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its inherently wrong because

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this is fewer than 1200 calories, of course it would work for anyone at a normal weight. plus you'd get smashed off of half a glass with that diet

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Chablis is terrible. Pinot Grigio would be better.

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wow so crazy xDD

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For me vinho Verde. But yeah seems ideal to me.

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Steak, eggs, coffee and booze. That diet must produce the most rancid and unpleasant shits in the world. Also, combining coffee and booze isn't fun times.

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I've always had good times with booze and coffee. A nice alert buzz.

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Seems like a typical day in Italy

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back when they considered beer and spirits meals

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Meat, eggs, and alcohol, sounds like the average woman's night out on the town

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>implying the articles from Vogue have improved

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*1 cigarette after each meal
Now it's italian.

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Cool wine aunt-tier

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So keto with alcohol

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Pussy breakfast for pussy americans

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>chablis is terrible

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liquid shit diet. it would work in a way.

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White wine with red meat?
Calories check out.

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>Also, combining coffee and booze isn't fun times

Yes it is?

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Wine sucks

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I have a skinny white wine aunt who made my mom pass out by 3pm and then went on to do house chores while she slept. Then she drank more white wine. One time I saw her drink a bottle at lunch then cut the grass on the riding mower.

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TBF, I think all wine is pretty terrible.

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Then you are a pleb. Go back to your turnip field.

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>Also, combining coffee and booze isn't fun times
Putting a splash of Bourbon or Scotch in coffee is great

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White wine helps drop water. Lots of fitness models will drink a glass of dry white wine the night before a shoot to help get the last of the water out

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Based and fredpilled

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>keto with alcohol
Or vegan with meat
>inb4 meat isnt vegan
And alcohol isnt keto

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Ahahaha he just suggested the most overrated white wine of all time over chablis. Ahahaha. The quality of pinot grigio at any decent price point is not good

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Wine is pretty shit desu. There's nothing special about it other than age. And it's really over priced

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How is alcohol not keto? White wine has 0 carbs

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water weight

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As someone who works in the wine trade your posts are hilarious
Wtf does this even mean? Wine is a tasty form of alcohol which also works very well as a meal accompaniment. If you've ever had a proper cassoulet you'll understand that you'll be crying out for a tannic red soon enough. Also what does your age comment mean? Do you mean the fact wine is an old tradition? Or that wines are old? Or that wine that is old is special? Because all of those points are completely wrong. Many wines, especially white wines don't age very well. A wine doesn't have to be aged to be special

Please don't expound about wine if you know nothing about it or don't even like it. The very fact you would say an entire grape variety is shit is hilarious.

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It's basically my diet already.

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but anon-kun, where is the spaghett

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Alcohol itself isnt keto, if the beverage contains carbs then its doubly so.
Carbs aren't keto because the liver will process carbs before fat, thus kicking you out of ketosis and into glycosis. But the liver prioritizes alcohol over carbs, kicking you out of either glycosis or ketosis *immediately*, no matter how small the quantity. Keto diets allow some carbs because its nearly impossible to avoid carbs completely, but alcohol is much more easily avoided, and should be.

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>Implying eating pasta every day isn't for tourists.

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white wine and coffee together doesnt sound good at all

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>one bottle allowed per day
Oh no, poor things. At least it's only for 3 days.

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Btw this can be used to hack the system if you're a type 2 diabetic. A lot of the prolonged sugar spike that t2 diabetics experience after a meal actually comes from the liver dumping glycogen, not from the xarbs in the meal itself. So if a t2 diabetic has a martini before dinner, the liver will be busy processing the alcohol during the meal itself and won't dump any glycogen until the alcohol is gone, by which time the meal is long over and the insulin has done its job and the stimulus that would have triggered the glycogen dump is long gone.

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The fuck you know about some Soave, bitches!

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Why would it matter if the eggs are poached or hard boiled

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is this real? I searched and found it posted a bunch of places but couldn't find anything on authenticity

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>White wine helps drop water.

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alcohol is a mild diuretic.

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Don't even waste your time, anon.

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I dont see a problem

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Then why'd you say white wine instead of ethanol?
Stop samefagging

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>this is the generation who went to the moon with fridge-sized computers

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I'm a different anon, chief.

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That's what samefags always say.

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but I only had two glasses

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Light and crisp, its delicious!

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it's a joke you fucking morons

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>3 coffees
>~8 standard units of alcohol
This would fuck my sleep up so bad so quickly.
>Also, combining coffee and booze isn't fun times.
It depends on the dosages for me

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Bone app the teeth

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It's a mostly carnivore diet free of fiber so all you'd get are a couple weekly watery shits.

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>3 days
>5 pounds

How is this even a diet

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Was just about to post more or less this.

The alcohol and coffee will help you drop water, eating only eggs and meat will stop you from retaining more water. In the short term, this shouldn't cause any bloating either.

So, short term, if you want to try to look at thin as possible, it has some pros. If you want to actually try to lose fat though, this sounds like a terrible way to do it.

The time this would have been released too, people weren't as fat as they are now. They wouldn't have to look as long term to lose the weight we do now. They could have done this for maybe two days before a big date to try to look their best

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>The alcohol and coffee will help you drop water
even the strongest coffee/spirits are a net gain in hydration

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Saved and going to give it a shot at some point

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Anecdotally I disagree, but theres obviously going to be other variables

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a diet literally means what you eat regularly

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Shut up reddit

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Hush child, the mods will find you

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>using "pleb" unironically
oof, that's a yikes

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True for coffee; studies have found no measurable difference in hydration between coffee and water.
Probably not true for high ABV spirits

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Whenever I get drunk I typically end up eating a ton of garbage to offset feeling like shit on the comedown side, if I wanted to lose weight I'd have to limit drinking not drink a bottle of dry white per day

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I don't have a source but have heard anecdotally that you more or less break even with red wine abv.

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with that much coffee and alcohol theyre probably shitting out rancid water a few times a day

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based. i agree
what do you like to drink

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do a hard diet, but still eat some high protein food, for THREE DAYS??!??!?!
oh my god, you'll die!

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this is basically just to quickly lose some water weight before a date or some other event, it literally says it's a 3 day diet

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It's called rabbit starvation, not steak starvation. You'll probably be fine.

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This might have garnered a reaction if we actually knew what the fuck he was putting in there.

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I have never studied french and still understood. It's a recipe for crepes made with a lot of alcohol (quarter liter of rum is just the beginning).

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brap hogs would like to have a word with you

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>tfw no wine aunt to molest you

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>getting drunk with one bottle of white
what a lightweight

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>not being able to figure out 90% of the ingredients based on their spelling and the video
hon hon hon

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It just show which companies of the food industry paid more to get their shit in Vogue.


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>some kind of oil

>> No.11062936

So you CAN figure most of it out, you're just lazy. Despicable

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and beer nigga

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Not wine but beer, rhum and pastis

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Two seconds of research, retard: http://articles.latimes.com/1992-11-22/opinion/op-2060_1_culture-jammers

It was made by subversive "culture jammers" in the early 90s who sought to make fun of advertisers and what not.

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Nothing wrong here.

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Man, I miss the days when this is what passed for edgy and transgressive.

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The only thing I'd cut out is the wine. Too many carbs.

>> No.11063903


It would also cause severe nutritional deficits that would drive almost anybody to crash eat after the three days are up. By the way, that's the real reason you're losing five pounds in three days. This diet is nothing but diuretics.

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crepes du slosh

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Pussy for breakfast? Sounds good to me!

>> No.11064039


But it's a breakfast cereal!

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How is the trade of wine these days, is it fine?

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Which "severe nutritional deficits" would that be, Dr.? Dont forget your citations

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You can try to bring it back, Anon. I'd enjoy it

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Why so catty? Steak and eggs don't have all of the vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy function and coffee and white wine have practically none. I don't have to break out a spreadsheet to know that this diet is completely unbalanced.

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>wake up
>feel shit
>drink alcohol
>feel good

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>wine and coffee diet

enjoy being dehydratred

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Literally the point. You lose five pounds of water weight in three days and think you've achieved a miraculous amount of weight loss because you're a dumb vogue reading bitch from the 70s and don't know any better.

>> No.11064363

>drink water because you need it to live
>all the weight gained back

>> No.11064375

In medieval times people lived out of wine so yeah. As long as it doesn't dehydrate you get enough to survive getting your main hydration from foods.

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And then you tell all your friends how dieting is impossible because even though you're losing weight, you just get it right back and then some immediately after you stopped because you're a dumb boomer broad, creating a retarded meme that's still going strong despite people having infinitely easier access to information than back then.

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It would work. The eggs provide protein, and the wine a small bit of sugar. This is a calorie restriction diet meant to be done in the short term.

>> No.11064433

they forgot the 12 menthol cigarettes

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Coffee yes, spirits no.

>> No.11064472

I saw this on reddit too

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In what sense would it work? You didn't die? You ate less calories than you exerted just long enough to trigger a starvation response? Short term dieting doesn't work, especially these retarded three day diets from the dark ages. You would only be running about a ~3000 calorie deficit if you followed this diet to the letter, and most people would put more than that back in a day after the subsequent pigout.

>> No.11064566


Who the fuck do they think they are throwing shade when magazines and websites post even shittier diets than this daily

>> No.11064583


I know you really, really want to think you're smart and so much smarter especially than people older than you (fuck you dad) but cutting carbs and water to look good for a day is literally a common and normal thing in any environment one wants to look good in, its the exact purpose of this diet that SWOOSH'd so badly over your head

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>combining coffee and booze isn't fun times

Yeah maybe for the people around you, but you'll be the happiest fucking drunk that ever was.

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classy keto

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I still haven't figured out why the catty bitch index on /ck/ is so much higher than you would expect for a slow hobby board.

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This looks like my cutting diet, only that I replace the wine with protein shakes.

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It's OK but as I work in the UK, the sales are negatively affected by a weaker pound. The wine I'm selling from the Eurozone isn't as great value. Brexit is a big old question mark too.

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This would be sustainable with fiber supplements and a couple of vitamins. Replace the white wine with vodka and add in some green vegetables for more easily absorbable minerals and vitamins and you will literally become super human.

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