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>the fork-spoon maneuver

absolutely barbaric

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For real who does this irl? I've only seen it memed here.

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no class

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Keep eating like a kid then.

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Some of my friends do. Myself I can't stand this ungodly cutlery combo. I slightly resent said friends for the duration of the meal.

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Do Nigerians really do this?

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What's the point of the spoon if it isn't just to draw attention to yourself? The plate is right there.

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honestly only ever seen this in italy and my one friends mom does this shit.......awful... unnecessary

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>tfw I see fucking asians sitting in the table across from me slurping their spaghetti like it's ramen

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I once saw Gary on MasterChef Australia do it. Season 1 or 2 maybe. You could tell it was weird by how Matt and George looked at him. He also looked like he was hamming it up a bit.

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>sauce on top of pasta
>spaghetti with a meat sauce
Do americans really enjoy having a pool of sauce on their plate once their finished with the noodles? There's no way that sauce will stick

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you just scoop up the remainder with the garlic bread

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Not as retarded as using whole fresh basil leaves as a garnish.

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i do it with ramen

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nobody with knowledge calls pasta "noodles"
i can safely disregard your post

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Are noodles a kind of pasta? Are noodles just non-italian spaghetti?

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>>the fork-spoon maneuver
is this a star trek episode title?

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You're gay bud

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Etiquette authority, Emily Post, allows the spoon. Italians do not, except for children, who may use a spoon:


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The axionic deflector spoon is offline!! OFF-LINE!!!

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Level-2 microreplication pasta system is collapsing...

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>except for children, who may use a spoon

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Imagine caring how other people use their utensils. I don't even do this, but man, you should find something to occupy your mind a little bit. How old are you that this bothers you?

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want to eat more, stuffed. damn you tiny stomach.

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It keeps sauce from splashing around everywhere, but you can easily just slowly spin your fork around.

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Everyone should just eat however they like, provided they're not making some huge mess. This is incredibly silly. Reminds me of being like 14 and having anxiety about what bands I should admit to listening to in order to seem cool.

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>unable to spell manoeuvre
>Reddit spacing
Absolutely barbaric.

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I don't care one bit. I just find it a fun way to eat.

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>he doesn't in2 chop sticks

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That's a gay ass spelling.

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I have seen asians trying to look cultured do that.

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Barbaric is actually slurping anything with sauce

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The first time I saw that done was on the show Boardwalk Empire when Gyp took over that town.

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>serving sauce atop plain pasta

Triggered into another dimension. 'people' that do this are beyond saving.

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>plain pasta
>some shittyass "sauce" that's about 90% ground beef
>no parmesan
>just some random whole basil leaves dropped on top
Do you think people who took that picture know anything about cooking?

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FUCK just thinking about that gives me shivers

>> No.11453485

I am turning 50 this month and it still bothers me. Nothing wrong with that.

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is it?

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10/10 movie anon

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sounds like the grapefruit technique

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I've only seen one family do it, and it was a welfare family, just a mother and daughter.
Good fucking spaghetti though.

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>obsessed, Calvin Klein

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