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>pretzel bun

Post other meme foods

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that looks pretty good

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I like pretzel buns :(

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>pretzel bun
>it isn't boiled in lye
Pisses me off every time
I can only find legit pretzels/pretzel buns in meme restaurants that use baking soda to make dark bagels instead of nice super dark and dense pretzels

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you're not allowed to like food on this board

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Actually what I what on my 't 'gs. Mustard, sauerkraut and pastrami if they have it.

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Wtf does meme food even mean?

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Cholula > all

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I would imagine trendy things that hipsters like.

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I don't do pretzel buns but I do pretzel bread with mustard. It's yummy

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Here in germany all bakeries sell Laugenbrötchen. It has always been a standard item.

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wtf is with that insignificant speck of mustard on that brat? that's the real brain teaser right here.

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>>pretzel bun
It's called Laugenstange and very common

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>Gluten free

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>doesn't like Cholula

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It has been a trend in the US for maybe a year and a half. I can tell by that picture that those are better than any I’ve tasted in that time. I miss good German bakers.

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At least it's brown mustard

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look at that post again please
i really hate calling people new.

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I've only been here a few days I really hope I'm not messing up any of these sub boards or what every they are called

The format of this site is very confusing to me but I hope I fit in here.

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At least they're honest

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i see where this is going

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>I need the sauce drenching the food or else I can't taste it

This is why you Americans are fat.

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My aunt was into pretzel meme shit for 2 years. She used to give me cool shit like home made fish spread, but then she started doing pretzel everything
she's better now. and hot, at least 7/10, god I want to fuck her

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does she have big tatas?
if she does post pics, post pics if she doesn't have massive hangers anyways

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Tapatio shouldn't be on there. And Cholua is flavorless garbage I never got the hype

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I wish i could fuck ur aunt and force u to watch. Id the. Of course cum and let u eat it. Post her feet too plz

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Pretzel buns are pretty good honestly.

Now brioche buns? Keep your sweet bullshit away from my fucking sandwich

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Calling flavored mayo "aioli"
I swear if I see "garlic aioli" on another menu I will shoot up the place. Aioli is always made with garlic you dumb fucks

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>drinking chicken broth out of the carton

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4chan is the board while /CK/ is the sub-chan
Don't give up, at least you learned how to reply

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Actual meme food coming through

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that stuff is supposedly good for you, though I've never had it

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>liking mayo
>shooting places
you must be w***e

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Tapatio is for contrarian losers who "think cholula is flavorless" or "doesn't have enough heat"

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I'm the same nationality as you, anon, and you're right, I'm a fat slob.

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10 hours and i still havent seen dem tids
atleast post her feet

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I like it on tortilla chips

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Is boy-ar-Dee ravioli a meme yet?

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no harm done friend, im sure you'll adjust just fine : D

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le hairy wojak soy meme XD

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Post pics my dude

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pretzel rolls have been around in the US for much longer than a year and a half. shit, nigga, you can buy them at Aldi.

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Tapatio is godlike, you edit it out this instant

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>t.onion friend

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It's probably really good when done properly but I'm getting tired of all these places doing their own take on it

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pretzel buns are ok but like most pretzels that aren't from philadelphia are either too soft or its like biting into a couch cushion

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What the fuck are you putting in your mustard that would make you fat? Jesus, you people really know nothing about food

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Mustard seeds full of oil, maybe?
Plus a lot of brands drown it in oil and sugar

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They've been popular for far longer than that.

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mexican't here cholula tastes like nothing fools

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>deconstructed anything

fuck this meme, fuck the 80s

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aardvark just tastes like a chunkier yet more watery valentina. Not worth the outrageous price.

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