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Does this sandwich entice or repulse you? Let's see who's who

You already know I'm a sloppy boy over here

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are those hot dogs?

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I want to club it until I'm sure that eldritch nightmare will never surface again.

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>that disgusting bottom bun

get it away

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I'd horf down that pile of slop

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Into the trash it goes. The fries look great though

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I think that's "cheese sauce," anon

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Why give bongs and other trash ammunition to say "Do Americans really?" You're an embarrassment.

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Char those hot dogs and get rid of the mystery yellow mustard/cheese and I'm down

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Those curly fries look so weird, guess we're just way too used to seeing them in the seasoned brown variety these days. Also not a fan of sloppy joes, especially when eating out where I'd feel embarrassed getting my hands super dirty.

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I mean, it looks fucking delicious but I can't think of a way how to start eating it
It looks like something I'd have to eat with a fucking spoon, it's like soup dripping from the buns
I want my burger meals to have the consistency where I can cut it with a knife and everything I grab in my fork, stays there

If I'm feeling really savage, I just grab that shit in my hands and start going ham

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that pool of liquid in the bottom left corner does and then the hot dogs. the fries look like the tastiest thing in the pic.

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This desu. Id bust out the knife and fork and have the patties with fries

>> No.11818926

Personally, I would just take huge slops of it on my fork into my mouth simultaneously with fries at the same time, as things progressed might even just mess it all up and throw the fries in there

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Do earthlings really consume this? Is it for sustenance, or recreation? Does it strengthen them?

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Those fries look completely unseasoned and bland. Fuck that shit

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How is this even a sandwich? It's a bunch of shapeless edible things between buns for no reason at all. If you had a plate of spaghetti and meatballs and put it between burger buns, would it count as a sandwich, too?

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Yes. Why ask that? The answer is obviously yes.

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Those fries look undercooked to me, but give me them and some malt vinegar and I'll let you know

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I'm not talking about the stuff between the buns, actually. Should have worded it differently. It's about the shape of the stuff between the buns, at some point there's just no need to call something a burger or a sandwich because it's just an entirely different meal with maybe a patty or something thrown in there for good measure. As I see it, if you can't eat it by picking it up with your hands, there's no need to sell it as a sandwich and that's what's sort of getting on my nerves sometimes. That pic is a perfectly reasonable though silly pasta sandwich because it has a sizable amount of pasta that's well confined by the bread.

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Why would you put a chili dog on a hamburger bun

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Its the definition of too much

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It's a cheeseburger that has loose meat on top of it, and a chili dog all on it together

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Looks good conceptually, but the thing is put together like shit and is probably a mushy pile.of shit.

>> No.11819160

I would reluctantly enjoy it

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I don't think you can even see the bottom bun and that is way tooo much stuff on that burger, would just take off the bun and pour everything to a plate then it might look edible. The fries look decent enough to eat.

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There's a bottom bun?

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give me a spoon and i'll eat it

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>raw onions

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