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Going on a first date with a girl i met at work,
She told me that she wants to try greek food and ive never had it myself.
What do i need to know about it?
What to order for starters?
For main?
What if anything do i need to avoid?
I don't want to look like a tool.

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Overwhelming spices, gross vegetables like spinach and smelly shitskin ingredients like garlic and onions

The roastie is a coal burner, guaranteed

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Underage, the post.

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>What if anything do i need to avoid?
Shitting where you eat

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Theres nothing wrong with spinach,onions and garlic,you dumb niggerfaggot.

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You make no sense o gay one.

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t. coal burner with a bottle of hot sauce on its table

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Don't shit where you eat means don't date co-workers
It's a phrase adults know, and now you know it too. Congrats

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Based and checked

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>dipping your pen in company ink
Poor decision OP. Good luck too you. Also greek food is alright. Get moussaka or a gyro I guess.

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get some mezze as starters.

I always order bifteki as the main course.

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Arigatou, Gyro

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Greek food is pretty good imo, but for a first date its probably the worst food to get. your breath will be hot af when you go for that goodnight kiss.

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If you know whether you like olives or not you should be fine just reading the menu. I don't think there's likely to be anything that's a trap. Expect a lot of flavour so if you have a wonderbread and tendies only palate you might find everything offensive. If you want to avoid that kind of thing you can probably get a pretty simple fish dish but you should know how to tackle a whole one. If you get dolmades (grape leaves stuffed with rice and onion and herbs) yes you eat the whole thing leaf wrapper included.

Don't feel obligated to get meat, there's a ton of great greek vego food.

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If she doesn't like your garlic breath she won't like you anyway (because you should have garlic breath about half the time).

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>I want to try Greek

The whore wants ur cock in her ass

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>What if anything do i need to avoid?
Ouzo. Good lord.

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Take pics of her titties and ass for me chief, thx in advance.

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Get her drunk on ouzo and retsina and then take her like one of your Greek girls. (referring to anal sex as mentioned by a previous poster) Make her the Haydée to your Monte Cristo.

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Check out my nigga Akis, his stuff is pretty good and easy to make.

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do some moussaka
its peak greek cuisine

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Akis is based

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He sure is, though I do get slightly annoyed by him refusing to name the exact quantities of ingredients in order to get people to visit his website. Minor complaint overall though.

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Go finish your tendies

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well they basically only eat combinations of lamb tomato cucumber onion spinach and dough.

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>Mudshark ass play coworker gf
Nothing could possibly go wrong here, folks.

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Calamari is a safe appetizer, and gyros are a safe main. I don't think there's a way to "look like a tool" trying food at a restaurant, but correct me if I'm wrong.

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make sure you say “jai row” really loudly when you order it, so she knows you are a man of taste and culture

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yeah post more

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Extremely based and shitpilled

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>[Autistic Screeching] the post
Fucking hate 4chan so goddamn fucking much cause of low IQ subhumans like this.

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This >>11967736, OP. You're not gonna look like a tool unless you go for tendies and fries (although Greeks absolutely DO get fries when they go to their favourite taverna).

Things to note:

>tzatziki is a must with some nice pita for a starter
>anything that is fried zucchini is amazing (kolokythokeftedes or tiganita kolokythakia), especially with skordalia (mashed potato and garlic)
>skordalia goes amazingly with fried fish for a main
>however, the fish and calamari will most likely be frozen unless you're at a coastal region, so ask
>moussaka is always a classic (although it is not a traditional Greek dish)
>if you wanna go vegetarian (always a safe option), ask the server what "ladera" they have (dishes where olive oil is pretty much the main star, often without any meat)
>as >>11966766 says, please do not open up the dolmades
>ouzo is pretty good unlike what >>11966778 says, you can dilute it with water as is very common in Greece
>if the Greek salad has any lettuce, get out

t. Greek

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it's pretty basic man you don't need to know much about it. can't go wrong with some lamb
if they have saganaki cheese as an entree thats worth a try

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>get some starters as starters
america does it again

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God tier bait: the post

Retarded redditfags that have a superiority complex

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>shitskin ingredients like garlic and onions

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Also a reddit retard

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op, unless you're literally still in high school, when a girl says she wants to try greek she doesn't mean eggplants and ground lamb

bring vaseline, not tzatziki

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UM. This is 4channel, sweaty.

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>le "it was merely an act" bait on a food board
get a life

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You bit someone's bait.
Let it be a learning experience.

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no you're not

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It's not my bait. I never once claimed it was.

What I am claiming is you retarded redditfags bit someone's obvious bait and are too far up your own asses to acknowledge it.
So again, learn sweetie

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>reddit spacing
>calls others reddit
oh I'm laffing

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Weak bait. But checked.
Baby steps, anon

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You fags need to stop shit posting on this board but that was pretty funny.

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Just get some gyros. But also you should try dolma, pic related.

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