strains that can get past your stomach and help you break down food, maybe make some vitamins.
Bacteria that grows willy nilly on the line, well it could be pathogenic and make you sick, could produce toxins which make you vomit, or could be fuck if we know because we can't get it to grow in a culture. It's different

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Old, I found it a while ago on /b/

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The natural progression of oldfags over the last 10 years are /b/ -> /pol/ -> /ck/

/ck/ is new master board

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>tfw still pop by normalfag boards to feel young again

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honestly who the fuck cares?

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>sandwich company
As in, they sell sandwiches specifically, or is it just the bread? Also, I'm guessing Subway.

As for the energy drink, I'm gonna guess Red Bull, with Rockstar as a close second

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so it's kombucha. whats the big deal.

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What I meant is what kind of jobs/internships did you do before you became a microbiologist.

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The truth is that by the time you have reached ck you have also reached every other board because you know that banter is not exclusive and that is what you post for.

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>it's another "lab rat thinks he actually knows anything about the industry" episode

hey its like looking at myself back in time. dont you have some more petrifilms to count you little weasel?

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So what you're saying is, it's okay to pump yourself full of viruses deliberately, but not okay to pump yourself full of bacteria deliberately?

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>fuck if we know because we can't get it to grow in a culture
>not making use of meta*omics

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that's not what i said at all but if thats what you're going with to save face on an anonymous anime forum then I won't fault you for trying.

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>Yeah, that's not actually true
confirmed not a microbiologist, when someone with a my first microscopy kit from amazon can handily disprove you it's not a good sign
shut the fuck up about your NDA and spill what you want to spill

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eh. I did medical micro for my career and we learned plenty about molds, except it was mostly stuff that grows in your lungs and/or brain

not so much the green stuff on bread

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desu you're not going to get a lot of the bad molds in the U.S. because our grain storage isn't shit

like 200 people died in Kenya because they didn't dry the corn properly before storing it

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fun fact we don't know! US beef is not tested for mad cow disease

an independent slaughterhouse tried doing that to label their beef 100% mad cow free and got sued into oblivion by the big producers


aaaand Alzheimer's is on the rise and in older people it's indistinguishable from mad cow! good times

god the Bush years were shit for court decisions

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>US beef is not tested for mad cow disease

Cause mad cow is extremely rare.

>aaaand Alzheimer's is on the rise and in older people it's indistinguishable from mad cow!

Alzheimer's is a lot more different than mad cow on a cellural level. One probably has nothing to do with the other.

t. EU fag

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>Cause mad cow is extremely rare.
You Euros seem to get it a lot. Also you don't know if it's rare if you don't test for it.

>Alzheimer's is a lot more different than mad cow on a cellural level. One probably has nothing to do with the other.

the symptoms are quite similar and they're not running around testing old people for prions if they start getting confusion and memory loss

it could very well -be- a prion disease though- http://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/archives/2011/10/06/is_alzheimers_an_infectious_disease_the_spread_of_protein_misfolding

maybe one brought about by ingesting tainted beef? Idk, but I'm firmly on the side of "my food should be safe" instead of "welp, gonna chance it"

>> No.10677039

you work as qa/qc or research?

private micro lab or agency?

whats your favorite bacteria

do you guys actually use the rapid test kits my colleague has been working on or are they just a meme

>> No.10677053

forgot to add, a company i know of routinely tests positive for listeria in their blast chillers. dont know how the fuck theyre still not recalling shit

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Holy fuck someone actually said it. I don't know why I started coming here but I know why I stayed. Half the threads still carry a POTENT "for the lulz" attack anything including ourselves attitude

Happy mid twenties boomer here I'll drink to this post

>> No.10678082

OP bouta get v&

>> No.10678103

Yeah, I don't have the time to shitpost my life away anymore so I opt for the slower boards like here and /vr/.

>> No.10678112

Are there categories of food you just don't eat now, not necessarily from the specific companies you work with?

>> No.10678173

No. Also, they could vaccinate our poultry against salmonella, but american producers dont give a fuck about you and dont want the price of eggs going up by 3 cents.

>> No.10678198

We had one that would several times a year test positive for L. monocytogenes. However, they were able to just have us stop testing at "its Listeria" before we ID it as mono, even though the analyst can tell its mono. In that way they circumvent it being on the record.

>> No.10678201

Energy drinks. Certain brands of cheese. Probably others but that's all that comes to mind at the moment.

>> No.10678209

qa/qc, private, mmmmm Pseudomonas aeruginosa because it smells interesting.
Its described as "fresh tortillas" but I think it smells more like a head shop full of incense.
What brand of test kit?

>> No.10678248

there's lots of different kinds of roe and caviar aside from salmon

>> No.10678698

this company tests positive every time out they send swabs of their blast chillers. Question: I know L Mono is motile, but would it be capable of climbing up support beams or spiral tracking if there's condensation? My friend is the head microbiologist at that lab amd signs off on the tests but she says she doesn't know about that

Anyway my colleague was working on some rapid test kits for Hygiena and another obscure little company for bread molds. Don't know how well his work has been commercialized

Its been a while since I've taken a micro class but I thought the streptococcus in blood agar was super kewl

Wat are some interesting/odd tests you perform and for wat type of food product?

>> No.10678707

Oh, lastly: how the hell are energy drinks testing positive for coliforms? You think it's their water supply? Shitty sanitation crews? I imagine most of their stuff is powdered ingredients so I'm ruling that out as a source

>> No.10678742

At least 10, I remember seeing it when I first starting coming here from /b/. Although I never went the /pol/ route like some of the faggots here.

>> No.10680187

Noone said it was coliforms.

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> Anonymous 05/29/18(Tue)06:54:26 No.10672650▶
fascinating. I discoevered B like 8 years ago, it was a shithole, I moved to pol because it was slightly higherbrow. Have finished at ck simply because I'm a masterchef

>> No.10680227

What's different between the stomach of a persone who, lets say, has been eating street food in mexico all their life compared with a rich person from usa that's always been used to "better" food?

>> No.10681728

Mexican ingredients and street food are extremely fresh you retard. Average American food is much worse

>> No.10681774


No, no, no! There is some evidence (though not definite) for dementia caused by transmission of misfolded amyloid-beta protein via blood/brain matter, but the prion protein responsible for mad-cow disease is a completely different thing entirely, and also causes different and much more severe neurological changes

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>/b/ -> /pol/
Youre missing a few steps. I left /b/ before /new/ was deleted the first time around. /pol/ certainly did become the new /b/ for a while, except they have /ptg/ now instead of chanology to suck in the newfags who think the internet is srs bizness

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