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>Rarefags will defend this

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>freaks will use that as a fleshlight

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I want that done to my butthole.

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what was the point of this?
where's the video?

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I hope they have fun explaining how they got mad cow disease via their dick.

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I can't post it on here. But it's from a facebook page called Heft.co

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Is this a tutorial for an onahole?

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It's basically a steak stuffed with red bell pepper, onion, and cheese.

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Looks shit..much better if they add mushrooms or so

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nobody cares that you like mushrooms

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Fuck you, mushrooms are GVOAT

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But it's not rare, it's raw. Further cooking will likely apply. If temped correctly blue fags may defend, but rare fags like me enjoy rare stake, not raw.

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>that filename
Patrician taste lad.

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Is this a reverse sear?
I've heard a lot about it but never seen one till now.

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looks good OP

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For the hundredth time you faggots, human beings are designed to EAT RAW MEAT.

You can eat pork raw. You can eat beef raw. You can eat chicken raw. You can eat turkey raw. You can eat humans raw.

Kids, a million years ago there were no Starbucks and Walmarts around. We are animals. Your body is built to process meat as if you were chewing on a freshly killed carcass because we are animals.

The cooking part came much later with homo sapiens when we developed fire, and after that we insisted on cooking meat because it tasted nicer. We only worked out it was safer to cook meat because it prevented disease and killed parasites about a few generations ago.

So stop being such FAGGOTS and stop burning your meat and killing is flavor and be proud to eat your meat raw.

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>For the hundredth time you faggots, human beings are designed to EAT RAW MEAT.
>You can eat pork raw. You can eat beef raw. You can eat chicken raw. You can eat turkey raw.
Our ancestors didn't invent cooking for nothing, worm parasite.
>You can eat humans raw.

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How the fuck do yall cook a porterhouse correctly?

I bought one the other day, dried it off with paper towels, salt pepper, throw it in a hot cast iron pan with some soybean oil, a few min on each side. Basically flipping it when it looked nice and brown but the meat near the bone never got as brown and was easily 7 degrees cooler than the the outside of the steak.

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Bone-in steaks go on the grill. The bone prevents the meat from sitting flat, full contact, in a pan and thus they don't get heated as evenly. Adding a lot of extra oil can help but it's still not as good as on a grill.

Boneless steaks? Pan.

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>be >>10793825
>go to chilis
>order sirloin
>mom interupts "make it well done please"
>steak arrives
>let it cool down honey
>cuts it for me
>later that night step dad fucks mommy and gets std
>mad cow disease

youre fucking retarded

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any bone-in meat takes longer to cook than its counterpart. how do you not know this

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>I only eat rare because anything beyond "fucking raw" is absolutely ruining the cut of meat!

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We can't eat all meat raw. We can eat some meats and most fish raw, but that's about it. We lack the teeth of true carnivores like wolfes and we lack the intestinal bacteria of carrions like hyenas.

Just as we humans can't survive without clothes, we can also not survive without means to prepare our food. Well, unless you're living in an island paradise of eternal spring or something.

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>t. food borne pathogen
nice try, assface

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Ironic, considering you're probably the kind of manchild who screams and cries about a certain food being "ruined" when it becomes popular with "soyboys".

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>the entirety of human civilization decided to cook meat purely based on flavor, even without the knowledge that it makes it safer to consume
>we should eat raw meat because it tastes better and muh appeal to nature xDD

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>Raw beef
Probably fine
>Raw pork
Decent chance of disease/parasites
>Raw chicken
Decent chance of disease
>Raw turkey
Decent chance of disease
>Raw human
Decent chance of shakes

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>pat dry with paper toel
>put kosher salt on both sides and rub it in rub it in
>put in fridge overnight or up to 3 days
>take out about 20-30 mins before cooking
>surface will be super dry(and heres why thats good)
>preheat broil and set rack 4 inches under it
> rub high smoke point oil( canola or grapeseed)
>put steak in 2-3 mins on each side
>take out
>heat up pan
>throw in 2 tablespoons of butter
>garlic and thyme and freshly crushed pepper in butter
>set pan to low flame
>baste steak in butter sauce until desired doneness(check with instant read digital thermometer)
i know this takes some time but its worth it especially if you dont eat steak that often
buy a good cut like ribeye or nystrip or tenderloin
Youre a fucking faggot for calling it porterhouse
and as always... enjoy


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I appreciate that filename.

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>How incels think vaginas work

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>denying pure science and fact like a typical, overused roastie

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>The cooking part came much later with homo sapiens when we developed fire, and after that we insisted on cooking meat because it tasted nicer. We only worked out it was safer to cook meat because it prevented disease and killed parasites about a few generations ago.
Literally every word in this section is wrong.

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tbf the allergy part is true

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you hafta cook it on a grill

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unironically love the song

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But that's not rare

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That v better not be for vegetable.

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but why?

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Video cuts out... in the original they go on to stuff the cooked now-inside with onion, pepper, mozzarella and bacon, then rub the now raw outside with seasoning and bake it.

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Would you like it if a bunch of neo-nazis started liking things you like?

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Then that means their vag is good af after a few dicks in, but more than a few and its too much. Noone wants an empty shell when they asked for a good taco.

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Why are people so into eating their meat fucking raw these days anyway? I see it everywhere more and more and it baffles me. What happened to the days of having your steak a good ol' medium rare? And don't even get me started on what people are doing to their burger patties these days

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That's some good looking carpaccio

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Would you like it if your wife got fucked by a large team of black people?

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Yes because I’m not a racist. Diversity is out strength in Canada.

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I wouldn't care, why would would you?

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*breaths in for eternity*

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do you think he was being serious?

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Fuck off back to l.eddit.

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I personally like my chick pea steaks well done (not a lot of blood in peas hehe so you can't really tell if it's cooked or not!)
>sorry carnist, did I offend you?
Yeah you heard me, that means I'm a VEGAN. Wow so shocking fuck you all

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humans have evolved around our ability to cook hope that helps

why we have such delicate teeth guts and buttholes compared to other species

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XD epic trole my dude

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tell me more
I have several allergies and intolerances and very little will to live

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Excuse me, let me show you how to cook a steak.

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>here comes the cheeeese!
Fuck off, Buzzfeed, you fucking children.

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Sorry, perhaps something done by a master?

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Are those kraft singles?

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>welldone fags are offended by this

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>processed "cheese" slices and raw asparagus with the woody ends still attached
pick one, retard

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>meat near the filling still raw
>not resting it before cutting into it in order to help redistribute juices and keep them from leaking out
It would have been cool if the end product was actually good after all the show boating. This dipshit is squeezing out flavor that could have been in your mouth. It's literally pouring out of the meat. Trash.

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The first one you mentioned was my thought. Sear it at least

>> No.10803678

based elbow salt roach

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>scalding yellow goo
>absurd 50# log biscuit cutting board
>black nitrile gloves
>sets his knife down with the blade toward body
>How to not do everything

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>people still falling for the resting meme
Pathetic. There isn't one shred of evidence for this "juice redistribution" bullshit or any reasons people say to rest meat. Eating the meat sooner will preserve the crust of the sear better and all of those juices will still be present. Stop spreading this decades-old shitpost.

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>there's isn't one shred of evidence
citation needed

>> No.10804040

>he doesn't even understand the concept of carryover
LOL, too poor to afford a thermometer to test it for yourself? pathetic

>> No.10804044

There isn't any carry over if you just fucking eat it right away.

>> No.10804046

>he still had no idea what he's talking about
why are you so stupid?

>> No.10804047

It's not a scholarly journal, but it's well researched and laid out and should hold authority to anyone with an iota of intelligence. There are other similar articles on the subject.

By the time you've plated the damn steak your carryover time is complete. If you're intentionally sitting there and letting your steak rest for upwards of 10 minutes then you're just letting it get cold, you fucking moron.

>> No.10804054

typical american, no wonder you don't care about resting- you just drown it in ice cold ketchup from the fridge

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Okay but we aren't talking about ribs or BBQ like your link, we are talking about a steak. Let's keep it apples to apples here please

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>letting it get cold
ask me how I know you've never cooked before in your life.
>he thinks ribs are the same as a steak
holy shit dude you're so stupid you don't even know how stupid you are.

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Congratulations on not even attempting to read the article. Thanks for the bait, faggots.

>> No.10804079

>he thinks all meats respond the same way as rib meat
You know there's other parts of the cows besides ribs and other meats beside beef right?

>> No.10804081

Wait, eating human raw comes with shakes?
Fucking sweet.

>> No.10804086

Did you morons even click the link? The article mainly discusses STEAK, and red meat in general, and outlines specifically why resting STEAKS is not a great idea, but I guess since the link says ribs it must only be about ribs, right? Fucking mongoloids.

>> No.10804087

I think he meant fucking the steak.
It's impossible too but fuck, you made up that shitty joke just to fit. What the fuck is wrong with you.

>> No.10804092

>he doesn't understand capillary action
oh anon you poor thing

>> No.10804103

>from the article: sous vide pulls out more water
stopped reading right there. this man has either never used a sous vide machine in his life or he doesn't know how to use it. it is literally impossible for properly cooked low temp sous vide to pull out more juice than a grilled piece of meat. literally every sous vide video on the internet shows how little juice is lost.

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I like Israel and blacks though

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That's where you're wrong, friendo. The first run is the basic taco, which is glorious. After that, every dickening takes some magic away.

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>You can eat chicken raw
And then I can get salmonella.

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We also evolved with no medical care. Back when we were living the way we were "designed" for, once you broke a bone you were basically dead. We ate all kinds of filthy shit, it made us sick, and then we died at age 30 from all the fucked up shit we had to do.

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>that's a good thing, and here's why

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t. home schooled by evangelicals

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i thought for sure he was gonna stick his dick in it

>> No.10806116

actually there's evidence that cooking meat allowed our brains to develop into what they are now

>> No.10806129

the cutting board is pretty sweet honestly

>> No.10806132

maybe aesthetically but certainly not in any other way

>> No.10806239

That board weighs 30x more than your average board and is a pain in the ass to clean. No thank you.

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>a leaf

>> No.10806488

I'm assuming this is bait but just on the off chance that you actually believe the retardation coming from your own mouth, let me educate you a little.
We didn't invent cooking "because it tasted good". Cooked food "tasted good" as a side product of natural selection. You see, there would be 2 types of homos. Ones that found cooked food tasty and those who didn't find any difference and ate their raw meat anyways.
Can you guess which died out more often?
The ones who found it tasty actually experienced many more benefits because cooking breaks down complex molecules in the food, even shit that's poisonous to us, and turns it into things that we can easily digest. Not only that, but since half the work breaking down the food is already done for us, we can eat the food and reap the nutrient benefits.
Why do you thing a raw potato tastes like shit while a cooked potato is heavenly?

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Wow no wonder you Americans don't understand evolution. Is that seriously how it's taught over there??

>> No.10806514

only in cali

>> No.10806517

In the serious hick flyover country, yes.

California is hyper liberal and doesn't get the evangelical Christian type material.

>> No.10806523

>Kids, a million years ago there were no Starbucks and Walmarts around. We are animals. Your body is built to process meat as if you were chewing on a freshly killed carcass because we are animals.
>The cooking part came much later with homo sapiens when we developed fire, and after that we insisted on cooking meat because it tasted nicer.
What if we mainly scavenged meat after forest fires? That could be why we have a taste for smoked meats.

>> No.10806535

Smoked meats is a later thing that had to do with early food preservation in caves near smoky fires. The people who could deal with the smoky tasting meat that dried up over the fire lived longer than those that did not.

>> No.10806698

forgot to sit. gotta raise core to room tempearture for 30 min, can';t cook straight from fridge

>> No.10807112

this. other primates are observed as spending up to 12 hours/day just chewing their food. cooking softens a lot of tough foods

>> No.10807189

Humans have been eating cooked meat for 2 million years and its gotten to the point our jaws and stomachs are way too weak to handle raw meat

>> No.10807200

Those primates are chewing leaves or pith for hours.

>> No.10807280

Also having the biological resistance to withstand raw meat is a costly trait so it would be selected against when there are less costly alternatives

>> No.10807472

Most school systems in the south require science classes to teach biblical creationism as a coequal theory with evolution in science class. It's one reason the south ranks so negatively in any category you care to name. Evangelicals are literally coequal with Taliban tier muslims, but they're somewhat restrained by the consitution.

>> No.10807491

this is absolute bullshit
the south ranks poorly because of niggers

>> No.10807492

>Most school systems in the south require science classes to teach biblical creationism as a coequal theory with evolution in science class.
This is completely false. Some districts allow it to be taught but it is not even a majority.

>> No.10807494

cut the webm to 0:07

>> No.10807505

Hey brainlet, mushrooms are considered vegetables in a culinary sense the same way tomatoes are. Does your grocery store have a fungus aisle, motherfucker?

>> No.10807522

utter bullshit.

I went to several schools in the south, and not a single one taught creationism, or had any kind of a "prayer" or anything even remotely religious. We did discuss religion at one point in my AP history class, though we discussed several major ones. As I recall we didn't even discuss Christianity at all, but we did cover buddhism, hinduism, and islam.

I wouldn't doubt there's some tiny backwoods shithole that teaches literal creationism but it would be the exception rather than the rule.

>> No.10807523

This. It's like how autists will rant about "Tomato is a fruit!" but I don't see you putting tomato into a fruit salad, making tomato pies, or getting a tomato slushie at 7-11.

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>his grocer doesn't have a dedicated fungi isle next to the fully-stocked vegan meats isle

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>Vegan meats
Ever read the ingredient label for "vegan meats"?

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yeah, have you?

>> No.10807726

Fact: The evangelical movement is majority concentrated on the coasts in major urban centers.

stop being an uninformed brainlet lol

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>butthurt evangelical south idf
Holy shit, the cancer is even spreading to the north! Emergency surgery followed up with a cleansing round of chemo for evangelicals prescribed before we turn into a christian sharia styled nation.

>> No.10807915

*i'm not a /pol/tard so I source, just forgot it


>> No.10807922

you cook then rest then sear again immediately before serving, welcome to every steakhouse in the fucking world

>> No.10807926

but I thought the midwest was supposed to be all full of euphoric STEM types

you're obviously trolling or insane

>> No.10807934

Next you should look up the definitions of PERMITS and REQUIRES, then lets continue this conversation.

>> No.10807939

>turn into
Dude, presidents have been throwing out "God" in speeches and interviews since the dawn of time. The AG just cited the bible to defend the retarded immigration laws.

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>Fake beef broth and fake worcestershire sauce goes into the fake meat

>> No.10807956

Not a thread of fact in your statement and everyone knows it's the south and midwest. Can't even tell what form of cuck you are, because the alt-right embraces southern evangelicals.

>> No.10807990

except when the recipe is done it's basically medium well???

>> No.10808099

I wrote my dissertation on the evangelical movement sorry for shattering your false world view.

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>serving size: 1/2 steak
>amount per serving: sodium 1180mg
>therefore, sodium per steak is 2360mg

what the fug

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>Prune slushie
>Avocado fruit salad
The reason why nobody makes tomato pies or slushies is because they'd be disgusting to the majority of people, brainlet.

>> No.10808698

So you're saying that it makes more sense to classify food by it's use and flavor profiles rather than by the nature of how it's grown.
I'm glad we agree.

>> No.10808867

How do we access it? What are some sources that back your thesis? Where can we read evidence supporting your claim? Oh, your bathroom toilet paper roll, thought so. Toodle-ooh, faggot.

>> No.10808923

You sound really mad dude.

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>> No.10810345

no . . . no it is not. I am just going to guess this is a joke? If not, you place it in a oven at a very low temp till steak is at safe temp, after this you pan fry it around one min each side.

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Found your jewtube channel.

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>tfw babby's first screencap
How'd I do lads?

>> No.10812132

gonna post that to /r/4chan now faggot?

>> No.10812176

>t. >>10796219

>> No.10812240

You know a porterhouse is an actual part of a primal right? Like actually different part of the animal from the t bone. It's farther back on the primal when the primal is being cut.

>> No.10812300

Fuck off retard. This wasn't anywhere near a good thread to screencap, it's just an average thread where people on /ck/ go "WOW I CAN'T BELIEVE PEOOLE ARE DOING THIS" when literally no one is doing that, and also some retard screeching about evangelicals.

>> No.10812307

Wasted time/10

>> No.10812753


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