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do americans really eat this shit, or is it just a meme?

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Yes, but we prefer aerosol cans as a direct-to-mouth delivery method.

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I would quite like to eat the crumbs floating around that cesspool of cheese

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In america that is considered high class cheese.

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Why don't Americans have actual cheese? It seems to be either "cheez wiz" or that over processed grated orange stuff they call cheddar. Did no one introduce them to real cheese?

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don't forget those shitty little kraft singles.

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They made real cheese illegal. They also require you to put eggs in the refrigerator. They are extremely afraid of any food that hasn't been sterilized to hell and back and pumped full of chemicals. I'm not making this shit up.


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>derr is da amerikanz realy liek dis?

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>another yuropoor thread whining about our superiority
if i go to your sharia law shithole capital city, at all the local food joints what do they sell?
burgers with OUR CHEESE
so fuck up with your weird superiority condition while still using our cheese lol
i can guarantee you that noone in our great nation eats your shitty dirt cheese, yet you eat ours daily
if you apologies in this thread, then we may just find it in our hearts to save you yet again when the russians come knocking

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why do americans always assume that anyone who complains about their food or culture is european? I'm australian.

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Yeah we dip our guns in the stuff after a day of shooting kids so the hot barrel makes the cheese nice and melty

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euro "cheese"

>Literally rotten liquid from a goats tit
>Mixed with old wooden boat paddles by some hairy mednigger in his backyard
>Fermented in a bathtub during the summer
>Bug feces
>No preservatives because they like the taste of mold
>Sold in faggy wheel shapes
>€15/g because socialism

American Cheese

>Sanitary vegetable oil, not from a filthy barnyard animal
>Processed in a clean factory by the ton using stainless steel robots
>Treated with the best chemicals so the taste doesn't degrade with age
>Perfectly smooth
>Can be purchased in an aerosol can, individually plastic wrapped slices, a giant tub, etc
>The government gives it away to black people just because they can

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>Haha Americans don’t have good cheese anon
>Now go to your room while Abdul and his friends culturally enrich your sister

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>industrial stainless steel counter
>butter knife sitting on bucket lid, with handle
>non-cheese substance inside bucket
I don't even want to know what this is being used for!

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Amerifats are eating this shit straight outta bucket. Same as PB.

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can confirm that we do. It isn't meant for straight up eating though. It is usually mixed with a lot of other ingredients. Midwest usually use it as a topper on such things like potato skins or in a layered dip. I haven't ever seen anyone eat it straight up though.

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I'm American. It's not a fucking spread. What the fuck are they doing!

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Great for cheap cheese steaks. Or in an aerosol can for shitty crackers

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What the fuck. What a nanny state shithole

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Your country is barely 50% white but ok lol

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and yet they are whining for flouride?

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not a real place, not a real country haha

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Better than eating literary mold.

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said the 99% muslim terrorist

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>Shutup! I'm baitin'!

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Wrong, you fucking Israeli muppet

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New York and California ruin everything, food poisoning is a monthly event for people that live in there metropolitan areas.

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you just got kraft dunked

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they can't get enough of it m8, they love the stuff

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>Why don't Americans have actual cheese? It seems to be either "cheez wiz" or that over processed grated orange stuff they call cheddar.
I know this post is just going to be ignored but I'll say it anyways, all of this shit is considered low class garbage poor people food in the US. Nobody actually thinks """""""""american cheese""""""""" or cheap brand name cheese is high quality or good.

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amerimutts are TRULY that subhuman

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Misleading post.
>They made real cheese illegal.
The FDA is overbearing. They ban cheeses made from raw milk that are very young, and cheeses that are very high in bacteria by name.
>They also require you to put eggs in the refrigerator.
They require distributors and retailers to refrigerate the product prior to sale because most scrub and bleach them, making the shell porous and capable of spoiling on the counter (or at the market). You can leave them out at home if you want.

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mutt damage control

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>assblasted eurocuck on a shitposting rampage

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>assblasted eurocuck on a shitposting rampage
mutt subhumans hide out on this little shitty board because they get BTFO'd on flag boards

the most ironic part is you don't even eat food, you eat literal fucking shit

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Most "Do Americans really?" food is not consumed by the average American, especially shit like cheese whiz. These meme foods are most frequently consumed my tastelet boomers and children.

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>assblasted eurocuck continues to be assblasted, proving me right

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cant even imagine lads

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You do know that America has stores that aren't wal-mart, right? We have what are called "small businesses" which are owned by locals, and some of those "small businesses" are called "delis" which generally stock locally or artisanally produced meats and cheeses.

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he's here alot, but gets mad because the mods/jannies sometimes delete his threads
he just slightly alters the filenames but his posting style is always the same
pretty sad. most likely shits up other boards too


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>You do know that America has stores that aren't wal-mart, right? We have what are called "small businesses" which are owned by locals, and some of those "small businesses" are called "delis" which generally stock locally or artisanally produced meats and cheeses.

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most of those aren't me

see i don't have a shameful flag like you so i go on good boards like /int/ and save images from lads there

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Pretty sure you can't find "3kg" tubs of cheese products in most Walmarts. That's a wholesale or restaurant supply thing for shitty establishments.

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Probably a Turk.

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my sides

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damage control :^)
>good board
kek, alright anon you made me chuckle, well trolled 6/10

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>gets BTFO'd the second he shows up because he's a disgusting mutt who cannot handle the banter

>i-i-it's not a g-g-good board

Let me drive it home for you lad.


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No more (Yous) for (You) little buddy :^)
Gotta earn them

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>got butthurt because he thought he was white
confirmed a mutt

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just fyi we have lots of cheese in america. in fact, there are several states who are known for their fine cheeses. we also have many, many cheese products in this country including bucket cheese, spraycan cheese, cheese sticks, and other cheese flavored products. maybe you don't like the idea of eating pseudocheese from a bucket, but someone else might, and that's what america is all about.

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>mutt level itt: 10000000000
abandon the thread i repeat abandon the thread

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Good post

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only wisconsin has good cheese

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based and /int/pilled

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the weakest link could make or break the integrity of an entire nation

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nah that'a a narrow minded viewpoint, you don't wanna be that guy

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>Be american
>Cut part of dick off to prevent bacteria
>Eat sterile food to prevent bacteria
>Take vaccines to prevent bacteria
>Use sterilizing cleaners on everything including body to prevent bacteria
>Shit in water to prevent bacteria
>Brush teeth and shower multiple times a day to sterilize body
>Shave body hair off to sterilize even more

>Consume lethal amounts of plastics, bpa, lead, chemicals, petrol products, and god knows what else on a daily basis

He at least we are clean...europoor

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its pretty fucking good

just really bad for you

>> No.11802500

delete this!

>> No.11802507

don't forget that Fluoride Stare

>> No.11802569

..and that's all before they apply their fake orange tan and make up

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>Shit in water to prevent bacteria
Is that you India? Are you seriously being sarcastic about plumbing?

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someone put a lot of effort into making a collage that doesn't make any sense

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4chan collages are always cringe "put me in the screencap hello Redit LMAO" shit.

Don't get me started on /k/ "A magical place" collages. cringe as fuck. Glad the collage-making fad is over now for the most part in 4chan.

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>your country is only 56% white and there are stats to prove it
solid argument, friend

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This but unironically.

>> No.11802905

Letting thirdworlder yuros have the internet was a mistake.

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Of course we don't eat this! That's just silly!

That stuff's strictly for bathing purposes!

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nice get

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There is something wrong with American food I really don't know what are they putting in their food.
>Be sandnigger from ME, Doing Masters in UK,
>shop tesco/salisburry
>no weird bowel movement, even when I'm filled shit junk
>get diarrea once during my year
>Doing Phd in California
>Shop at middle class stores, ralphs, traders joe, costco
>constant bowel movement, getting weird shits no matter what I eat
>diarrea almost on a monthly basis

Shart in mart meme is true

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I like to dip my hot dog in my whiz

>> No.11804404

>Fockin amerimutts mate they really eat Kraft cheez?! Holly shit mate?! Why can't they just eat Tesco brand çhêësé like us superior europeans?
This is why nobody likes you

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I want this shit so bad but no one sells it in Norway

>> No.11805376

Do americans really do this? Immediately resort to projecting their cuck fetish?

>> No.11805382

They do.

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>>Haha Americans don’t have good cheese anon
>>Now go to your room while Abdul and his friends culturally enrich your sister

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Burger here, I have never seen anything like this, whoever eats this is the absolute fat man

>> No.11806703

The 3kg Kraft/Heinz pails are a product for CANADIAN restaurants.

GTIN # 10068100015185.

>> No.11806709

lul OP btfo'd

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O say can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

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It's mostly the southern and central areas that do this shit, but I would be lying if I said I wouldn't try a giant spoonful of that shit. It may be paste dyed yellow, but I'll be damned if it wouldn't be choice on crackers.

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sodium citrate and citric acid taste fucking amazing and I will fight anyone who says otherwise

For years, I would visit my grandparents in West Virginia, and we would stop at a fast food joint called tudor's biscuit world. Those hillbillies don't fuck around with their biscuits. I didn't like eggs as a kid, so I would get their melted cheese biscuit, and I could never figure out why it was so tangy, but so god damned delicious. They put that shit on their pepperoni melt and shaved ham too. Like two years ago I got a cheesesteak with cheese wiz, and I realized what I was missing. It was the missing link. I NEED IT. I NEED IT ON MY BIG. BUTTERMILK. BISCUITS.
I'm 5'11 and 160lbs btw. dog bless america.

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Yeah sadly this. Cant get hold of any strong proper cheese on holiday there. That said, same goes for asia. In Japan 20g (4x5g) of mild cheddar thats actual cheddar is 348 yen.

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what hellhole are you vacationing in? I can go to my local market and find like 200 types of imported cheeses. This includes raw milk cheese too. I'm not even in a particularly populated area, just a regular suburb in a middling state. Just because the most common cheese is everywhere doesn't mean strong cheese isn't around too.

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kill yourself retard

>> No.11807350

who pissed off muhammed again

>> No.11807431

Oh good, it's not just me.
>leaf, visiting America for several weeks
>shitting schedule gets fucking weird, way more often
>diarrhea and more liquid in shit
>return home
>shits back to normal, literally
What the fuck.

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american culture is a meme.there are no memes within the master meme of american culture. eating a bucket of synthetic cheese is not a meme is you live in america. it is a meme if you live outside america.
The defining characterisitc of the "memeness" of a bucke t of synthetic cheese is determined by its geographical location, not its essence.

>> No.11807512

>third worlders make the thread
>americans invade
>they retreat

>> No.11807726

If my mom made some Kraft Mac I'd gladly eat a bucket full of it.

>> No.11807750

Philly fags spread cheese whiz on Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and that’s pretty much all it’s used for. I think this is a screengrab from Man V Food, actually.

>> No.11807778

do americans legitimately eat axle grease?

>> No.11807797

>article lists casu marzu after brie as if anyone actually fucking eats that

>> No.11807803

There's "real cheese" available in literally every grocery store, even wal-shart carries a variety.

>> No.11807816

holy fuck he died


>> No.11807839

>unpasteurized cheese illegal in the land of corporate pillaging
>b-but we have muh freedom "cheese style products", so we're great, really true. So true, ok?

>> No.11807871

that's pretty sad

>> No.11807881

Try it on a philly cheese steak

>> No.11808098

I live in bumfuck redneck country, and literally every shitty grocery store I go to has a fairly extensive selection of fancy cheese types from all over the world. Nice bait tho.

>> No.11808166

Goddamn you are obsessed. We're allowed to purchase unpasteurized cheese so long as it's been aged longer than 60 days you dolt.

Nicer banquets often involve a ton of imported cheeses, but even lower end grocers have imported cheeses. Why are you so worried that another continent's grocer's aren't lined with your products? Americans typically cook with cheese more than eat as is, making importation and small farms pointless.

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>> No.11808242

A euro invented the internet shartstain

>> No.11808257

actually yanks invented the internet
a BRITGod invented the world wide web however
it's been my pleasure correcting you

>> No.11808273


>> No.11808279


>> No.11808311

NPL was only local. The internet protocols (TCP/IP) happened following initiatives taken by the US Government. (Arpanet) The world wide web was invented by a Berners Lee (while working at Cern) This brought us HTTP and websites. His work was inspired by the idea of hypertext.

So again, as a Brit you're welcome for the modern web :^)

>> No.11808366

The modern internet was the brainchild of the Department of Defense as a means of establishing more effective military communications during wartime. ARPANET itself employed packet switching methods inspired by Two Americans, a Polish born man who moved to America and a Welshman (NPL). TCP/IP was developed by two Americans (one of them Jewish so /pol/ BTFO) and also employed concepts from a similar system a Frenchman developed.

As this project developed so did protocols for internetworking, taking smaller local networks and joining them into super networks with other networks. This is where the modern internet came from.

The browsing friendly "world wide web" was then later developed by a British man in hopes of making these networks more navigable.

In summary: Both Americans and Europeans had a hand in developing the modern internet.

And you are both idiots.

>> No.11808736

>Why don't Americans have actual cheese?
The same reason we "don't have whole grain bread", milled grain is a superior product and ingredient. We have the shitty cheeses, but no one likes them or uses them because we have objectively better options.

>> No.11808794

This moved me, thank you

>> No.11808808

Do Europeans really enjoy sucking refugee dick everyday or is it just a law?

>> No.11808822

raw milk is illegal to sell in my state but raw cheese is ok

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>Sold in faggy wheel shapes

>> No.11808985

They enjoyed it, so they demanded it be made law.

>> No.11808994

based ignored but redpilled poster

>> No.11809015

Laugh all you want but cheeze whiz on a hot dog is fucking amazing. It melts from the heat of the hot dog and just adds this great cheesy flavor.

I haven't had it in like 10 years though. I kinda miss it but at the same time I'm eating much healthier these days.

>> No.11809156

it has it's place on certain foods

>> No.11809638

>american projecting his dick sucking fantasies
Like pottery.

>> No.11809645


>> No.11810445

why do australians always assume that americans always assume that anyone who complains about their food or culture is european?

>> No.11811189

This is unironically how some of us look. Instead of flag on shirt we have an affliction tee.

>> No.11811195

americans dont eat, they devour

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Yeah right. You know your ass gets this on the nachos you eat at buffalo wild wings.

>> No.11811201

Yeah. It's pretty delicious for how disgusted the concept of artificial, never solid cheese is.

>> No.11811208

How many threads are there about your country on /ck/?
I'll wait

>> No.11811227

based and cheesepilled

>> No.11811281

What supposedly good food does Finland have? Or England? Haggis?? Or what food does Spain have? Please, I’ll wait. Fact is, yuropoors may have invented a few OK dishes but we perfected it. Google American cuisine and be amazed.

>inb4 buttmad yuropoors

>> No.11811307

finland? I dunno, probably some great fish. Spain? Spain is fucking god tier. Jamon Iberico alone is worship-worthy.

We used to have great food here, now we have shit given that industrialization has taken over.

>> No.11812156
File: 1.77 MB, 1288x714, Screenshot_2019-01-25 American cuisine - Recherche Google.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Google American cuisine and be amazed.
I have to say i'm not super impressed.

>> No.11812198

there's actually only 600 calories in that whole .png file. what i mean is that there's so much fucking energy in the food displayed there that even the picture itself has the caloric density of a Big Mac.

>> No.11813221

You do know it's the same cheddar you get over there but only it's orange? And a lot of Americans like block cheese atm im enjoying some 7 year aged white cheddar

>> No.11813228

>what is DARPAnet for 500, Alex?

>> No.11813232

You have about as much culture as we do my man

>> No.11813242

Careful now abdul, you might get arrested for posting this mean picture

>> No.11813247

>I feel cheesy
were those his last words?

>> No.11813275

>european? I'm australian.
Same thing to us, not even memeing

>> No.11813278

Cheese wiz on chicken in a biscuit crakers is a god teir snack

>> No.11813309
File: 1.52 MB, 1600x900, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol you're not much better.

>> No.11813444

I thought this only came in cans.

>> No.11813559

>Why don't Americans have actual cheese?
Because you assume Kraft has a monopoly on the cheese market in the States and don't know that we have a section with the real shit in grocery stores that isn't plastic squares but you think that's all we have because McDonalds or some shit.

>> No.11813572

No its a /lit/ cross poster roach who got ass blasted by an american so now he spams mutt threads to try and heal

>> No.11813576

its great while watching ow my balls

>> No.11813654




>> No.11814568


I actually bought easy cheese and chicken in a biscuit crackers recently because I hadn't had them since I was a kid.

>> No.11815496
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>last video before he died was an arby's venison sandwich
that shit actually killed him. RIP

>> No.11817209

Oi, do you have your cheese licence?

>> No.11817273
File: 143 KB, 640x480, 3069515545_a53e1fdaca_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's your """cake""" bro ahahahaha

>> No.11817310


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