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R8 my breakfast

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It looks very good, bro!

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Looks exquisite otherwise, but I myself would have drained some of the broth.

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looks really good op i would eat it if i were you

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nice samfag buddy, but looks really good I would eat it

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What is this

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Ramen is just a hair above garbage.

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/ck/ in a nutshell

>anon makes some ultra low tier garbage food
Well done anon! 8/10 would eat, etc.

>famous chef makes quality food
Disgusting! >not using meme X. He's a fraud! Wouldn't feed that to my dog!

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>that 21yo pretentious elitist boomer pretending not to like ramen
your facade is absolutely pathetic

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Thanks for the positive feedback friends!
I also dropped an egg in there but because it was the kind of instant ramen that's made with hot water rather than on a job most of the egg stayed raw hahaha

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>muh buutiful brekfest

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>you post shit everyone likes and eats on a daily basis
good shit
>you post some pretentious shit that you spent hours making and recive actual criticism from people who at least pretend to know their shit

I don't see the problem you seem to see.

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>fast food and ramen enthusiast answers
>muh bottom tier food
>that everyone likes
kek, where you live maybe.
No shit you don't see a problem. You'd probably gulp up gutter oil like it was chocolate milk too.

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Are you one of those people who doesn't use a microwave oven because you consider it to be too pleb?

Why don't you post the gourmet food you eat on a daily basis so we can all laugh at you and tell you how you can't even prepare your food properly.

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I made this the other day. What do you think?

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>Are you one of those people who doesn't use a microwave oven because you consider it to be too pleb?
Yes, absolutely.
Why are you even here if you hate good food? Was /b/ too fast to for you to keep up with? Or do you just like to pleb up places with your existence?

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The problem with you is that you assume people are your enemies if they don't pat you on the back first thing when they meet you.
You are assuming something over me which isn't true.
>too afraid to actually post a dish

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>that 19yo boomer who goes on the internet pretending to not use a microwave

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>too afraid to actually post a dish
I've posted dishes before, got nothing but good replies, which obviously means nothing. But I'm not posting shit now for you. You're trying to make it about me, and that isn't what this was about, dip. It's about your plebian taste in foods, and being proud of it. My food has nothing to do with it. But nice try anyway.

>The problem with you is that you assume people are your enemies
kek, going into full fantasy mode now just to have an argument? I don't need pats on the back. I'm just laughing at the ridiculous contradictions and the crazy ways you're defending it.

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I don't. It's not my problem if you don't believe it, but I really don't need it. Heating up in an oven or steamer works fine.

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Are you like a legit black person of have you come here from reddit?

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OP back here again

R8 our lunch

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Porridge is the only worthwhile breakfast

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>being this retarded and falling for obvious bait

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If you want be hungry after 10 minutes while not reciving any useful calories it's pretty good yeah.

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What is wrong with a microwave though?
Isn't this just some elitist mumbo jumbo which has no actual basis on reality?
Do you even know how a microwave oven functions?

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There's a reason microwaves were forbidden in the Soviet union, my friend

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I'll give you credit for this, but it still wasn't enough to warrant an actual reply.

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shut the fuck up samefags
pretty nice though op

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wifey material!

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i fuckin lvoe gerkins

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Here's mine

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my nigga

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>mister donut
How many old American chains ended up in Japan? There's that one and Big Boy.

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OP here back in action again, r8 my dinner

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