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Where do you sit?

>> No.11708668

I sneak out bathroom window and go home

>> No.11708670

private booth in the back away from the riff raff

>> No.11708677

at the counter in a seat closest to the door

>> No.11708682

Wherever it is easiest to sight-read the tap selection

>> No.11708685

Where is the singles only table?

>> No.11708688

those green hangy down lights remind me of a girl I once dated

>> No.11708706

At home because I take it to go. So fuck your seats and fuck your tips.

>> No.11708723

You wouldn't catch me sitting there, that's for sure.

>> No.11708768

On your face

>> No.11708774

Imagine the smell

>> No.11708806

lean on the wall beside the booth with my friends in it

>> No.11708815

per capita

>> No.11708977

Whatever seat gets me the clearest view of any and all entrances.

>> No.11708990

This, it's never wise to sit with your back facing an entry.

>> No.11709069

t. Super secret agent spy posting on the food and cooking 4chan board.
Grow up faggot.

>> No.11709078

Wanking into the Tampax bin in a woman's toilet cubicle.

>> No.11709484

At the bar, farthest away from anyone so I can start drinking and maybe get drunk enough to talk to some qts or wait for a qt to sit down next to me.
If there is no room at the bar I leave.

>> No.11709490

wtf ius a tempax bin?

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Corner booth; the patrician's choice.

>> No.11709937

leave and go to nearest hooters

>> No.11709963

At the round table next to the entrance so I have enough space to play Koikatsu on my laptop.

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