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what does /ck/ think of him?

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who is this douche nozzle?

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Seems like an alright guy. I dont know why the fuck he ended up with the career he has but i cant hate him for it.

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>he doesnt know the LA beast

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what are the geneva convention's laws on torture if it's self inflicted

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he's based and one of the only good youtubers

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hes going to end up having health problems like ShoeNice

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He's just gonna go the way that wacky I'll eat anything japanese professional eater in the 90s and just die of a perforated stomach, where the acid just plain leaked out of an ulcer turned fistula.

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dat Colman's

I like LA Beast. He looks like exactly the kind of meathead fratbro fuck I'd hate but he seems like a nice and fun guy.
One of these days he'll do himself a serious injury, though. I don't want that to happen.

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i prefered him in the super hot pepper days

now hes just crystal pepsi man

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I like him he's cool

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I like him and always hope he completes the challenges he does. I'm pretty sure he got bad into alcohol for awhile when he moved out on his own but she seems to have recovered and is living better now

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Good guy. Can still sit back and watch his vids too, which is more than I can say for most older youtubers

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i used to watch him a lot a few years back, but he doesn't put out much content any more.
who remember Chuck from the Bronx?
he was funny af to watch, but he just disappeared.

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Hes not going to live to his 50s

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I think he needs to stop, I find his willpower amazing but he's killing himself.

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Incredibly based and redpilled

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this desu senpai, he seems like a genuinely nice and cool bro but he needs to seriously consider stopping. i dont want to see him dying :( .

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I love him. Guy does whatever the fuck he sets his mind to. I bet he could land on the moon in a rocket made out of stuff in his garage of you challenged him to.

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He fails miserably at whatever the challenge is the majority of the time.

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He's fucking retarded and is definitely going to die young doing this stupid shit. That said, he seems like a pretty nice guy.

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He's kinda cheesy but still based.

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He cute desu

I also can't tell if he's fat or just built like a brick shithouse

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He's a performance art god. The video where he ate a fucking cactus is one of the most amazing things I've seen or think I ever will see.

He clearly was in incredible amounts of pain and bleeding in his mouth, gums, throat etc and he powered through it. I think he must be a pretty amazing person, but probably also dumb as a box o rocks

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Typical millennial pussfag attempting to cover it up with hyper adolescent competitive masculinity. Rather typical and consistent with that failed generation.

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>t. low T boomer

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This. He always manages to surprise me. After finishing off that cactus he goes and pulls out another cactus and starts chowing down.

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>s. I'm pretty sure he got bad into alcohol for awhile when he moved out on his own
What do you mean?

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>over the age of 35
>posts on a Mongolian basketweaving forum
>thinks he isn't a failure

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>I like LA Beast. He looks like exactly the kind of meathead fratbro fuck I'd hate but he seems like a nice and fun guy.
This. His personality and appearance don't really match. His positive disposition and good editing on his videos make them fun to watch.

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I love the guy. The challenges he attempts and the effort to make a good video (vintage cereal and drinks?) always fun to watch. He got sick as fuck after he did the Asian Market Challenge though, may of come close to killing him. I personally love the Ocean Challenge and Super Human Challenge. That Ostrich keeper is pretty fucking based too.

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Stupid. I've been able to consume wasabi directly without issue. I'm not sure about how it's supposed to work. Maybe I'm genetically defective, I would eat that wasabi ball without a break

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I've only ever seen Shoenice slam an entire new bottle of Everclear and he was still (mostly) sober beforehand while LA Beast was already visibly shitfaced.

Then there's this:

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Then why does he have more than a dozen Guinness World Records?

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The vintage drinks are neat. The 24 year old Ecto Cooler was funny as hell.

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He seems like a really cool dude and I'm not gay, but he's also a good looking dude

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LA Beast, you faggot cuck

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>good editing
>royalty free stock music from an indie game during eating portions
I love LA Beast

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He used to blast his vomit all over his dad's coffee table, so I'll give him props for the vomit box.

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The cleanup isn't worth doing it all over the table anymore.

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i feel queasy just watching that. why would any person do this to themselves? and why would anybody watch this shit? god damn none of you are worth saving.

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I like the part were he hurts himself

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What did he stick his hand in

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This shit right here fucked my sides right up https://youtu.be/CGwibPdEOVk?t=135

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How does one discover they have this sort of talent?

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Going off just that photo, I want to say he's an idiot. Eating all that doesn't seem like a big deal to me, just something people would chose not to do

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>acting like he doesn't know


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Wit, someone was asking about a D&D alignment chart for food reviewers last week

I think we all agree that Steve1989 is lawful good, but I think LA Beast counts as a food reviewer, so where does he go? Chaotic good?

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>I think we all agree that Steve1989 is lawful good, but I think LA Beast counts as a food reviewer, so where does he go? Chaotic good?

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I don't know who most of those people are, but I also put joey on chaotic evil and mark on neutral evil. good job.

>> No.11291995

oh wait, is the wolfe pit the guy who makes steaks from the dollar store and shit?

>> No.11292007

From Left to Right:



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oh yeah, i know worth it also. fits there. good chart.

I swear to god Mark either has or will take part in the disappearance of a child in his life.

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that Guinness lady in the suit is pretty cute

hope he hit that after. God knows the dude deserves it.

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wait wait he banged that world records chick?

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cuckold faggot

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>it's cuckoldry to hope a bro gets a good lay
I have my own girlfriend, m8

She's a draining nightmare but thats besides the point

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god, would you listen to yourself? you are a fucking dope, why don't you go eat paint or something

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I like the dude and I hope he got laid, why is that cuckoldry if I'm already fuckin someone else?

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mup da do muhfugen bix nood git lade muhfugga

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our guy just uploaded this
what a legend

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One of the old youtubers who still replies to random comments, seems like a decent guy. Decent competitive eater but he gets BTFO on almost every vid.

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>hooking up and staying with a nightmare

That's the cuckoldry he's talking about.

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>Polishing off those last pickles with only seconds to spare

In terms of raw competitive eating prowess Matt Stonie probably is still King, but LA Beast is magnitudes more entertaining. Funny enough, both of them are really bad at spicy challenges.

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no, its hoping another guy (i.e. competition in the meat market) muhdiks some bitch

>> No.11292206

I mean she lets me do all my weird fetish shit to her so like

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I seriously hope you don't actually think that's what cuckoldry is

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Where did we go so wrong as a society were we hope our bros dont get laid
Thats the only thing that separates us from common animals
You are everything wrong with the modern world

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it essentially is
>Thats the only thing that separates us from common animals
no, what separates us from animals is the concept of monogamy, things like marriage and religious/societal restrictions on certain sexual behaviors are the only reason you can spend hours watching twerk videos on your niggertech today

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there are monogamous animals you fucking lunatic
like swans

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>porn is cuckoldry cause you're watching a chick get fucked by someone who isn't you

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wow you pointed out one counterexample that totally refutes everything i said

>> No.11292237

fuckoutta here with your monstrous degrees of greed and insecurity
there are billions of women getting dicked by dudes that arent you as you read this, many of those dudes earned it. if that bothers you, you're goddamn dripping with autism.

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>it essentially is
it literally isn't

>> No.11292380

Looks like you're projecting a bit there buddy. Maybe you got something you wanna talk about? Or stop wthe sting yout bandwidth and our time and neck yourself.

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Both of those women and probably dozens of others were obviously spraying all over the place just being around him.

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Half the shit he does is retarded, and he knows it, but at least they’re better than the shit most Youtubers pull out of their ass these days. He’s still got that bit of 2009-12 era Youtube vibe to his vids, which I kinda like.

Also, Crystal Pepsi is better than regular Pepsi. Just saying.

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He's never really succumbed to the Youtube fame thing like a lot of others did. He's had problems with Youtube lately because he doesn't make his videos in the format they want. So he's a classic.

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Who was that?

>> No.11293071


He seems like a swell guy and I follow his youtube channel even though he screws up pretty often.

>> No.11293082

>dry heaves and forces himself to throw up
xD i LOVE his videos!

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LA Beast is an over the top pompous faggot that is entertaining only to teenagers of those with the minds of them. I really don't understand the appeal of him and he gives off major pedo vibes.

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I love the fact that Joey looks like Mark, if Mark just got depressed and gorged himself on everything food related in a 10 mile radius.

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LA beast is just that, a beast. Crazy motherfucker that always comes through with his stunts, and just does funny stuff in general. Other than that he seems like just a really down to earth dude, who just likes showing the world how crazy he can be, especially in lieu of all these vlog faggots, that he definitely could've taken the format of, but doesn't. He also seems like a just a nice guy in general.
10/10 Proud to be American!

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ebin memelord buzzword you got there

>> No.11293398

I remember when YouTube was just a simple video sharing site for people to fuck around and do stupid shit on camera, as well as being an open platform for users to express their own creative nature. Turning Jewtube into a money-making platform was already a mistake, especially if said videos don't meet Google's shitty standards.

What's even the point of monetizing anything if almost half the shit on YT that isn't Let's Plays or clickbait aren't even close to making a single penny?

>LMAO guys look at how funny and ironic im being xDDDDDDDD
nice one fellow redditor. 1 upvote 4u

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Some of the stuff he eats made me finally believe this guy was probably real too:


>> No.11293420

yeah man remember the OLD days...shit it was so much better back then wasn't it...now it's just JEWtube...

>> No.11293501

Can you imagine what it's like to take a shit for him?

>> No.11293547

I like how it got him high at first

>> No.11293560

Durian is too spicy for him.

>> No.11293571

>He looks like exactly the kind of meathead fratbro fuck I'd hate

And I bet you fancy yourself an enlightened, unprejudiced, anti-racist crusader, you worthless fucking hypocrite. While your pathetic surface judgment of him was wrong, I bet the stereotypes associated with your emaciated-ugly-faggot look would be 100% accurate and on-point for you.

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>Reading all that
What in the fuck?

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Dude's streaming at the moment.

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>After being suspected of eating a toddler he was ejected from the hospital.

Man it used to be party central back in the old days

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in what fucking way

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He is hot af

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but i hate niggers tho

>> No.11294303

I'm pretty sure he faked that reaction.

>> No.11294827

He did, that stuff does literally nothing in that state.

>> No.11294969

LA Beast is a dudebro who wormed his way into the hearts of co/ck/s everywhere exclusively through bad decisions. it's pretty impressive.

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He's great because he knows he fucks up sometimes and embraces it.

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>the ending
I love him

>> No.11295734

>He looks like exactly the kind of meathead fratbro fuck I'd hate but he seems like a nice and fun guy
You should check out the music of Andrew W.K. if you have not already done so.

>> No.11295832

reddit as fuck

>> No.11295904

>Finally completes a challenge in his latest video
It's been a while

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Another world record, for eating an Advent Calendar.

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>Douche nozzle

lmao epic!

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That spicy pizza video was comedy kino.

Guy struggles to even get a couple bites. Starts gagging loudly.
Dead silent in the restaraunt so you assume that its empty.... nope.
He taps out, grabs his camera, swings it around to reveal a filled restaraunt full of deadpan faces. Just silent.
Then he goes to vomit outside

fucking K I N O

>> No.11296356

lmao epic
fagot redditor btfo

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kill yourself half breed. yikes! bad look.

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He is indestructible.

>> No.11297998

I think he's going to die before he hits 35 of horrible, horrible bowel and stomach problems.

>> No.11298015

I don't want to like this video because I really don't want to encourage LA Beast to continue to kill himself for my amusement.

>> No.11298023

I'd throw back some beers with him. He seems like a fun guy.

>> No.11298027

Those records are so niche he's competing with about 100 other people at most.

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Nothing can kill the Beast.

>> No.11299028

It's not a talent, he just pushes himself to do things most people aren't willing to do for money. It's like saying doing porn is a talent.

>> No.11299239

yeah but he's number one at them

>> No.11300391

>Rhett and Link at Chaotic Neutral

Rhett took favoured enemy(liver)

>> No.11300394

Way to miss the point, retard.

>> No.11300955

They should remake Martyrs but with LA Beast

>> No.11300962

Try reading his post fully next time Thaddeus.

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Pain tolerance is a talent.

>> No.11301838

I don't remember much from that. Was there some cactus eating scene in it?

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