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What is accomplishing by putting the entire fucking pot of eggs on the flame at the end?

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Also: what is the dude at the side of the frame eating that he slams 4 of in like 60 seconds?

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he’s eating boiled eggs, probably something similar to deviled eggs perhaps.

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Also: How does he get out without breaking all the eggs?

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omg this

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Everytime I see him use the metal cup as a mixing bowl, I am left hoping he washes it out after each use. Somehow I know I will be disappointed with the answer.

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caught one

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>how does he get out
why would he want to?

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He offers eggs in many forms, including the depicted omelet or some form of boiled egg wrap. I'll bet the chef has an entire egg-based menu of proprietary recipes involving fetid onions and fecal infected spicy sauces

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he's trying to make them hatch by keeping them warm
i don't think it works like that though

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Opsie sweeties you two just got baited

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He is tricking his neighbour

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I don't get this meme

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That is obviously his son... the next generation of surly egg fort man. When his father (who NEVER gets out the egg fort alive) drops dead from sandwich-craft, the son hatches through into the prime stall and continues. It has been this way since the dawn of... whatever the fuck culture they are?? Spics????

Don't get me wrong. I have no racist views for spics. My pool does not clean itself. They are a proud, hard-working, inexpensive people.

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>the virgin egg cook
>the chad egg king

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I'd guess it is twofold: Keeping the eggs on the plate covering the pot warm (already cooked probly), and covering the flame itself so he doesn't have to feel it right in his face.

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So can we establish some facts? Here's the original video.
Where is this? How much does one of those egg sandwiches cost? Who is the boy?

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You are all retarded. He puts the flame out at the very end in the youtube vid.

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I never noticed that

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I think maybe they work together? The other guy has no pots of boiling water visible, so he isn't making boiled eggs, but the guy eating at the stand is chowing down on what looks like hard boiled eggs. So I imagine the guy on the left handles hardboiling while the guy on the right is the frying fellow

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baited hard

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sometimes there's so much to notice in a short one-minute video it's like it tells an entire lifetime of stories

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what is /ck/'s obsession with this one single webm? I've never seen anything get memed so hard on any other board

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You could write a dissertation on this one webm

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>What are those ingredients in the background.
>What's in that green container hanging to the right on the wall?
>Are those green onions or peppers next to the red onions in the mixing bowl?
Life is full of mystery.

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That might actually be an exception but that one at least has some creativity driving it like OC, edits, and art imitating reality
This one seems to survive just through the webm starting threads

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i am now the new king of eggs, submit before me or face the wrath of my house

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The dude on the right has more empty egg spots, the dude on the left probably sells less.

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is he wearing a rubber shirt?

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It truly does, and there is more for us to uncover.

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Why does he select the egg from where he does? Look at his cartons of eggs. He might have reached for eggs that were easily accessible, but that isn't true for all the other missing eggs.
In particular, note the row of eggs that are resting in a row formed between the cartons and not actually a row of the carton itself.

He continues to look at the camera. That surely expression. What is he thinking? He doesn't even hesitate in his motions as he barely looks at what he does. Note the way he coats the pan in oil and even pours the scrambled egg without even looking at his own results.
The efficiency of his work intrigues me.

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