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Will dehydrated food ever be a thing /ck/?

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will this work on on my dick?

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Nope. Stay hydratted.

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Dehydrated food is a huge thing. What is instant ramen, camping food bags, dried mushrooms/fish/herbs, bullion cubes, literally anything that comes out of a soda fountain aside from water and iced tea, many mre's, box mac and cheese, vodka, most cereals or grains?

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I don't know what any of those things are.

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That's because you're a retard and your mother should have left you in the dumpster after prom.

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me in the back

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I don't know what a dumpster is, either.

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I wouldn't call soda syrup dehydrated...

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Beef Jerky?

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Obligatory I'm gay if it matters post

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I hope so


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The original chili con carne was meat pounded together with dried peppers snd dehydrated to keep on long trail drives.

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I hope so.

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>this was made when people though black and decker was a quality brand


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>t. the future is always a disappointment.
>i am from the future
>SJW gets worse, sciences dies, and people thinks it is fake news.

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>t. the future is always a disappointment.
Not always.

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what's your problem with Black and Decker?

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Like so many classic American brands it once represented quality and reliability, until they sold out and went cheap. See also; Sears, Craftsman.

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Some day

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Concentrated is not the same thing as dehydrated.

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is there water in it?

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There is liquid, yes.

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He is saying it should be obligatory to have dehydrated food, and he is gay if that matters.

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Dehydration means specifically removal of water, hence the hydro found in the word

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>dehydrated vodka

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Is your dick dehydrated? Try putting your dick in some water and tell me what happens

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fuck that pizza looks like shit

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It already is, but not everything can be dehydrated to save that much space or rehydrate properly. Your pic also involves condensing food, not just dehydration.

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>Computer, define "Prom"

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2 things BTTF got wrong about existing in 2015
dehydrated pizza
black&decker appliances

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Imagine the smell

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Nobody would ever call vodka dehydrated, nor would they ever call syr>>11650292
up dehydrated. The latter would be concentrated.

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Boy, did I ever fuck that up.

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it already is a thing and it's generally tastes worse than frozen food. Saves weight though, which is why pretty much all backpacking food is dehydrated...

what did you expect from pizza hut?

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