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that guy has a negative charisma

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Daily reminder that the cooking show is just a cover for child sex tourism

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Is he getting a coloscopy?

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he looks sick, who is this and what is wrong w him?

>> No.11120796

he looks like an AIDS patient

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it fits

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other than the weird faces why does /ck/ hate mark? he's just a guy who's genuinely having fun eating different things and traveling.

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How can this guy not realize how fucking creepy he looks with that grimacing?

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His faces are a stupid exaggeration of how he's feeling about whatever it is he's eating. I refuse to believe that it's a genuine reaction. It's annoying to look at and makes it harder for me to enjoy his videos.

>> No.11121001

Has he ever disliked anything he has eaten, that is what makes him so disingenuous, he likes everything even the shitty african food that looks like shit but he also looks like a aushwitz survivor so it does not surprise me that everything tastes good to him

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Who is this? Id like to watch some of his videos

>> No.11121207

I like the videos where you can see the wife lugging around the baby, slightly out of frame and doing all the camera work, while this manchild is making anus lip faces in a crowded restaurant or street.

>> No.11121226

WhaTs his name? I wanna watch

>> No.11121234

so he's spreading AIDS to children across the world?

>> No.11121239

Mark Wiens

>> No.11121598

There was one episode where he absolutely hated the food but tried as hard as he could to act like he did before giving up. I can't remember which episode it was though. It was some worthless SEA country though.

>> No.11121672

His recent african episodes have been pretty cool. They're showing the side of africa we don't normally see--families, open and actually friendly local men, and decent-looking food.

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How do faggot ass sissy boys like you even find this place

>> No.11121691

>says something positive about africa
>f-faggot sissy
why are you so upset

>> No.11121696

Let him blow off steam. Better for these people to take out their "inner rage" on 4chan than to go shoot up another video game tournament.

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I thought you liberal retards loved cocks, so that should've been a compliment, unless you're some kind of bigoted homophobe of course.

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>unique insights into the way of life on a continent is politics now
you child

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lol u should move to africa

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