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i love mushrooms, sadly all we got in stores here most of the time is button mushrooms, or bland tasting king oyster mushrooms.

whats your favourite mushroom? ever tried pic related?

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I like chanterelles.

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Does anyone have a good recipe for button mushrooms??

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I'm gay btw, and my colleagues keep complaining to HR that I'm hitting on them, even the ones that I'm not.

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I was going to post a serious reply until i saw this Homosexual troll.

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shitake. real full flavour. fresh not dried

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I wish I could try OP pic related but it's just not available anywhere near me at all.

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just take a walk into the wilderness and find some to pick.

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Morrells, too bad they are expensive af and aren't too common where I am.

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Chicken of the Woods is delicious. I also enjoy chanterelles.

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Wtf? Bigot

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You know, I love mushrooms, and maybe it's because I can only find dried shitake, but it's the only mushroom that really tastes like feces smells.

Can someone confirm if it's because they're dried?

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Suck it.

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without an asian grocery store nearby where's the easiest place to get enoki?

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penny buns are ok
They grow in my local forest in autumn
I make them into stew and eat with potatos or rice

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I don't live near any significant area of wilderness where I think I could find them

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are you comfortable enough to go picking your own mushrooms? my granddad used to have significant knowledge on the matter but even that i doubt in hindsight because i got the books he knew stuff from, which hold beautiful illustrations yes but they are by no means accurate enough to not get bamboozled

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although they arent quite the same as fresh ones i recently picked up a tin of pic related and was actually pleasantly surprised, as i normally find tinned mushrooms in brine absolutely disgusting.
they are absolutely out of shape though

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What mushrooms I've had I really love but I don't have extensive experience with many types. My county parks department has a morel hunt in early May that I'd like to attend. Anyone have tips? I'm in Ohio btw.

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I am. When I was a graduate student, my teaching assistantship would run out during the summers. So, I used to forage for chanterelles and Chicken mushrooms and sell them to local restaurants.

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I fucking love chicken of the woods but almost never find it here. Legitimately wondering if there's a way I could buy some land and cultivate it.

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dont eat mushrooms
dont trust mushrooms

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Good luck with the cultivation aspect. I suspect where Chicken mushrooms grow has something to do with a mutualism/symbiosis with oak microorganisms. Getting those conditions/associations just right in order to cultivate will be difficult to say the least.

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I drink plenty of coffee and I understood it's quite easy to grow your own mushrooms, like oyster mushrooms, using nothing but used coffee grounds. Biggest risk being (ironically) mold contamination.
Anyone got experience with doing this?

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These are actually edible? Would walk past these all the time when it got rainy in norcal. Thought they looked cool and would poke them but just assumed they were toxic. Hnm... I might have to harvest some next time they bloom. Probably should con a local botanist before hand though.

These grow in my yard as well, my dad always goes out of his way to search for them before he mows the lawn.

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I wish I actually liked them because there's a shitload growing here in the area every year.
My mom then walks her infamous mushroom warpath, depriving every poor deer in the forest of the seasonal snacks. Mostly these common ones (Boletus Edulis) (Can't find a good translation, pic related) and chanterelles, but also the occasional Boletus Badius.
I just noticed, do you not have more different names for different types of mushrooms in english? German has a lot of differentiations.

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I think that shelf mushroom is kind of bland, but it takes on flavor well.
They can be cultivated relatively easily but they work best on new stumps. and only for a few years.

OP, i like black trumpets, and I like hen of the woods (maiitake sp?) and I just tried matsusake (sp?) and they are super good. Want to learn more about boletes

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What are some good dried mushrooms and suppliers?
I have bought dried shitake and morel mushrooms. they were pretty good

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Penis Envy is great on a pizza

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Coffee grounds are the worst for mushroom cultivation

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That's tough, not sure I can choose a favorite. I do love maitake, and nameko are also delicious. Honshimeji, oyster, king oyster, enoki... I tried buttered and grilled enokis last year and they were delicious!
Button mushrooms actually go pretty well in omelettes.
I like Bear's Head Tooth mushrooms too, they have a sausage-like texture when they're cooked. Can't wait until summer when I can get more. I do this great sausage and peppers inspired thing, put it on grilled eggplant with a little melted mozzarella.

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in that case i am pretty jelly of you having that possibility. although my city is surrounded by woods to go to, most of the time the obvious stuff is foraged by elderly who seem to rush the trees in masses as soon as the season comes and leave behind stuff i wouldnt pick, as i also havent found a decent place to get them checked out

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any one know where I can find some good sizable mushroom tips

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Never tried mushroom in the pic (what is it)

Favourites so far:
Black trumpet
Funnel chantarelle

I like other types a whole lot too but those stand above the rest in my opinion.

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Enjoy your liver failure.

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Absolutely amazing, but almost impossible to buy where I am. I'm gonna try growing them.

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i used to hate them as a kid, but shiitake mushrooms have really grown on me.
made pic related recently and replaced a third of the dashi broth with shiitake dashi, turned out overly umami cuz that shit's powerful
i also have grown to like white and brown beech mushrooms, provided they're in a soup

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grow up
you disgusting fucking weirdo
show us your animu videogays collection why dont you

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see i would if i had one :/
but most of my resources go to cooking for family and not gayms
so im a dirty weeb in a purely culinary sense

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Well this sucks living in the desert

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Yes. Do this. You will be amazed. Follow the recipe. Don't forget the puree in a blender step. The sherry is not optional, it is required. Make a lot, freeze the leftovers.


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