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whats /ck/'s favorite pizza

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al tonno

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like business/company or pizza flavor/toppings?

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PS I'm italian

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pepperoni and green bell pepper OR
italian sausage and onion

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for me its topo gigio. the best mouse based arcade pizzeria

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This is what my gf and I order when she comes over to watch films and stuff.

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Who pays?

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Is there really a difference between pineapple and extra pineapple?

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anything other than pepperoni

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>not homecooked

never gonna make it

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Pussy pizza

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Me. I pay for everything in our relationship. Apparently it's reparations on behalf of the patriarchy.

Not really, although one does have slightly more pineapple, but you might find that would usually be the case with any two pineapple pizzas anyway.

I quite like homecooked, but my normie oven only goes up to about 250C. If we're she is offered the choice between a chain pizza place, and a local independent place, we're eating at Pizza Hut every time.

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250c is enough

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this local pizza place makes a sicilian with a butter garlic sauce, a bunch of cheeses i forget all of them but romano is on it, ham, sausage, tomato chunks, artichoke hearts, and thin red onions that get blackened and sweet and crunchy..they stopped delivering so if we wanted one i'd have to go pick it up and i gave up my driving license and after like a year of asking if anyone else wanted to go get one whenever we were looking for takeout or delivery..i find out i'm the only one here who liked it..sonofabitch.

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Kebab pizza with fries, lettuce and garlic dressing

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This looks like some sort of really bad pizza from Scandinavia

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You are correct

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I'm the guy that orders two pineapple pizzas, and even I look down on that monstrosity. That pizza should be rounded up and gassed.

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So.. basically a very large pita

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Food fit for a god!

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White sauce, extra cheese, ricotta or feta, onion, mushroom

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Also on whole wheat crust made with milk. And garlic. And Romano cheese too.

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>Romano cheese

What is this meme cheese? Is it some kind of American thing or something?

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It's pronounced rigott' cheese

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pecorino romano you pleb

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Looks like a rip-off of cheddar, mate.

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It's shorthand for "Pecorino Romano" cheese, which is an Italian brined cheese made with sheep's milk. Technically the western simulations can't use the full name, so they're also just called Romano. That doesn't really matter, because no one wants to type out the weird Italian full name in casual conversation. Just like nobody wants to type out "Parmigiano-Reggiano" every time, regardless of authenticity of the product they're using.

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I was a big fan of Papa Murphy's take-and-bake (any of their pizzas) for a long time but then last year they seem to have switched to lower-quality meats and I stopped buying it. Crust is still good but without high quality meat it's not worth the price.

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If I start eating pizza again it will be something homemade.

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Banana Peppers

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The America’s test kitchen crust recipe was good enough to make again.

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my local place used to do amazing pizzas, no matter what the ingredients but these days, not so much.
stil it has got to be their skagen pizza, it was fucking awesome.
not even sure what was one it except the classics, parmesan,shrimps, apparently some sort of sauce they mage

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also something great was their shrimp pizza with shrimp, avocado,coriander, lime,chili and again, some sort of sauce (mayo like)
>inb4 hipster shit

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Mixed chicken and donner meat.
2x jalapenos.
Onions and peppers.

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why the fuck do people bother posting webms like this if there is no sound.
do I look like a lip reader?

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Yes you kinda do m8

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Meatlovers extra onion extra banana peppers

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>hax u
>turns off your narrator
>turns on your webcam
>bites pizza

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carabonara with extra cream and cheese please!

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For me its the 'go 'za

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I like quite a few toppings.
>black olive
>bell pepper

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Costco pepperoni

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pepporoni ,sausage,and mushroom

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I just finished off an entire most bestest.
Ave, True to Caesar.

But if I were a rich man, Hawaiian.

Yes, you may fight me, brah.

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