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The absolute mad lads have gone and done it

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Just use Foodora you can get anything delivered.

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>Global rule 6
>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.

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>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community.
The mods actually have the audacity to claim this? Fucking kek!

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There's nothing wrong with the topic of this thread. It's a food board and he's talking about McDonalds having delivery now.
They've been on Uber Eats for a pretty long time now.

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We've had this the past two years in the States.
Stupid faggots only order online with this shit, I purposely give them not enough fries, and smash their hamburger down as hard as I can every time just for these lazy cucks.

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Yea they gave me a ban the other day with this as the (((reasoning)))
It's basically just a license to let them pick and choose who to ban or for whiny redditors to submit complaints

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lol, why would you prefer people show up in person to get food from you? That doesn't make any sense. Do you just really like seeing customers?

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The niggers are laughing and smirking because even though wh*tey thinks he’s clever sniffling an extra fry they’re gonna leave his asshole hanging out after they’re done with him later

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i live in an asian country and we already had this for literally close to a decade now

britain is becoming 3rd world

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why arent the people in this WHITE

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The store is so fucking busy at EVERY fucking hour of the day, and then we have to make even more orders for lazy asshats.
The UberEats driver is always a fucking faggot, cuts in front of the lines to scream if we have his order ready, and we tell them every fucking time we don't make the order until you're in the store and ask for it.

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thats not their fault

thats the fault of macdonalds corporate, for implementing this while not hiring more workers

why arent you mad at the 1% instead

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>we don't make the order until you're in the store and ask for it
Why not?

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nah same ass problem with these lazy assface nigger faggots
>I ordered online why isn't my food ready now?!?!?
>Because we don't make the food until you're in the store
>So you'd rather have your food cold by the time you get here? Or did you order online just to cut in line?

Lots of reasons.

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>Lots of reasons.
But the application literally says the different steps the order's on and it always says the restaurant has the food ready *before* the driver picks it up. That means you guys are doing it wrong. If you want to do it a different way you should stop having it show up that way on the application, that's the real problem, that you're lying about it being ready when it isn't on the application.

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your lazy and entitled attitude is the reason you work at mcdonalds just fyi

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Does your sperg mind think that we have a confirmation button, or something?
Do you also think we just drop over 10 orders to do the online ones first? Or even 3 orders for that matter?


Its a timer like any shitty fast food pizza place with trackers, based on the order.

Its probably entitled faggots like you who cry about not having your order ready when you walk into a crowded fast food joint and expect them to lick your ass because you already paid with your phone.

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I think one of the mods are vegan so that doesn't help.

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>you're entitled because you expected me to perform the service for which you paid me to perform
really just driving my point home here, champ

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I don't care if you have a confirmation button or not, I'm just pointing out you're lying through the application and then complaining when people respond in the predictable way to lies. If you really care about it as a problem then you should change what you're doing so you're either no longer lying through the application about having the order ready or you're no longer waiting until the driver's there to make the order, either way.

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Also you definitely do have a confirmation button, the sushi place I use through Uber Eats will push out the time for when they'll have the order ready for the driver whenever they need to, and the driver always picks up the order and starts driving towards me as soon as the order's ready. If the driver's waiting after the order is declared as ready by the restaurant that's because the restaurant is doing it wrong. You're doing it wrong.

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So why doesn't your faggot ass complain to the 1% or UberEats or whatever, because we're not doing anything wrong dipshit. Or lying, retardo.

>didn't even see my point in the first place to begin with
>thinks his autism is correct

So... you expect everyone who wasn't a lazy piece of shit to be fucked over, for the lazy piece of shit who orders with their phone? That really speaks a lot about your character, its painfully obvious you've been a NEET your whole life.

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quite to the contrary i worked in a dominos for 3 years while going to uni. we received orders from apps, websites, phones, etc. and we had to work together to get the orders out on time. i cannot understand why you would so angrily deride paying customers as being lazy, they're the ones paying your wage at the end of the day. gratification at this kind of job is of course going to be low because really anyone could do it, and it will soon be done by robots anyway. this is the motivation to aspire to something higher

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OP here Jesus Christ this thread got cancerous very quickly I am sorry everyone

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Congrats, I worked there too for a little under 2 years, it was my first job, you know jack shit how McD functions and works to get orders out it looks like.
fuck you

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It is a McDonald's thread, it was pure cancer before anyone even commented.

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domino's functions much the same way, it's just a different menu. what we did not do however is deliberately damage the customer's order for no reason like you brag about in >>11180398. what possible purpose does this serve? it only shows lack of emotional control and probably intellect on your part

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You sound like a fucking awful person. You deserve to be at the place you are in life.

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no, it doesn't you fucking retard. not to mention my store has so much business its the top grossing chain in the city, so you really have fuck all a clue about anything lmfao
not to mention, yes it does serve a purpose, it sends the message, stop ordering online

you sound like a butthurt faggot, congrats as well.

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what is so different about mcdonalds from dominos then, if you are such an expert?

>> No.11180556

so what are you proud of your store's performance or do you resent it? jesus christ man you better settle in because i think you are going to be there for about as long as it takes to install a robot that does your job without any of the teenage angst

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Can't come soon enough. I want to deal with employees that I have something in common with. Robots fit that profile.

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can't help but notice that you are avoiding this >>11180549

>> No.11180571

>cool guy works at the best McDonalds in his town.

>> No.11180577

are you that autistic? you're begging to know how the different the process is? pathetic, i would almost pity you if you weren't so stupid.

couldn't fit all that rage into one comment, huh champ? You think I was stating that fact with pride? Holy shit.. you're actually so fucking stupid you can't even comprehend or understand what I'm trying to convey. We are the busiest chain in the whole fucking city, dipshit. Its not just a lolly gagging job, retarded NEET.

robots will never work, look at gooks in jap land. also, this is actually a decent job to live my true passion. its lazy faggots that think there is nothing to operating a fast food joint

can't help but notice you're such a dipshit you thought this >>11180562 was me

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Working at McDonald's is your true passion?

>> No.11180586

>is such a dipshit thinks I was implying the buisest store to be the best

lmfao, no. we're very shitty. and horribly outdated. i guess i'm glad we got those change machines for the bathrooms, seeing how it cut down on the amount of puke, shit and blood that would show up randomly.

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As someone who has worked shitty customer service jobs, you need to chill the fuck out. Yes being busy sucks. But it's your JOB

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>buttblasted: the post.

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so we have reached the point where the sperg has been so obliterated that he just starts refusing to back up anything and aimlessly insults anyone who tries to press him. congratulations, you are absolutely 100% without a doubt going to be a mcdonalds lifer

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>robots will never work, look at gooks in jap land
they literally have entire hotels run by robots in japland

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get your fucking life together holy shit this is embarrasing to read

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Its not my job to get into almost physical confrontations because they feel more entitled than the other customers and demand their food first because there fat ass only wanted to walk in for two seconds.

bring on the muslim invasion

so we have reached the point where you've lost, because you realize how autistic you're being? cool. neet-o.

you honestly think that compares to having gook women service you? pffshh, okay. real productive, much wow.

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>cool guy works at a shitty McDonalds

>> No.11180605

>Its not my job to get into almost physical confrontations because they feel more entitled than the other customers
So get your manager to tell them to fuck off and follow protocol. If you are the manager, tell them to fuck off and follow protocol. If they refuse bitch to uber and get their card pulled

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>he's STILL going
gotta hand it to you, energy is certainly not something you lack, anon

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>also posting on a website for loser faggots.
Right. I need to get what together exactly?

Fast food joints should only be managed and run by teenagers, right? lmfao. you're crying about someone having a life, a stable career, probably while you sit on here and jack off everyday to cartoon porn.

You feel for the old "fast food isn't a career" meme, sorry bud-ee.

>replying to comments on a forum thread?! what are you a loser?

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The amount of autism in this thread is fucking beautiful.

>> No.11180632

I made this thread so we could have a civilised discussion but it is 4chan I should have known better

>> No.11180642

>thinking problems are solved by simplying saying "fuck off"
YEAaaaaaUUUhhhh. You're clearly under aged or have never worked in the fast food industry before in your life.

>> No.11180645

It's kind of revealing because the mcdick's lifer's spergefest as indicative of their typical wageslaves attitude shows why that place is such shit nowadays.

>> No.11180657

>bring on

It's already here. I take it you don't live in one of the major cities.

Birminghamfag here, I cannot enter a single supermarket without there being about 20 mudslimes stepping over each other to get 40 heads of reduced lettuce. They literally camp out by the reduced section. I don't get it. What the fuck are you gonna do with all that lettuce, feed the goat you fuck?

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this has to be the dumbest person on 4chins.

>> No.11180668

oh...I thought you were referring to the US, as I'm American.
Yeaaaaah. The UK is already done for, with their muslim probe-lam.
Fuck, they don't even have basic free speech anymore. I have every right to acknowledge the fact the a lot of prophets were pedophiles, but Allah forbid I state that about Muhammad...fucking idiot Monarchy.

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>Trump comes visit UK
>London mayor okays giant baby balloon to mock him citing 'free speech'
>someone makes same baby balloon but of London mayor
>gets shut down

get me outta here

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huge filesize uncropped png mobile phone screen shots should lead to insta ban

>> No.11180690

That's an incredibly specific set of criteria, there is obviously a story behind this.

>> No.11180708

Look it's like zero effort was undertaken by OP to make a post like that.

Nobody is interested in your battery or provider info. This is unnecessary. Crop it off. Also, reduce the file size and convert the png to jpg. This is more server and bandwidth friendly.

Also OP's little text is of little quality, almost close to "lol u tk hm 2 da club".

OPs pic has so much unnecessary info (gee just look at the bottom). It hurts my sense of aesthetics and discipline. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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>Fuck, they don't even have basic free speech anymore

We don't either. Certainly not if you are a wm

>> No.11180766

>we don't either
yeah, canada is shit.

>> No.11180888

>it sends the message, stop ordering online
No it doesn't. If I got a small amount of fries and a burger that was compressed down I wouldn't think it was because someone working at the restaurant was trying to tell me I should order in person instead. Why would anyone think that? They can't read you mind. If the food was messed up enough then at most you might cause a customer to call in and complain, that's about all this would accomplish.

>> No.11180908

>So why doesn't your faggot ass complain to the 1% or UberEats or whatever, because we're not doing anything wrong dipshit. Or lying, retardo.
Every other restaurant on Uber Eats knows how to do this correctly (i.e. They use the application to set an order ready time later as needed when they're busy and they actually have the order ready when they say through the application that the order's ready so the driver can pick it up when the application says the driver's picking it up), meaning it's not an Uber Eats problem, it's your problem. I don't really care if you want to have a problem or not, but you shouldn't be complaining since this is your fault. If you lie to someone they're going to get upset with you, not that complicated. It would be weirder if the drivers didn't get upset with you. I honestly don't know why you were expecting anything different.

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They've been doing it here in Korea since forever. Although their menu in Korea is garbage (OTOH Korean Burger King is way better than elsewhere).

>> No.11181298

Aren't you guys worried that the driver might fuck with the food?

>> No.11181347

That's true of any food you buy, what makes having drivers any different? It's always going to be handled by service workers one way or another before you get it.

>> No.11181356

>So... you expect everyone who wasn't a lazy piece of shit to be fucked over, for the lazy piece of shit who orders with their phone?
they're stupid, not industrious, for doing the least optimal route

>> No.11181540

My local one has done so though uber eats for months.

>> No.11181698

Mcdonald's employee's are so goddamn expendable that even if someone accused the driver of doing some shit to your food they would probably fire that person just in case.

>> No.11181721

This is Uber Eats. The drivers don't work for McDonalds, they're usually just random people out of work who fell for the bad idea of trying to make money driving people around or making deliveries through the Uber framework, very likely making less than minimum wage or even spending more money than they're making after gas, highway tolls, and car maintenance are factored in (since they don't get cars provided like normal taxi companies and have to use their own cars with gas they pay for themselves).

>> No.11181756

In that case, almost every uber driver i've ever met is a muzzie, I don't see them fucking with your food, they just want money.

>> No.11181781

Are you British? I never even see Muslim people in any context let alone as drivers most of the time.

>> No.11181784

No I live in Lansing, MI lot of muslims drive ubers here for drunk white people after bar hours because muslims don't drink.

>> No.11181895

lol judging by how they treat my orders i probably ate a whole bunch of peasant semen

to recap some of their fuck ups in the last few months:

- sold me barbecue sauce without supposedly having it, no refunds
- fries came upside down, i had to handpick them one by one
- one of my sandwiches somehow had more bacon than hamburger, not that i hate bacon
- found a lost fry inside of a nugget bucket
- my coke wasnt actual coke, it was some kind of grape soda in a similar colour

i once also saw some videos of their employees farting on food, that is impossible to forget, it is burned in my mind

>> No.11181908

McDonald's android app is so disgustingly bad. It's completely unusable. Like, you press button, nothing happens for 5 seconds, then some web page loads. It won't even take money from me -- it gets stuck on payment info submission page. And, this is on Pixel 2 with stock firmware. Jesus fucking Christ. Also tried the iOS version on friend's iPhone. It's only very very slightly responsive than the Android version, and has the same "offers don't load ever" problem.

>> No.11182044

>found a lost fry inside of a nugget bucket
Do you have PTSD now?

>> No.11182471

I wish I could... you could try a revolution?

A wm? What? The US has free speech... Canada is fucked like the UK

Yes it does, are you really going to order online again if you get shit service?

We are a fast food joint, every other fast food joint works exactly like we do, dipshit. We are not lying, you're just a fucking retard. Pretty simple. The APP (you fucking retard) is automated to a computer in our store. Its not a fucking person whos whole job is to manage a phone for uber eats. Holy shit, you're seriously retarded.

Drivers constantly eat their food and still deliver it to them. We get calls complaining about it all the time. They are just as pissed as we are that lazy faggots rely on this.

The "least optimal route" is still the same fucking route. They're just sending their fake mommie to come pick up the food. Lazy adult children faggots is what they are.

Normally ever store is deadly strict if we catch you doing shit like this. I've screamed at a lazy teen bean to eat the fucking hamburger that he just made with a bun that fell on the ground. He thought I didn't notice him do it.

Yeah, its pretty autistic. Just fucking walk into the store, or use a real ordering service where the driver has to actually order in line like a costumer, instead of cry when they get there and the food isn't done.

>> No.11182476


>> No.11182488

You say you want a revolution? Well, you know, we'd all love to see your plan.

>> No.11182500

Oh right... you country don't have guns in the hand of law abiding citizens...
Huh... looks like you're gonna need the help of the Irish, otherwise get use to licking Monarchy boots.
You could always move and join the good fight against one of the most tyrannical nations to ever exist.

>> No.11182558

>Yes it does, are you really going to order online again if you get shit service?
I would definitely order again if my burger was compressed and there were fewer fries than what other people might be served. I wouldn't even notice or care, and I'm pretty sure anyone who did notice and care would just complain about it and then order again some other time. Nobody is going to assume their food was damaged on purpose because some idiot who doesn't know how to manage their delivery service correctly is upset with them for placing an order through it.

>> No.11182572

>We are not lying
Yes, you definitely are lying. Every other restaurant knows how to work their Uber Eats application, it's not the fault of Uber Eats that you're lying and saying the order's ready when it isn't instead of doing what every other restaurant does and simply updating it with a later ready time if you're too busy to make the ready time that was initially displayed. It also isn't the fault of Uber Eats if you decide not to work on the order until the customer's already been told it's finished and the driver's arrived to pick it up. That's 100% on you.

>> No.11182581

Well, you know, we all want to change the world. But when you talk about destruction, don't you know that you can count me out?

Y'know, it's gonna be alright.

>> No.11182590

The middle east had McDelivery decades before the west

>> No.11182607

Yeah, I tried it while on holiday and got a real bang out of it ;-)

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lmfao, being stupid enough to think "yeah, ill take another cold order of fries with only half the box full, and a compressed hamburger instead of going myself"
kk, thats probably why half stopped ordering online while the other half still do. thats on your spergy self.

lmfao, you're clearly retarded, and don't understand how the app even works. retard.

the tree of liberty feeds on blood

>> No.11182667

Right, that person won't just order at the other mcdonalds a quarter mile away

>> No.11182727
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not even a quarter a mile away. there is another one literally just down the fucking street, and it has those computer tablets in the walls for kids to play with and shit.

Yet all the niggers and just everyone in general comes to this one for some stupid fucking reason. I wish they would go to the other fucking store.

>> No.11182740

Ive been going to mcdonalds lately and i'm really enjoying it.

I'll use the $1 sandwhich coupon in the app to get the buttermilk chicken sandwhich. I go on fridays so also, for me its a mchicken and a medium french fry for another $1. I like to get buffalo and ranch to put on the mchicken (godly) and sweet n sour for the other sandwhich. Ive im particularly hungry i'll get a two piece chicken strips also.

>> No.11182789

Autism level is through the roof

>> No.11182800
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>you're autistic
Wow, originoli, you must be autistic. hope solving the captcha was worth that post!
Heres a (you).

>> No.11182804

I got news for both of you. You're both autists. There, it's settled.

>> No.11182811
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Oh wow! Another autist joins the battle!
Looks like we have a full on sperg convention here

>> No.11182814

based and BLACKEDpilled

>> No.11182820

The difference is, i'm not denying it.

>> No.11182825
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nor did i

>> No.11182867

based and redpilled

>> No.11182956

>thats probably why half stopped ordering online while the other half still do
Your subjective impression of how many people stopped ordering online because they magically read your mind when you mildly altered their food by pushing down a burger and underloading their french fry container is probably not a very accurate read of the situation. A lot of people order as one-offs without making it a daily thing regardless of the fact you tried to flatten a burger. I'm still amazed you think anyone would actually interpret a compressed burger as code for "don't use Uber Eats to buy from McDonalds." Nobody is going to get that, you're supposed to have developed a theory of mind in early childhood that tells you other people can't see what you're thinking.

>> No.11182962

I'm more disgusted by the fact that people are too lazy to go through a drive-thru. I understand uber eats if you are ordering takeout from a restaurant, but why pay double for fast food just to have it brought to your door?

>> No.11183018

It's dirt cheap either way, and not everyone has a car, and even people with cars sometimes might not want to drive if it's late and they're drunk or something.

>> No.11183022

How much is it for uber eats, they don't offer it around me.

>> No.11183051

You think this violates rule 6 yet vark posting and other shit is fine?

>> No.11183150

Knowing that automation will put faggots like you out of a job brings a smile to my face

>> No.11183172

This is not new my friend

>> No.11184042

didn't read anything after "subjective impression". You're literally a fucking retard, you have no idea how the system works. lmfao, nice self projecting what ever you thought after. Even though my statement was a fact, dipshit.

except they won't autist

>> No.11184477

Jesus dude. Get your life together, I mean fucking yikes.

>> No.11184498
File: 23 KB, 300x250, dQ0e5iH[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

checked and redpilled (also based).
fuckin wagies, heh. smash those fries down, Jamal the uberdriver will be there to pick them up any minute now.

>> No.11184508

This isn't new, they've done it for a while but Uber Eats is expanding so more of us can get it. As a fat fuck with no self-control I've ordered McDelivery a LOT and I have to warn you of the bicycles.

Sometimes you'll order and someone in a car or motorbike will deliver. It works great. But once in a while you'll get somebody fresh off the boat delivering on a bicycle and they're incapable of following their GPS and will get lost and unless it takes over an hour to arrive once it leaves the store you won't get any kind of refund. And since bikefags get paid more the majority of people who deliver are bikefags and they're greedy so they'll take deliveries they shouldn't be taking miles away. It's fucking annoying and ruins it. I'd pay an extra 50p or something if it meant getting a car delivery guaranteed.

>> No.11184525

It's new in the UK because they're backward savages.

>> No.11184720
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you guys are actual faggots.
Get what again together?
Yeah. dipshit.

>> No.11184723

i live in Glasgow and Mcdonalds have delivered here for years now, same with KFC

>> No.11184736

they just slap on a 3.50 delivery charge for me regardless of what i order

>> No.11184815

>Mcdonalds & KFC have delivered for years

Why am I not surprised

>> No.11184819

I used this the other day it worked out pretty nice. If you use the refer codes with diffrent accounts you can get 5 dollars off every time which is pretty much free delivery.

>> No.11184826

S what’s you’re saying is that he cute, 17 year old girl now HAS to come to my place at 3 inthe morning?

>> No.11184828

Do you have to tip? If so, this shit is useless

>> No.11184839
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>> No.11184943

pay an extra 16 bucks when your meal only cost 7, fuck uber eats

>> No.11185495

Nobody fucking cares

>> No.11185652

If you're too retarded to focus on one part of the picture, then don't make up some bullshit about being server friendly.
Just use your eyes properly.

>> No.11185680

Yeah and racism isn't allowed outside of /b/. Global rules are a fucking joke here.

>> No.11185737

There really shouldn't be rules on an image board anyway.

>> No.11186215

The guy on the right is, but this is made up for by showing him as stealing from the black man.

>> No.11186222
File: 62 KB, 200x176, 1525940749612.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11186969

I'd rather have this than another OP using a Wojak edit.

>> No.11187005

>that butthurt wagey zoomer complaining about his mcjob


>> No.11187009
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>tfw you actually go to mcdonalds

>> No.11187068

>europoors JUST getting mcd deliveries
we've had that for 10 years, in bumfuck turkey

>> No.11187269
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Get better internet poorfag.

>> No.11187315

How can you possibly argue about food without bringing up race and/or reigon?

>> No.11187327

I was thinking that they're boyfriends.

>> No.11187357

underrated post!

>> No.11187460

My local McD had deliveries since forever, like more than 10 years ago.

>> No.11187511

>rolling out on uber eats
>uber eats
>using a 3rd party delivery service so you can get ripped off hardcore for $5 worth of food
Oh wait it's probably a minimum of $10 order so $10 worth of food.
Fuck those stupid 3rd party delivery apps.
>plus tip :)

>> No.11187516

because mcdonalds is dogfood tier food for niggers

>> No.11187556

>I'm too poor to afford to get drunk or high and order mcdonnalds

Literally the sole purpose of delivery is to serve food to drunk, high, or morbidly obese people.

>> No.11187561


/ck/ isn't for you. you can leave now, you nasty racist

>> No.11187729

i am a racist but i like mc donalds

can i stay

>> No.11187842
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>a stable career

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