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Do you like Korean food?
What kind of Korean food do you like?

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I like kimchi, anddd that's about it

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Korean food all tastes odd. I think they have some type of weird bug DNA because everything they eat tastes like something you would feed an animal.

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Spicy pork belly/ jowl on the bbq

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Korean seafood soups are better. Dried fugu soups and freeze-dried Alaskah pollack soups the best. You just learn how to avoid spicy food after living in Korea for years.

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What an ugly thot.

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wish i could get jokbal delivered here

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Dang she's got some cannons

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Yes. And I've yet to meet a dish I didn't like, I have a pretty wide palate

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Kimchi jjigae with rice on a cold morning

Fried pork belly with gocujang, sangchu and rice

Kalbi and bulgogi

To name a few.

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Most boring food on the planet. Tastes like nothing, looks like shit. It's like they haven't even heard of salt.

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Post more

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Maeun-tang (spicy seafood soup) is one of the best seafood soups I've ever eaten. I lived in Korea for 2 years, mostly ate korean food and the only dish I didn't like was seunji-guk (blood soup) and that was more psychological because it had a big chunk of coagulated blood sitting in it.

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bulgogi and jajangmyeon

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the only korean i eat is korean PUSSY

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Hell yea brother

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That's a given, they're not rank tasting like westerners.

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Korean drinking food is pretty good. Got some random spicy shit, some soup, some meat, and fucking corn with melted cheese so you can’t go wrong with that.

Then again, I was drunk and there were a couple of Korean cuties with us so that probably skewed my opinion.

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Jigae is pretty tasty. Simple kimchi soup with tofu, easy to make and throw any sort of meat into. I usually use shrimp or pork belly

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>drinking food

haha what

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>a platterful of cheesy corn
do americans really?

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>so full of plastic she doesnt even need a bra to hold their shape

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The Midwest.

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Went to a Korean bar for beer and chicken wings. I have never tasted such delicious and perfectly fried chicken wings in my life.

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i like marinated beef short ribs

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Jaambong and kimchi bokumbap

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man i love korean drinking culture. im older now so it especially helps me not be as sick the next day to have food while i drink
yeah korean use stews and soups a lot to drink soju with. its almost like a chaser, one shot of soju and one spoonful of the soup. rule of thumb is anything you can eat with rice you can eat with soju

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mulnaengmyeon, tteokbokki, and jjapchae are probably my favorites.
mulnaengmyeon is such a glorious thing to eat in the morning, especially after drinking. Sweet, cold, tart, with a touch of spice if you splash in some gochujang, fuck. I miss it so bad.

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Koreans are the reason I learned about the magic of chicken feet.
It tastes identical to wings, just with more knuckles and less meat, but nobody uses them for anything else so theyre SUPER fucking cheap.
So goddamn good.

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godtier taste. theyre def expensive if you order them at a korean bar but if you make it at home then yeah its a really cheap way to pair your soju with some food

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I hadn't really had much before I took a trip there. Samgyetang is great, toast is very nice, but dak gang-jeon is absolutely excellent.

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Why do Koreans love to put cheese in almost everything?

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kimchi sauce plz

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Why is Korean food so weird?

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love mulnaengmyun or whatever its called
whats so weird about it?

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>asian food
>coat and fry chicken
>add sticky sweet orange or red sauce
nuke time

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Korean food is mostly very basic
>cook da meat on da bbq
>make da soup
>put da thing in da bowl

but its all reasonably tasty

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Rice cakes, fish cakes, live octopus,and budae jjigae is nice. Their fried chicken is great too and kimchi is a given. Never thought I'd like their food outside of bbq until I went to gookland.

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I'd eat the seunji guk soup

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>Korean "pizza"

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I'll have what she's having then I'll have her afterwards

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excuse me what the fuck

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It's disgusting.

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gook food is dog food

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that's a dessert, right?

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korean food is a pretty boring cuisine from what ive experienced. putting aside the basically clone foods (kimbap is literally makizushi ffs) theres not a whole lot going on with the flavours.

you have
-hotter kimchi

and a few side dishes. korean bbq is underwhelmingly bland, and when you go to a korean mart looking for interesting flavous lets see
for snacks and "spicy" and "extra spicy" for your noodles

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>pouring water on your dessert
what the fuck is wrong with brits

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I love me some bibimbap

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oh yeah and also some of the worst fried chicken ive ever had.

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They said his katsu are the best, I would like to try them.

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Topokki is pretty good.

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