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Guys, is this recipe for Domino's seasoning legit?

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Stop posting

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When I worked there it was just oregano.

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Can I find that on pornhub or what

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I don't know I just saved the image

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Brittany Venti is so stupid. Her and her bf broke up so now she doesn't have anyone to mooch off of. And she got banned off her main platform because she just has to be as retarded and edgy as possible and break the platform rules. Her money is drying up. She has no education or skills. She'll be begging on the streets in a few years.

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What's in the papa john's spice mix?

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is there a video about the break up?

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She has the mouth and teeth of cherry crush

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Ketchup, salt and additional HFCS.

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Are you implying that's a bad thing.
Because it isn't

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Does this mean patreon nudes because if so count me the fuck in

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She'll get enough suckers to support her patreon and make plenty to live off of for a while.

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Its brittany venti on youtube

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Can I be your boyfriend >

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I don't know who she is exactly but within the past couple days I've been seeing her posted on other boards too. Is she shilling herself or getting people to do it for her?

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What the fuck happened? last time I heard of her she was pretending to be retarded on twitch to get donation trolls to give her money

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>pretending to be retarded
yeah, she's uh...pretending

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Idfk , I don't follow her. I just know thye broke up recently and that she relied on him for money.

Not at all. Just that she's stupid

There's already one nude of her out there that I've seen. She's alright if you're into her body type.

She got banned for being a retard.

Also, she's not acting. The "raging gamer girl" is an act. But she dropped that years ago.

Her racism, harassment and other unsavory things are really her. She's /b/ personified.

As far as I'm aware, her history is that Kaceytron got popular on twitch doing a fake gamer girl rage act. So Brittany decided to do it too. But twitch started banning that (not sure what the reason was) so she had to stop doing that. She went to hitbox for a while. Then got unbanned on twitch. But she repeatedly kept doing things to get herself banned- all of which could've been prevented if it wasn't her mission to "trigger" as many people as possible and be an irl edgelord. She was banned 2 or 3 times after the initial ban. Then she went on stream and called Africans dirt eaters and did a bunch of racist shit like make clicking sounds and refer to "African IQ." And twitch permabanned her.

Side note: She also opposes net neutrality even though she makes her living thanks, in part, to it. She's actually retarded.

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>There's already one nude of her out there that I've seen
You can't just say something like that and not post it

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Fuck off back to /b/ with this literal who eceleb gossip shit you underage niggers

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I can't find it now. Her tits are a little saggy. But she's pretty fit looking.

I would actually think she's attractive if she wasn't so dumb.

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>those dead negroid eyes
eeeeeeh. theres far better out there, just sitting at the local gas station bus stop.

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If you're talking about the tit picture with some writing on it, that was fake

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didnt know hammerhead sharks ate vegetables.

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Not even garlic powder?

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Will she then be my gf?

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her boyfriend was 4chad from HWNDU. That's where they met.

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kill yourself brittany.

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