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Fine dining is a joke.

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It is. You could literally serve a ham sandwich for $100 if you just plate it differently and add a rock or something.

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Triggered coasties in 3....2....1...

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>talks about dining
>posts a picture of a bonsai tree


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modernist buddha bowl

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it's a dish at noma...

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I love watching that Netflix show that shows how silly it is while being a serious show.
Cute I guess.

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>Moss and Cep
>A snack of crispy deer lichen dusted with "cep" mushrooms resting on a bed of brilliant green moss.
Probably tastes amazing. I don't really know why people are bothered by the plating, it looks neat.

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charging $500 for a bunch of pretentious shit on a plate is hilarious.

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It is

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which parts are edible and which parts arent?

can i eat the moss?

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Lettuce stabbing bread with hard cheese?

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>hard cheese

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Those giant plates kill me

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how would you know its fancy dining if it doesnt have a big ass plate?

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And how much does Disney charge you to swing you around on glorified swings decorated with glitter after making you stand in the express line for an hour to do so?

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I appreciate the art of this stuff but unless you are seriously rolling in money eating this makes you a chump who wants to seem cultured

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People spend hundreds of bucks on leisure activities of all kinds, I don’t know why this is different.

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It's easy to learn how to make these.
It's hard to give yourself a massage or make a themepark.

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You’re missing the point. The point is an entertaining evening, one that you will talk about for ages. It’s not meant to be your means of daily sustenance.

People can easily brew their own beer, yet millions of bottles are sold every day... sometimes you just want to relax and enjoy the time you have.

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Noma literally just goes out in the woods and finds "food" to serve

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They are rolling in money. Maybe someday when you move out of your parents basement and get a job you could afford nice things

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They take what people already use traditionally and make unique dishes from them.
The deer lichen is eaten by some groups and mushroom powder is obviously full of umami flavor. If something is edible in a forest someone somewhere eats it because why not.
Deep frying, making something into a powder/puree isn't very out there.

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>oh look another guaranteed sour poverty grapes thread on 4chan.
Why do you poorfaggots always bitch and moan about what others spend their money on whenever its out of your budget range while spending money likes its going out of style on retarded things like tendies or wendys?

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t. pompous faggot

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cus spendin money on crack seems more reasonable than spending 400bucks on literal deer food

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t. tendies eater

>help, I dont like it when people spend money on things they enjoy but I will compare it to drug use!

4chan is always the most amusing when it comes to poverty.

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Oh look, another internet rich guy e-statting.

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4chan always has been, and will always be, a working man's image board

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Not even that pretentious, you could make this at home if you wanted to. There are recipes on youtube.

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I have no idea, but I paid 10 bucks to watch a good ass orchestra playing this week.

Fancy dining is for literal retards.

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What tunes did they fart?

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The Mac and Cheese ones.

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It’s literally NEET land

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I would pay $500 to see an ass orchestra...

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Nobody is going to make that at home and few would even think to do it.
So that's what you are paying for.
No different than watching any performance art other than you actually get to eat it.
I've been to some great fine dining restaurants.
But I have also seen a few that look like they are simply copying trends and using meme techniques for no reason.

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That's a lot of effort for a joke pic.

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I unironically want to make it
Only the chocolate shell looks hard to shape but it can't be that bad if you have the right type of chocolate.

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>LARPing NEETs living in their mother's basement
>working men

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Lazy bum.

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What people seem to miss about this sort of fine dining, or molecular gastromy is that silly presentation gimmicks aside, the food tastes really fucking good. If the food was shit and it was just pretentious presentation then nobody would eat there.

I'm not sure if anyone remembers the first time Bourdain went to El Bulli? I think it was part of "a cooks tour", his first TV program where his cynicism was dialed up to 11. The first part of the episode you could clearly see that he was expecting it to be bullshit. Then he actually ate the food, and found that the flavor was there despite the gimmicks. Noma is no different.

And it's easy to see why people gawk over the food. Making delicious food is one thing, but doing that and having amazing presentation is another.

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ITT: luddites that are not only incapable of appreciatinbg edible art, but who mock those that can.

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ITT: luddites that are not only incapable of appreciating edible art, but who mock those that can.

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I do agree that this is kinda pretentious but you guys do know that these type of meals have several courses and can last like 4 hours right? It's not like you pay 400 bucks for a dish

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And every dish is like 3 bites so you're still hungry after sitting there for 5 hours.

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the food isn't that good, though. fine dining isn't about the food, its about the experience. the only incredible tasting 3 michelin starred restaurant i've been to is gordon ramsay's.

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The trainwreck you call your life is a joke.

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Which show is that? I tried watching Chef's Table and it was insufferable wank

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>still hungry after 8 courses
t. fatty

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If you care about hunger how about eating 0.5€ worth of plain rice.

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It's 3 bites but you have like 20 different dishes. I would never pay 500 bucks for it but saying it's not a lot of food is simply wrong

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t. butthurt foodie

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>I only eat to satiate my hunger.
>I don't understand the concept of enjoying new, refined things.
Many such cases! Sad.

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t. poorfag desperately trying to justify his sour grapes

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t. tasteless faggot who chases status like a roastie

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ah yes, that moss and twig salad sure is refined!

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They're envious of people who can spend their money frivolously and it's addicting to hate people over the internet because it's so easy to do so.

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That's fried reindeer moss with mushroom powder.

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Nice strawman

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looks pretentious and gross.

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>enjoying haute cuisine
way to contradict yourself

>faggot who chases status
>projecting this hard
some people actually enjoy things for their own sake, not for instagram cred, you sordid joyless cunt

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That word to me just translates to "you're not allowed to enjoy the food of a chef who strives for excellence and innovation."

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people don't go to michelin starred restaurants for their own enjoyment. they go for the status. fags such as yourself willing to pay hundreds of dollars for twigs and grass on a plate.

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>people don't go to michelin starred restaurants for their own enjoyment. they go for the status.
This is the saddest comment I have read on this board, perhaps ever.

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lol u nerds never solv antyhing cuz all u do is talk shit.

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This is true. That's why there's years long waiting lists for those places. It's for flexing nuts on your foodie friends.

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Shut it incel

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How much do you make a year?

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>they go for the status
No, the men go for the status, women go hoping to catch a glimpse of the latest reality tv star, political memefag of the moment, or some other version of the vox populi, hoping to bat her eyes at him because he might sweep her off her feet and hose her so she can scream #metoo, sexual violation of my precious pure bodily fluids and settle for a few hundreds of thousands.

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You're a bit deluded on pricing son

Here in London majority of Michelin starred restaurants that serve things like that you can get the full set menu for around £70, approx. 100 dollars excluding wine pairing

Most Michelin starred restaurants in the world aren't outrageously expensive as you think. With the biggest exceptions being New York and Hong Kong

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That's not strictly true, the food has to be good to even get close to one star, with just an interesting experience they'll struggle to get even the basic no star Michelin awards

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Enough to treat myself to a fine dining experience at least once per year. I'm sorry for enjoying a thing.

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Most michelin star restaurants that I went to weren't that crazy expensive and I was always full after a tasting menu.
Of course it's different than getting a 12$ Pho as a lunch (which might be very good too) it's a special treat, you have a variety of dishes and usualy very good service etc.

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This, even some places are turning in their stars because it’s so stressful to maintain.

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Of course here part of the price is the look, not the flavour, but that's not a bad thing in itself.

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All these joke images of like sticks and rocks and moss and flowers and wood always look delicious. I wish I could digest wood and stone.

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oh so your poor... that explains everything

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i wish the rocks, twigs, and grass were crafted edibles, and tasted amazing.

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>chops up raw crab

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>I spent my money on expensive retarded things while you spend your money of retarded poor things HAHA btfo

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It's a joke if you misunderstand it. You aren't paying $400 for one dish, you're paying for good tasting food that has interesting twists on your palate and stretches to several courses with excellent service. Some Michelin level fine dining isn't even that pricey.

>60% students or people in dead end jobs
>20% with well-paying careers
>20% literal NEETs
>working man

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I think fine dining is one of those "you are paying for the experience" kinds of things. If nothing else these lavish platings of strange ingredients are interesting and unique culinary experiences.

If you are in the market for fine dining you can't think of it as buying a meal. If you do, then yes, you will be disappointed.

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Honestly, the story of food throughout human history has been the story of making do with limited ingredients, and cooking/seasoning/preparing them in the best possible way with the resources available. This kind of gimmicky crap defeats the whole purpose, and honestly, in a world where millions of people are starving and billions live in extreme poverty, it's a little grotesque to spend upwards of $500 on a single meal, but I feel this way about extreme luxury in general.

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>fail at agriculture
>have kids while you're starving already
Some people deserve to starve to death. Why should this mean you can't spend the money you worked hard to earn on a 7 course sampling of dishes prepared by highly trained cooks working under a visionary head chef? What false sense of sympathy with people living lives that differ so much from your own, on the other side of the globe, would move you to deny yourself such an experience? If you didn't think it was worth the money, that is your prerogative. It's not my place to judge you for that. If you feel specialized ingredients and technique are inferior to using local products, simple ingredients, and absolute mastery of basic skills, that would be a valid argument as well. But letting weltschmerz over global inequality keep you from enjoying the finer things in life is simply pathetic. There is no virtue in asceticism.

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>why not
Because it's not fucking edible.

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The worlds cheapest michelin star place is a dim sum joint in hong kong. Its really not expensive unless youe ast western or jap.

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Lichen and mushroom powder are absolutely edible. The rest of what's on that plate is just presentation. You don't eat porcelain tableware, do you? That aside, you can't use a single farfetched dish as an argument to invalidate the entire field of haute cuisine.

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Im not sure haute cuisine is the best term.
Like it's taking stuff from the nature that grows alongside the ingredient to strengthen an idea.
It's not just plating a dish really carefully on a plate like you'd expect in a haute cuisine focused restaurant.

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Modernist cuisine (what you are specifically referring to) is a subset of haute cuisine.

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>Lichen and mushroom powder are absolutely edible.
No. I'll say it again, it's not fucking edible. I'm not exaggerating, here's a paper concluding you can't digest lichen and that it's more accurate to call it a "food accessory" than an actual food.
>Experiments with a variety of alga and lichen preparations containing a large proportion of polysaccharide carbohydrates indicated that the latter were not readily transformed to sugar by carbohydrate-digesting enzymes of animal origin and scarcely more readily by vegetable enzymes or bacteria. Corresponding with this, the digestibility and availability of such products in the alimentary tract were found to be very imperfect in both man and animals. The results of these investigations should be applied in criticism of the claims made for some of the "food preparations" rich in indigestible carbohydrates, and many food materials more properly rated as "food accessories."
Lichen is considered a historical "famine food." People try to eat it out of desperation when they're starving. They're roughly equivalent to those mud cakes starving people in Haiti try to eat.

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But do you think that's indicative of every spot? Or are they more in line with HK's "playboy locale" reputation?

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>that will be 199.99 plus tip. Thanks :)

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How do they plate this? Do they throw out the moss each time? Do they prep moss circles? How do the sticks and rocks stay clean? How do they dry out the clay flower pots in time for next service after running through dishwasher?

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so gay jesus christ

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>How do they plate this? Do they throw out the moss each time? Do they prep moss circles? How do the sticks and rocks stay clean? How do they dry out the clay flower pots in time for next service after running through dishwasher?
I'd imagine that they prep the pots with moss well in advance, since it's just the moss on top, they probably don't wash the whole thing but just scrub down the top or something. They might have a drying room but pots aren't that expensive so they probably just have a lot of them going through cycles of wash, dry, prep, serve.

The sticks and rocks would be cleaned between servings, I'm sure.

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What's wrong with enjoying food from an aestethic perspective?

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>here's your duck brains sir

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