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Redpill me on hot dog toaster

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More junk to clutter your kitchen. If you’re going to eat crap like that, don’t proudly advertise it...

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Essential item that should be in every American kitchen.

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put your dick in it

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Shut up. you know In order to have a god tier kitchen to have a specific toasters for every kind of hot sandwich.

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You'd have to be a total hot dog guru for this to be worth the cupboard space

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Maybe theres people out there who are hot dog gurus, but also have a deep secret desire to also be grilled cheese gurus too.

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Boiled dogs are better.

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based and redpilled

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Broil baby broil

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>implying this will be the year

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>implying it would even fit

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I have one installed in the center console of my car AMA

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Cringe and bluepilled

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Back to >>>/tv/ nigger

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Gay and rainbowpilled

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Seems like it'd be a nightmare to clean, weiner grease everywhere.

>> No.10939703

>weiner grease everywhere

come on anon im doing nofap

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Pimp my ride would have put like 3 hot dog toasters in the car and 5 xboxes.

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the best hot dogs i've had were heated on convenience store rollers.

they sit for hours, gently cooking. the skin dries out and gets extra snappy. the inside is succulent. i guess all that fat and gelatin melts evenly distributes through the meat.

worth the hepatitis risk.

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This man knows his tubed meats

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based and redpilled. the only thing that comes even close is when you over cook them in the microwave and the ripples where they split open gets dried out

>> No.10940215

Dont forget about the 200 TV screens as well.

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do you mean you’ve never deep fried a hot dog?

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Literally just use a regular toaster.

Grills can toast bread, sandwiches, hot dogs, and everything you want.

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Agreed, roller dogs are strangely tastety.

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>just use a regular toaster

A hot dog toaster is literally a regular toaster but dynamically engineered for precision dog Toastment. To use anything less should bring great shame and disgrace to your whole family.

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Maybe someone could put their balls where the weiners goes hopefully

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I just fry my Hebrew dogs in a smoking hot pan; when they're just about done, I put the buns (bleached flour) over the dogs to toaste 'em a bit

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