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For me, it's super size me.

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The McSnake Diet Flim. A must watch if you liked supersize me.

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when i watchd big night i made the timpano, but i live alone so i just had like 6 pounds of pasta and eggs to eat.

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>you eat a lot and don't exercise you get fat

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not posting the greatest /ck/ related movie ever

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This movie really opened my eyes, never gonna eat at a McDonald's again.

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We have this thread once or twice a month and it seems like every single time I have to inform the /tv/ crossposters that Tampopo is the definitive /ck/ movie.

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Like a mashup of /b/ and /ck/ but less porn and traps.

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Amazing because no one has been able to reproduce his case

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Babette's feast

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The Founder was a really good movie.

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You are right, thanks for reminding them

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>Almost dies eating McDonalds for a few weeks
How weak is this beta?

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looks like he could fit probably three cocks in his mouth at once.
lol, beta

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Wow, that's deffo a 90's movie

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>purposefully eat >5000 Kcal a day to prove that mcdonalds is bad
imagine being this much of a fucking faggot, holy shit

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what was even the point of that documentary? if you eat nothing but mcdonalds for a month then of course you'll become unhealthy. what the fuck was he trying to say?

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Why? Because some fag tried making a shocking movie of how fucked you would get if you ate like a pig. No rational person eats like that. Not even poor fags. I don't know about people anywhere else but where I live it's cheaper to buy raw meat and vegetables than to go out and buy McDonald's.

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You know the best.

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That he's a dirty hippy who was paid by dirty hippy companies to push propaganda.

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>No rational person eats like that. Not even poorfags.
Yes they do. Poor peole are absolutely fucking retarded with food and money. Spurlock(?) eats about as much here as your average morbidly obese American piece of shit. The amount of "rational" people in the US is probably less than half because of all the fat fucks and niggers.

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look at this pretentious idiot looking like it's hard to melt cheese on toast

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>Wears a dildo on his head
>Paints nails

Into the trash it goes

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Shit on it all you want, it is probably the best made movie about cooking out there.

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For me it's Good Burger, I really like movies with magical negroes

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>eat a lot
>dont exercise
>dude i didnt log my food lmao

Fat Head is vastly superior

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top tier choice senpai

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LOLOLOLOLOL HAAHAHHAHAHAH omg, so funny. It can't get any better than this *dies*

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I didn't know this movie was shit on

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McDonalds is fine, just dont eat it three times a day for an entire month.

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for me, it's Lardass: The Movie

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I watched that movie on the only date I ever had.

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I loved how in the tv version of Stand By Me they cut out the "ass" when people are cheering for Lardass. So it's just "LARD LARD LARD LARD". Always cracked me up.

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Where did you hide her body?

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People are much more aware of food and diets than they were in 2004.

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I remember that too. Always made me laugh.

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>literally the most erotic scene in all of cinema

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>600 dorra plus tip gaijin

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Personally, I find the scene with the oyster much more erotic when both are watched on their own. It comes right after the one with the yolk if I'm not mistaken, which sadly makes it lose some of its impact.

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I was actually going to mention that when I saw the transition to the ocean. I think the scene of him feeding ice cream to the literal loli with the "No Sweets!" sign around her neck comes before the oyster scene. Everything with the yakuza guy is amazing.


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Jesus Christ, Favreau...

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I think Japs get offended by tips

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The only good thing to come out of the movie was that it inspired Super High Me

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tricking gullible foreigners make up for it

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JeeZe, guy. Did Paul GiaMatti fuck Your girlfrieNd or somEthing?

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too bad it came out in 2005

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Not even that. He was used to his professional chef gf / wife cooking really healthy food for him (or at least not the normal nutritional deprivation that most vegans experience) and exercising regularly.

He did pretty much everything he possibly could to stack the deck in favour of the story he aimed to tell.

It was entertaining enough, and I believe the results were genuine, but I do not remotely believe that that was a worthwhile study on anything. It's just a drawn out dumb stunt.

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Hey, he paid good money for a fancy flat-top restaurant style grill-thing. He's going to get all the use out of it he can.

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>Poor peole are absolutely fucking retarded with food and money.
I think it's at least partially an issue of the order of things. It's less "poor people lack food/money skills" and more "people who lack parental training in food/money skills become poor, and have an unreasonably hard time trying to rise out of poverty".

That's at least part of the reason bastards (single mothers' spawn) tend to be crippled in life. No transfer of the most essential traits and skills, which is learned from the male parent.

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that plate of nachos kurt russell eats in death proof look fucking amazing

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Yea. I had lesbian parents and that was like having two single moms. I didnt know my dad much but he gave me like a reloadable card and reloaded it with a bunch of money on my birthday and Christmas. Whereas my mom would just hand me stuff, teaching me nothing.

He told me to be careful with the money and just buy all the shit my mother wouldn't let me have online, but I'd have to budget. To this day I'm extremely good with money, though a failure at everything else.

Dad is who teaches you the life skills you need to interact with society. Moms are blankets; dads are guideposts. Bastards are maladjusted for a reason.

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Also Super Size Me is bad because this faggot somehow proved eating nothing but fast food 3 times a day every day for a month is bad for you and his target just happened to be McDonald's. Normal people like will never get to enjoy super size cause of him

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t. Fatty Mcfatfuck

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so......how overweight are you?

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Just order two medium fries then, mcdonalds fries sucks anyway. You can go to a discount grocery and get a 2 liter of cola for the same price as a large their.

Fuck their super sizes.

I usually get like a mcchicken or classic chicken and make my own fries from potates at home.

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>having to be fat to indulge

Stop projecting

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No wonder gen xers are always so pissed, their childhood was complete garbage

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What the fuck is a homelander?

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Eat Drink Man Woman

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This. The film and the food are excellent.

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Fathead debunks pretty much everything in that docu (it has its own problems, though)

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What's Eating Gilbert Grape

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That stunt he did made McD remove the supersize option. Granted it prob would have been removed later on by the government years later.

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I don't remember the name, and it's a series, not a movie. But it was on Netflix, it took place in Japan (and was in Japanese), about this guy who was a shlub and couldn't stick up for himself against anyone. But then he'd sample some food he's never had before, and daydream about being a samurai kicking the ass of whomever wronged him, which then gave him the courage to stand up for himself, at least a little.

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>The Founder

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I swear I've heard my grandma say that verbatim

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It's coined that way because they were born after the creation of the Department of Homeland Security in like 2003

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I know this movie is a meme but I enjoyed it unironically.

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>ctrl F Soul Kitchen
>0 results
cmon now

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You guys realise the supersize me guy lied about what he ate right?

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How can a movie be a meme?

>> No.11027542

He didn't lie, he just didn't properly document everything. ;)

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>super size me
clickbait trash
you can easily eat like shit and not gain weight, just eat less of it

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How big a guy are you?

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haha no you need to eat good home made vegetable pies to detox yourself
just buy his wife book sweetie ;)

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What creature on this planet could eat 5,000,000 calories per day?

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>what creature
None. Even a blue whale only eats 3.5 million on a day with the best conditions

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You know that "food calories" are kilocalories, right?

So when it's reported that Michael Phelps, for example, eats an 8000+ calorie diet, that's actually 8,000,000 calories.

Consider yourself educated.

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Damn, that's a good scene. Might have to watch this movie.

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Agreed! I love this movie.

Also Kung fu chefs

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Not always. Sushi chefs in particular go against every Japanese stereotype. Rude, abrasive and very poor customer service skills. Being suckered into washing rice for 3 years for practically no pay must have killed their spirit.

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>Movie about young black man and dumbass
>Dumbass causes black man to crash car
>Crashes car into afro-centric radical
>Has to pay off car or "put anodda black man in the big house."
>Gets a job at the burger joint
>Boss is Dan "The Man "thick as a can "get in my van take the dick or you won't be on Nick""""(((SCHNIEDER)))
>New early-2000s chrome burger joint moves in across the street
>Sells 10lb burgers for same prices as good burger.
>Dumbass makes "special sauce."
>Business is booming overnight
>Evil guys steal the sauce recipe? Maybe?
>Black guy and dumbass sneak into chrome burger
>Discover burgers are made giant with magic
>Kitchen Commando, but with negros
>Police arrest respectable business owner
>Radical afro-centric gets his car crushed by giant hamburger.

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Food inc.

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was this just made to show in highschool health classes?

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It's kind of misleading because it starts off pretty innocent.

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Living in 3rd world is interesting, those popular fads are moved by a block. the stuff at late 80s was popular at early or even mid 90s. Some stuff of early 90s lingered to 2000s.
But post 2000s it evens out. Talk about globalism

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he was paid off by big soi

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No he straight up lied. His daily calories were higher than any supersized menu times 3

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this film changed my life.

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but how does he get out without breaking the eggs ?

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I watched Super Size Me in school and then watched Fat Head online.

Super Size Me is a mess of a film, and it's been pretty much proven Spurlock bullshitted the number of calories he ate. And if he was willing to bullshit that, who knows what else he bullshitted?

He didn't prove "McDonald's is bad", he proved "eating an excessive amount of calories every day is bad."

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Fat Head was just libertarian propaganda.

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I'm kind of glad he cheated on that vegan cunt from that movie.

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