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Who started the meme of eating together as a social activity? It must have been restaurants trying to get more business, right? It's pretty fucking stupid

>can't have proper uninterrupted conversation without your food going cold
>if you try to avoid that problem, then your conversation has a bunch of artificial breaks in it
>the act of eating itself is not flattering, which a bunch of noises and chewing involved
>if you spill something on yourself while eating alone it's just something you wipe up, if with others you look like an idiot
>you end up spending 2 hours not really doing anything whereas it'd be more efficient to eat separately and then spent 1 and a half hours doing things that are actually fun as a duo/group

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Applies to every other pack animal, Hunter gatherers must cooperate and share. Eating alone has no past, eating together is primally rooted.

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Have we not progressed past our animal existence to accept that it's just not worthwhile?

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Just get some friends already, nigga.

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You can't escape the fact that you are rooted in your biology. You can futilely rebel against God or you can accept what you are.

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>being so autistic that you can't enjoy a meal with others because you get strange looks as your produce disgusting noises as you gulp down your food as fast as possible because "efficiency"

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But that's precisely the problem, whenever I try to meet up with this girl I want to date she always wants dinner and it's just to me a stupid way to spend time

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>doing something that is literally required for survival is "a stupid way to spend time"

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>literally any non-spearchucking culture
what, youre telling me you not only eat like a nigger, but you eat like a nigger because youre autistic?

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Whew what a stupid autismo nigger

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>missing the point this hard

Eating is not stupid, eating in a group as a way to socialise is dumb

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Don't listen to them op, I dislike eating with other people too

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If you're cooking, it's satisfying to be able to cook a meal for friends or a potential date. You get thanks and it boosts your self esteem.
After dinner, you can clear the decks and bring out the whiskey and poker set. Or the cocaine. Or just sit chatting round the table getting shit faced on decent wine.

For this, you will however need a decent size flat, a good sized kitchen with a dining table in it, a set of friends who aren't dick heads and who are capable of behaving themselves under the influence. So it is a rather specialised pleasure.

For those who don't have these resources, eating out is an alternative. But it is unpredictable.

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Cooking a meal for someone is a bit different, because you're doing something for them, you both going out and being presented with food to eat is not as intimate

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care to back up for statements?
also what kind of noises do you fucking make when eating?

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Love eating with my friends plus i grab a fry or two off their plate if i didnt get frys just a fun way to socialize.

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>care to back up for statements?
Have you never eaten with friends?

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There's a difference between fueling up and having a meal you socially awkward knob. Go make some friends and find out why the entire world does this routinely.

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Dinner in that setting is not about food, but interaction. People shared food as a sign of peace and good will for millennia. They're not looking for chow, but for a social interaction.

Or you know... they want free food, depends if you're fugly or not.

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This, America is the best because we all eat alone. In Europe they fuck around and "talk" and take 3 hour dinners which is why they can't get any work done. They also need to take long vacations just to eat cheese.

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>stupid way to spend time
She wants free food you sweet naive autist.

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I'll fucking stab you, you cunt. You want fries, order them, fuck I'll even pay for them but touch the food on someone's plate then don't be surprised if they hit you.

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You shouldn't be taking bitches out to eat in the first place. They only do that to get a free meal out of you, so unless you're fucking them you're a chump. If you are fucking them then congratulations you have a prostitute. If you want to do it right you ask them out for drinks AFTER dinner. Then you order a water or other non-alcoholic drink (because alcohol is for losers) and let that bitch get drunk so you can fuck her. If you truly appreciated efficiency you'd realise this is the correct way to go about doing it, and wouldn't have to worry about about societal-norm fa├žades that one must go through.

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