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What is the absolute worst thing you’ve ever eaten?

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chicken foot in butter chicken

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One time, at this \ck meetup
Vegan tendies.
That cunt still can’t walk
Don’t fuck with a flyover

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vegetarian spaghetti
vegan bacon
fat free cheese

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Just celery, by itself.
It tastes like it's not meant to eaten.

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You’re supposed to dip celery in ranch dressing

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I fill the groove in mine with peanut butter

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You don't talk right Mr new fag

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Blue cheese. Also celery is either supposed to be part of a mirepoix or a palate cleanser for buffalo wings. Any other purpose is a misuse of celery.

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Nooo.... Hot mustard

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>Palate cleanser for Buffalo wings
Yeah, high society needs a palate cleanser for wings. You fucking Mong

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I had a Moroccan dish that was beef, yams, and tomatoes with some spices. Sounded good, was the worst thing I ever ate and it stunk up my house for days.

Never befriend a Moroccan.

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The soup of my father. One notable one was onion, string cheese, and expired sausage, using orange juice as a liquid. The orange juice was a mistake; it was fresh squeezed in a clear bottle and he thought it was beef stock. I still remember the sickly sweet flavor as I bit into the half-melted cheesestick. I still don’t eat cheese sticks and that was over 16 years ago.

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>The soup of my father
Did you at least get your daily bread my son?

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>vegetarian spaghetti
all spagheti is vegetarian

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mac and cheese made with vanilla soy milk instead of milk

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and chicken heart

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Deep breath
Get off my Icelandic fiddle tuning message board

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Meatballs/meat sauce.

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Whatya gonna do about it?

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duno, I heard a rumor that a dude chugged his own diarrhea though.

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Rellena, it's like pork blood pudding cooked with chili and spices. It takes a lot of talent to do it right(i.e. the end result is not so primordially repulsive you have to fight to keep it down).

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thats really gross dude.

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>cleansing your palate is high society

How white trash can one poster be?

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Deep fried pork intestine in China. Unlike slow cooked pork intestine, the deep fried kind really tastes like you're eating a pigs ass.

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black olives

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Moroccans are just things with an rat like intelect in a vaguely human shape. The real OG subhumans.
Was your father an alcoholic or a methhead or something?

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You're insane. Blood pudding in all its forms is amazingly delicious. You're just pansies

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Imo's pizza in St Louis

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Is this you?

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It really is fucking awful. And I love almost all styles of American pizza, even the chain-style shit like Little Caesars. But St. Louis style is just inedible.

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As far as disappointment goes over plain disgusting, I had spaghetti bolognese in an Italian restaurant (run by some Portuguese) and the sauce had a huge amount of balsamic vinegar in it.

Like I have no idea how you could put that much vinegar in something and OK it as fit for human consumption.

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garlic knots, cheese platter. not a fan of garlic, and only recently learned i was lactose intolerant. barfed the first time i tried bell peppers.

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Vegetarian spaghetti is fine, there are plenty of decent pasta dishes that don't include meat.

Vegan spaghetti though (no egg) is a different story. Throws off the texture/taste plus there tends to be a lotta restrictions on what can be in the sauce.

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Most storebought pasta doesn't have egg in it, it's just flour and water

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American food

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Bitter melon or chicken feet.

I can't decide because i ate them both at the same meal.

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I guess I just don't understand how chicken feet could be made to taste bad.

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It was more of i wasn't warned before hand what i was getting into. It didn't taste bad it was just wrong on all the levels.

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Pic related. I made both 40 mins ago, I forgot to put butter in the pan with the eggs and burnt the bacon.

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Хoлoдeц (Russian aspic). Can't stand it for some reason.

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Fried tofu, I couldn't even bite through it before I threw it up.

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>namefag disgusted with completely benign foods

really jogs the ol noggin

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lol what the fuck? it has such a mild, inoffensive taste. garunteed you already decided you hated it before you tried it, unless it was literally rotten.

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>garunteed you already decided you hated it before you tried it
Learn to read anon, I just said I threw it up which if you're not a retard can infer that I put it in my mouth.

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shut the fuck up, that shit is tasty (although not that healthy to eat)

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>be me few years ago
>be done with workout
>thirsty af, grab box of pineapple juice and drink half of it on the spot
>take rest upstairs
>pour some in a glass and its fucking brown
>turns out the juice was expired by 3 years

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No one is going to acknowledge how funny this retort was?

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And that doesn’t contradict what I said at all. Nice reading comprehension.

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i'm sure he read just fine

it is possible to decide you hate something before putting it in your mouth

why do really stupid people like you exist

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It's 2018, that hasn't been a legitimate insult in nearly 50 years. Plenty of good quisine and food diversity now.

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My dads cum.

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Isn't that meat jelly or something like that?

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It was OK. But not that good. An obvious reference that most people wouldn't have bothered with. But not so bad that it's worth insulting someone for. It got exactly the recognition it deserved. None.

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cupful of puke
thanks to my insane mental case of a mom

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w-what is that, anon? is that oatmeal...?

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Oyster sandwich that gave me moderate Vibrio poisoning I think. Was very sick. In terms of pure bad taste a tie between artificial tasting lemon croissants at a cheap hotel continental buffet breakfast in Genoa, Italy and these chicken sandwiches with gobs of orange mayo they served us after visiting Auschwitz. THAT was punishment!

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Oh and I've drank my own piss before on hallucinogens a few times and that was pretty nasty.

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Pizza made by sandniggers

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>an rat like intelect

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I'm gay and Jewish and I voted Trump. You don't have to be an idealistically bigoted full retard to appreciate the man's forthrightness.

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I can agree with this, although properly prepared chicken feet smells amazing.

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>gay jewish
just like cheeto hitler

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>I'm gay and Jewish
um don't you know trump literally wants to put you into a death camp?

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tartare de boeuf, but the same thing from another restaurant was mind-blowing

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>misuse of celery
I hate this fucking place.

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I like the idea of amending the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include a ban of discrimination based on sexual orientation. It would be simple. It would be straightforward. We don’t need to rewrite the laws currently on the books, although I do think we need to address hate-crimes legislation. But amending the Civil Rights Act would grant the same protection to gay people that we give to other Americans — it’s only fair.

-Donald Trump

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>a few times

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Yup. Problem, officer?

>> No.10992121

Raw vagina? It's good if cooked though

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Korean blood soup. It tasted fine very spicy with bean sprouts but there was a huge chunk of coagulated blood in it that had pock marks kind of like swiss cheese that just nauseated me for some reason.

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>for some reason

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How do they fuck up pizza?

For me probably chocolate covered grasshopper. Didn’t taste bad really but the legs got caught in the back of my throat for what fwmelt like days. It’s like having a hair there, but it wouldn’t go away. That sucked ass.

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In Poland I saw an ad at a Target-like store for pizza with ketchup as the sauce.

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Been there dude.
Moms be crazy, yo.

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Toast Hawai

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i fucked some girls ass with my tongue about 3 months ago and she relaxed and shit in my mouth. luckily it was hard little pellets like a goat and not the watery diahhrea

needless to say it tasted bad.

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>egg-noodle spaghetti

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>deep fried pork intestine

huh. it's one of my favorite dishes of all time.

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a few weeks ago I went to this hipster bar where they had random local musicians playing. it was not my choice to go there. Anyway I thought I was playing it safe by ordering a grilled cheese with my beer. bartender told me they only had rye bread and I like rye so I said fine. get sandwich and the bread looks disgusting and tastes even worse. the cheese was not melted whatsoever, and was a terrible choice for a grilled cheese. 0 out of 10. also it was 8 bucks for the beer and 6 for the sandwich. never going back.

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A man!

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what's wrong with that stuff?

>> No.10993314

I mean in most cases if the word gelatin is meat jello yes

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When I was in korea in the early 80's before they got the american chains over there the only pizza you could find even in Seoul was at the 8th us army snack bar manned by korean nationals and it had ketchup as the sauce. It was beyond disgusting.

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Sushi, Spicy tuna roll specifically. Eel wasn't bad. The texture of that damn thing was too much, not to mention it was starting to reach room temp. Still choked it down, but I've almost never had a eating experience that was worse.

>> No.10993643

I genuinely can not comprehend why someone would do something like this as someone who's done acid a total of 1 time

>> No.10993712

Either my dads mystery soup, or hospital food.

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Ex girlfriend had a scat fetish, once made me eat shit from her other lovers ass. Shit was nasty, still dry heave thinking about it.

>> No.10993750

Celery is basically a vehicle for whatever sauce you want to eat.

>> No.10994645

Raw pine nuts. I distinctly remember they tasted bitter as shit, and tainted my tastebuds for a whole week. Still don't know what the fuck happened though, I later tried them again and didn't taste half as bad as I remembered.

>> No.10994657

dirty bong water

both accidentally

>> No.10994668

A sub from a party store that - under previous owners - made godly pizza. Literally threw it out. Drove past recently and the place was gone and torn down. Good riddance.

>> No.10994674

just salt it

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>grammatical error in a thread that's on topic
You okay, snowflake?

>> No.10994796

use processed cheese is the big one, but the sauce sucks and the crust is like a cracker

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Liver. Was at a friend's house and he offered me some liver. Didn't look too appetizing, but I was hungry, so I took some.

>> No.10995565

eskimo pussy, and it wasn't mighty cold. It was a few hours later.

>> No.10995571

did you kill that poor eskimo girl?

>> No.10995576

ur moms pusy ;^)

>> No.10995578

Poor thing, I kicked her out of the igloo and a polar bear caught her scent, probably thought she was a rotten salmon.

>> No.10995585

was it a rotten salmon?

>> No.10995594

nah, it was just eskimo pussy.

>> No.10995607

oh yeah. mighty cold

>> No.10995640

mmm.... good

>> No.10995649

i got a bro that mouthfucked a dead salmon no shit

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how'd he like it?

>> No.10995698

he probably likrd it but was the strangest fucker ever all time

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I bought swiss daiya cheese slices out of curiosity and they were nightmarish. Texture of damp wet garbage with a flavor to match. Never again.

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I like your duck pic though. here's another 4 u

>> No.10995738

Wasabi KitKat

>> No.10995753

your mom's filthy snatch

>> No.10995806

It gets you high again for a bit.

>> No.10995813

One time I got a pizza with garlic and pesto as a base sauce, and base cheeses of feta and gorgonzola. All those strong flavors at once were TOO MUCH. I couldn't even finish it.

>> No.10995821

Human feces

>> No.10995825

Based human feces poster.

>> No.10995845

the food? nothing. It's processed food, the last thing I was expecting was a disgusting fucking chicken foot.

>> No.10995863

>other lover

>> No.10996218

my mother's chicken which is essentially sprinkling some season salt and pepper on it and nothing else i fucking hate people that try to do that to perfectly good meat.
that and some very very bland steamed squash that i had while i was in the hospital and they put no seasoning up there what so ever

>> No.10996227

Made me snort audibly

>> No.10996321

I unironically do this sometimes. To each their own I suppose

>> No.10996328

>good taste in anything

What the fuck were you expecting?

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Was sleeping over at my best friend's house in high school and his mother made lamb.
I was a picky eater back then and always dreaded dinners at his house, but this one really took the cake.
I've always liked lamb but she managed to somehow fuck it up above and beyond what I would have thought possible. It smelled and (I assume) tasted like dry, compacted dog shit with a clove/allspice aftertaste. Seriously, when we came upstairs after being called for dinner it literally smelled like their dog had shat in a pot and she'd boiled it with spices, the aroma was overpowering. I couldn't choke down a single bite, had to spit it out.
Thankfully on this one occasion we had been allowed to eat downstairs in the TV room so my friend's mum didn't have to see it. Friend finished my portion for me and I went out and bought food at 7/11 later that night.

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My Grandmother makes very nice okra

>> No.10996443

>eggs are scrambled but the yellows and whites are completely separated
How does anyone fail at eggs this bad?

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>> No.10996457

It tastes like bloody piss, not in the British slang sense, and I'm open minded about food (I like blood sausage well enough)

>> No.10996460


>> No.10996466

You obviously don't know what you're talking about. Piss has a huge range of very different flavours depending on health and diet. Saying that something tastes "like piss" is effectively meaningless.

>> No.10996479

In Delhi there's this plant-based mouth refreshener thing the vendors can set on fire and pop into your mouth. I forget what it's called. But I tried it. It was not refreshing for me.

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Steak rare

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File: 58 KB, 900x878, autism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking newfag retards learn how to shitpost properly or get the fuck back to 9gag.

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In Morocco I had some fucking disgusting meat gelatin that had a chopped up bull's tongue in it from a bullfight, and the skull had been candied with white chocolate. It was awful.

>> No.10997259

An all around disgusting meal in Bangkok on a restaurant that we were """recommended""" by the hotel staff.

First there was a salad that was literally unwashed. I got earth and sand in my mouth trying to eat it. Following that there were "Baby Shrimp Balls". This was literally 99% shrimp shells mashed into a meatball like form. The baby shrimp contained no meat and thus it was like eating the leftover shells from a shrimp meal. Horrible.

The final dish was an extremely slimy and disgusting fish soup. It was not spicy at all, more like a weak fish broth with palm leaves and pieces of unappetizing, slimy, unevenly sized pieces of fish floating around inside.

Other than that the food in Bangkok was excellent. Lesson learned, dont listen to local recommendations because they will just send you to a place that gives them a cut for luring in customers.

>> No.10997837

I did befriend one and he had me taste an avocado and milk beverage. Never befriend a moroccan.

>> No.10997889

He was probably eating it with cooking oil taken from the sewers. Hence the ass taste.

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>be me
>roommate makes dinner as a nice gesture
>told it would be fantastic, gets me super hyped
>it's been 2.5 hours of them in the kitchen
>must be fancy
>stomach is rumbling something aweful, extreme hunger pain
>dinner is done finally
>they're super proud of it and happy to make food for me
>it's undercooked porkchops, lathered in a lot of onion and lemon juice and covered in Hollandaise sauce
>I do my best to choke it down but it's just so sour I can't swallow without gagging
>I get through two bites before telling them it was just really sour and I really couldn't eat it anymore
>they're upset

>> No.10997938

Explain anon

>> No.10997947


>> No.10997969

Eggs cooked in bacon fat. So, this one mf cooks 2lbs of bacon, leaves like a 2 inch puddle of fat in the pan, then cooks scrambled eggs in it. Half of the mass must have been just pure bacon fat. Even the dog wouldn't eat it.

>> No.10998002

>undercooked pork
i bet you think that pork should be well done
>too much lemon, to an inedible extent
literally impossible, harden up

>> No.10998014

That's actually delicious

>> No.10998033

Do you rock your tapeworms to sleep or do the E. coli sing them a lullaby? Of course I don't eat raw pork.
Also, mixing one or two whole onions with a lot of lemon juice is absolutely disgusting.

>> No.10998044

No one gets fucked with a tongue.

>> No.10998047

>Even the dog wouldn't eat it.
Good thing to, or else you'd be following him around with paper towels all day.

>> No.10998055

Pork can be safely eaten at 130 degrees. The "cook all pork well done" is yet another wives tale we were told as children. You can eat medium pork chops all day long and be fine, same as beef.

>> No.10998066

lean pork should be pink, med rare
look it up
leave the 1950s alarmism at the door with your aspic and overcooked vegetables with no seasoning

and in no way is onions & lemon juice disgusting on meat, that's pretty close to lime & onions which is classic mexican

>> No.10998301

Some asshole put rotel and ranch dressing into boxed stroganoff

>> No.10998329

I hope your roommate wasn't too upset he has to live with a faggot.

>> No.10998381

I started gagging and almost vomited all over my desk

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Liver and Onions is a pleb filter

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>What is the absolute worst thing you’ve ever eaten?

Chicken wings.

I’m not a big fan of chicken to begin with but one time a buddy and I were heading back from a gun show and he wanted to grab a bite to eat at Hooters and never having had chicken wings, I ordered some.

I expected them to taste like BBQ chicken but instead, it was like chicken soaked in weird tasting greasy butter.

>> No.10998418

Cottage Cheese and pepper
Jerk Sauce and hotdog

>> No.10998424
File: 50 KB, 640x480, Suspicious monkey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Chicken wings.

>> No.10998484

a britbong breakfast lard platter.

>> No.10998490

fruit cake

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File: 27 KB, 448x401, manofculture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ah, we've got an expert

>> No.10998565

Pancake filled with durian pulp
Utterly vile

>> No.10998568

cauliflower base pizza

>> No.10998600

Sounds hot, did you swallow?

>> No.10998603

Story please, any other related experiences with her?

>> No.10998615
File: 151 KB, 610x610, salmiakki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would rather eat a dog turd than eat one of these again. Fuck you Finland.

>> No.10999358

My dad would make steak in the toaster oven.

>> No.10999395

Ebin. How does it feel to be a total homosexual?

>> No.11000328

I still remember a Miracle Whip and peanut butter sandwich I made as a kid.

>> No.11000774
File: 160 KB, 900x614, peng.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is your mom a bird?

>> No.11000797
File: 178 KB, 950x633, chicken-wings-with-nutmeg-syrup-ginger-soy-garlic-glaze.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


there's your problem. Hooters is awful. Find a local dive that serves actual bar food.

Avoid chain restaurants in general. Chilis, Applebee's, and TGI Fridays are better than Hooters, but it's not hard to improve upon garbage in the first place.

>> No.11000817

Key lime yogurt. It was on sale and I'm pretty sure it must've been expired. Tasted like rotten cottage cheese and soap. Can O coconut water with chunks is solid second place.

>> No.11000843

Go back in your jar,old man.

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here's a fucked up story for you dude
>be me
>go to friends house for sleepover with like 3 others
>table with drinks and snacks on it
>green tea
>drink some, tastes good man
>drink a shit ton, really enjoying it
>tell friend "hey i really like the green tea you guys got"
>"what are you talking about we dont have green tea"
>i show him the jug
>he tells me that it wasn't actually tea but water in a fucking tea gallon from over 4 years ago
>shit brains out for the entire night, smells like a mixture of burning hair and rotting flesh
>tell parents
>not allowed at sleepovers anymore

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File: 125 KB, 1120x1452, IMG-20180801-WA0015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11001381

>he tells me that it wasn't actually tea but water in a fucking tea gallon from over 4 years ago
Why the fuck did they have that just sitting there?

>> No.11001385


Pig intestine sausage. Had it in the south of France. Tasted like piss. Actual piss.

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