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is there a greater sin?

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Yeah, you could be doing that shit on a paper plate.

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What? Windows 7 is best Windows!

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Costco glasses?

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those laptops

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>Alienware gaming laptop

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good eye, fa/g/got.

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>is there a greater sin?
You still living.

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I'll eat hot dogs and burgers on bread at home. Who gives a shit?

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There is nothing wrong with incest as long as both parties are adults and it is consensual.

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I don't think God would class that as gluttony unless you are going to eat both yourself.

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No. Overcooking a burger like that is unforgivable.

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Sex is for procreation. Incestuous sex for procreation creates retards, and purely recreational incestuous sex is absolutely degenerate

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Had a nice pinkish burger today, would recommend.

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>Sex is for procreation. Incestuous sex for procreation creates retards

So, like you.

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Sex is for procreation, but can also be done for the fun of it.

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Yes, there is.

I wash it down with a nice glass of half and half, sinning exponentially.

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>eating the bread heel
Fucking disgusting.

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>Sex is for procreation.
Naw, that's just a consequence of getting carried away with it.

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tru, sex is for fun, god knew this so he turned it into a method of reproduction, so even more people could have fun. I'm not buying that though, which Is why I only bang girly boys.

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Check out the virgin giving a lecture on sex.

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It wasn't too long ago that I was stealing frozen burgers and bread, I've been there. Syrup and cheap garlic toast everyday, I don't know how I ever made it out but man I can feel for you.

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