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Would you ever eat a rat? If so, how would you cook it?

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i'd make some ratatouille haha :)

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good one anon, haha. :)

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I'm from Ecuador and we eat rat all the time. It's sterilized and very safe. Very similar to how chicken and such are prepared in the states. You should try it.

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I knew it
t. Superior Peruvian

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It isn't taboo in South America. We do the same in Chile.

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i'd try it once, marinated and grilled over charcoal would be my preference.

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Only mountain, sierra niggers desu

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all women are heartless

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Only one way to prepare a brace of rats.

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> I fucking share the continent with this people

Im from Uruguay and this is the first time I hear this shit.

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okay these are the comments that make me love you goobers lol xp

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he has gay posture

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Are you gay btw? Not sure if that matters?

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Ok, this is absolutely based.

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The french eat them.
Gastronomique had a recipe for them in early printings.

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>Are Asian women (insert derogatory message)?
Western roasties hate Asian women.

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It's really not a good idea to try to save other people in a fire. Most people are able to walk out of a fire by themselves, and if they aren't, you aren't going to be able to help them. The idea that "Oh no, that person is dying from environmental factors, better go save them!" causes way more deaths than necessary.
Just like they tell you on a plane, save yourself first, then let the professionals deal with rescuing other people.
For example, all the people who try to "save" people from grain entrapment, or people knocked out by the occasional buildup of gases in similar silos causes tons of deaths.

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>implying she was thinking critically
all mothers are selfish and heartless 100% of the time no exceptions. that is because mothers have to be women.

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Oh, the incels have found /ck/

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Dude, no one thinks for an instant mothers aren't the most selfish little shits on earth, even the spread eagle mothers know that. Grow up.

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>Hello, this is chef Wang Gan, and today I'm going to prepare...

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That's not a cane rat, this is a cane rat.

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If you keep someone locked in a room with nothing to eat but a rat, I'm pretty sure most people would eat that rat sooner or later. There aren't many foods people wouldn't eat given enough hunger / desperation.
>how would you cook it?
As thoroughly as possible since they're kind of notorious for being disease carriers.

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My mum rules, maybe you just have a shitty mother

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I'm from New York and we eat rats all the time, but we usually just call it hot dogs though.

Anyway, are Chinese women heartless? That seems to be quite a popular meme on /int/ lately.

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looks like a nigger to me

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>grain entrapment
do americans...

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Chinese people in general are all heartless. They are extremely selfish, rude, and tacky.

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It's from a video of a white south african in china. His name on YouTube is Serpentza

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There's certainly a biological component but decades of socialism will do that to any person.

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"Cane rat" sounds like something that didn't spend its entire life in a sewer. I'd be fine with that.
Would I eat a New York City rat? No.
Same as with pigeons/doves I suppose. They're practically flying rats anyway.

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>if they aren't, you aren't going to be able to help them
That may be true for a grown man my own size, but I'm pretty sure I could carry out a child. Especially my own.

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