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A couple of weeks ago some anon shared this Asian chicken recipe. I finally got around to trying it and I must admit it's probably the tastiest chicken I've ever eaten. Soy, honey, ginger, garlic, and cilantro marinade for 24 hours and then in to a 425 oven for 30 minutes. then start basting every 5 minutes with the leftover marinade that has been reduced by half until the legs are cooked through.

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this nigga got his chicken lookin like pee king duck lmao

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Based Asian anons

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Fuck asians and fuck you!

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Kung Pao soy sauce
Peanut butter
Brown sugar
Olive oil

Best stir fry recipe.

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so what is the fucking recipe?

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This. Ratios plox.

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That's a fairly standard recipe from all over mainland East Asia, with cilantro substituted for thai basil. Rice wine/vinegar is also typically included to tenderize the meat. Sesame oil, hot chilis, fish sauce, etc. will all give you different regional flavors.
Also, serve that shit over rice, noodles, or even a salad to sop up all the goodness.

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Times /ck/ didn't suck
I too want to give kudos to cast iron pizza anon
I picked up some yeast and tried his dough recipe. was so good I made a second one when dinner time came around.
400g bread flour
10g salt
4g yeast
275g h2o
8g oil
I didn't use a cast iron pan because I haven't used my pizza stone that I found at a thrift store this past summer. I didn't let it sit at room temperature for 48 hours because I was hungry,
If and I used the melted lard for oil.
all the recipes I've tried used sugar so I was skeptical.
thanks cast iron pizza anon
I did get three dough's from it because I like it thin

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>I too want to give kudos to cast iron pizza anon
Give kudos to J. Kenzi Lopez-Alt instead. I'm actually using that recipe today.


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no way, that guy doesn't post on this channel.
plus kenzi lopez-alt sounds suspiciously unamerican

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Well that anon was apparently taking credit for his recipe. It's the exact same.

And he is American, just some sort of hispanic hapa.

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anon never said he/she came up with the recipe, but passed it along.
but it's nice to let everyone know about that guy you got pic'd
how positive are you that he didn't get it from a pizza dough cook book? and is just passing it on himself?
that's the funny thing about chefs

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That was me, OP. Thank you for trying out the recipe, and I'm glad you like it. As another poster mentioned, my marinade included some Chinese cooking wine, Vietnamese Fish Sauce, and Sesame Oil, along with Korean Red Pepper Flakes. But, literally anything you have on hand will suffice and create different flavors.

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>24 hours

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No that would be sambal oelek, garlic, ginger, oyster sauce, honey, chicken broth, soy sauce. Also:
>olive oil
You should be fucking ashamed.

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>how positive are you that he didn't get it from a pizza dough cook book?
I guess you got me there! Either way Serious Eats is a good site and they deserve to be shilled.

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and then nobody posted fucking recipes because /ck/

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does your chicken come out looking like the pic OP provided.?
It looks delicious you two
excellent point. why don't you come OVER here and I'll show you KILL

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He's half American, half Japanese. His dad's Frederick Alt, Harvard geneticist, which sounds Teutonic as hell.
He married a Colombian woman named López and combined the names because he thought it sounded cool.
The upshot is that he's a guy born James K. Alt who isn't trying to hide the fact that he's a happa with a latina wife.

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no one cares shawn

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If you are talking about the chicken, here is my recipe:

Use any parts you like. I use legs because they are cheap, but the recipe works well with other pieces.

In a plastic zip lock bag place:

1 cup of soy sauce
1/2 cup honey
1 tablespoon Sesame Oil
Shit ton of chopped garlic and ginger
1 tablespoon Chinese cooking wine
1 tablespoon of fish sauce.
4 green onions, chopped in to pieces.
1 heaping tablespoon of red pepper flakes, Korean red peppers, or you can substitute whatever hot sauce you have on hand.

Place the chicken in the bag and marinate for 24 hours in the fridge, turning the bag over every couple of hours.

Now, you have your choice of cooking styles. These work equally well on the grill as in the oven.

For oven cooking: Place the pieces on a cooking rack in a 425 degree oven for 30 minutes. While they are cooking, strain the marinade into a sauce pan and heat on low so that it reduces by half. At 30 minutes, remove chicken and baste with marinade. Do this every 5 minutes for a total cook time of between 455 and 50 minutes (or until chicken is done).

For grilling: Reduce the marinade first so it is ready when you start cooking. Place pieces on a hot grill and cook until almost done, turning a few times during the process. Use the marinade to keep the chicken moist. The honey will crystallize, which gives great flavor.

I hope this helps.

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>olive oil in any asian recipe

Try again.

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these chicken recipes look good and all, but there is no way I'm spending that much time and money on ingredients I don't have/use. when I can put some bbq sauce or buffalo wing sauce on it, and I'll be smiling.
but thanks for sharing

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I like to make a nice mock char sui chicken

Hoisin sauce ketchup five spice powder and brown sugar on chicken marinated and then baked.

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is that something you cooked? can you give more details about your stir fry?

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Buy a bottle of soy sauce and start splashing it on stuff. It's good.

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I hear you, but once you buy the ingredients listed, you will have them on hand for more than just this one dish. I use these same ingredients in a number of different dishes.

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I had to check the fridge. but yes I own a FULL bottle of soy sauce. but I'm not going to buy asain wine, sesame oil, fish sauce, ginger
you know why, because my bottle of soy sauce is full. the only thing I have made that is slanteyed is fried rice, but I'm just as happy eating white rice. Ops pic looks fantastic and I would like to try it, but it's not going to happen.
what STUFF should I splash it on?

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Make chicken teriyaki with it

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Walmart has nearly everything you need in their Asian section. It's not like it's hundreds of dollars to buy a few select items. Maybe $15 at the most.

How poor are you?

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so If I splash soy on chicken, it becomes teriyaki?
I might be some dumb, but I'm not plum dumb

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>so If I splash soy on chicken, it becomes teriyaki?
No but the base marinade/sauce for chicken teriyaki is like 4 ingredients that even normie kitchens stock.
>I might be some dumb, but I'm not plum dumb
Ha, you sure of that?

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very. I had lost my job because of missing work, because of a crohn's flare. I've got a disability application interview in a few days. So I'm in a fucked up situation and to top it off I'm at my wits end with this disease and will be offing myself soon most likely.

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>Ha, you sure of that?
get bent fucker, just four ingredients but you can't be bothered to type them

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Oh, okay. Good to know.

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BBQ sauce fans would likely be better served from Oyster Sauce.

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>just dump a shitload of sugar and carbs into the meat because its fucking tasteless otherwise
Chickencucks in a nutshell

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Go back to /fit/, please.

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Fatty detected

I'm marinating yassa chicken as we speak and it will be just as good without all the corn syrup you're putting in your body

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>african food

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>I can't google a basic recipe so I will spend more effort making a shitpost isntead of figuring something out on my own
haha I love this board. I guess you will never figure out how to make it. It will forever remain a mystery!

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Where the fuck do you see corn syrup anywhere in this thread? 1/2 cup of honey spread out over twelve pieces of chicken won't do shit.

And, I'm no fatty, I'm just not obsessed with "muh carbs".

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whats a google

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Soy sauce and honey + brown sugar as a lot of anon mention on this thread is overkill, its dumping a shiton of salt and sugar just to make bland meat tastes good. Suits you

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Brown sugar is mentioned in only one post, and has been dismissed. If you are concerned about salt content you can always use low sodium soy sauce. I don't because I eat a balanced diet and am conscious of everything I put in my body. A little spike of sodium form a soy sauce marinade twice a month ain't doing shit to my over salt intake.

Really, just go back to /fit/ if you don't like eating flavored food.

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>Soy, honey, ginger, garlic, and cilantro

Give me quantities. What sort of ratio was the marinade made in and for how much chicken meat?

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There are other ways to flavor food than dumping salt and sugar on it, fatty boy

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>just go back to /fit/

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Fuck off. Moderation is key. That you cannot do something as simple as monitor your salt and sugar intake just tells me that you have no self control. As such, you aren't special, and you aren't any better. You're just a tard' who cannot control your most basic urges to eat like shit.

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You sound like someone who can't control his salt output

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Yes, but I'm trying to encourage him to experiment with cooking. Western barbecue and buffalo sauces make heavy use of Worcestershire sauce. Soy sauce has a very similar flavor, and you can mix it with anything to get a tasty sauce.

Eggs, vegetables, any meat will do. Use it like hot sauce, it won't hurt anything. It just tastes like meat and salt. Hell, pour a little in your hand and taste it, you'll get what I mean.
Teriyaki sauce is just soy sauce with some sweetener, traditionally sweet wine (mirin) and sugar. You can use sugar or honey, it doesn't matter.

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Umm, Oyster Sauce checks all those boxes and is of the consistency of BBQ sauce, instead of a liquid like soy sauce.

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