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Not even once.

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considering the last time I drank 1/4 a bottle of blue curacao it turned by shit blue for 3 days no no I would not

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Cringe and Bluepilled

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My stomach has been purified with my vegan diet. Anytime I eat foods too extreme my body makes it very well known that it rejected it.

I would but only if it's vegan.

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that looks really disgusting

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This unironically happened to me too

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Fuckin hell imagine doing that back in the day when people were beyond unhygienic

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Tbf, men wouldn't have been so bad, but can you imagine a wench leaving her gash unwashed for even a few days? The stench would have been unbearable.

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>men wouldn't have been so bad
My friend, a man would not shave down there or enema or anything, she would literally have shit finger for days

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don't underestimate how awful unwashed man junk smells, you can't use your own dicksmell as a reliable benchmark
t. homosex

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It really is bad, like I can't believe the shit my gf puts up with. There's a reason girls won't go down on a guy's balls outside of love.

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