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Do as I say, not as I do.

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The prole will be satisfied with their cricket "flour" and fried roaches

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But she isn't eating meat

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She looks psychotic, typical vegan

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It's the modus operandi of our great socialist leaders, yo, don't hate.
She just trying to fit in.
X protection against the creepy meat shaming X
AOC is our rebel.!

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She's not. The repugnacunts will always try to find something out of nothing.
Fuck that bitch for trying to force people to go vegan tho.

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actually as a far far far right conservative I find that pretty funny
have a beer
keep the oven warm, we're on /ck/

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>suggest people eat less meat
>forcing people to go vegan

Why are conservatives such histrionic drama queens?

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Imagine defending a politician on cooking board because you can't stand the thought of someone in your political party being made fun of

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the dems are going to lose the next election

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The dems are going to have AOC suicided for the incredible job she's doing at making them look like idiots.
Suits me just fine.

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They’re set to lose everything, senate, house, etc. they’re an absolute joke right now.

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Every night I send AOC a picture of my penis before and after eating some anchovies. She always seems very impressed with my engorged member but she has yet to express any interest in letting me eat her ass.

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Don't give up, anon. Live your dream.

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she cute

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Fuck off with your stupid thread /pol/ nigger


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>There was gonna be a Red Wave last year, but the God-Emperor deliberately delayed it to coincide with his re-coronation! Truly, he possesses the greatest political mind the human race has ever produced.
Based and berderpilled.

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Does she like the before pic or the after?

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>political sides don’t pump themselves up before every election
Wow you totally got him. What a retard.

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>We should generally eat less meat
OH YEAH? Well what about that one time you were caught EATING MEAT???

I'm on her side, I think we should consum less meat, but I don't think we should just go full board vegan either, we just need to kill the "meat at every meal" meme

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>we should decide as a group what individuals should eat
You’re a cancerous idiot

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This is not the "AOC with a mouthful of meat" thread it should be.

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Do you know what "less" means? What is your first language? Hopefully it isn't English. If English is your only language you need to give yourself a late term abortion.

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Oh, c'mon, give the kid a break.

After all, if we've learned anything as a modern people, it's that everything can be made idyllic with enough government intervention, regulation and restriction.

All my love,
Chairman Mao

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>what is culture?

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The topic no one is discussing but you’re bringing up for some retarded reason?

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I know what it's not. It's not a unilateral dictum on food taboos. That's a religion.

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I want AOC to eat my cum

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The reactionary types have a tizzy whenever you suggest that America's lifestyle isn't 100% sustainable for all eternity. Imagine a world where the average Chinese or Indian eats as much meat, consumes as much fossil fuel and produces as much trash as the average American.

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>just having any opinion on how society or culture should behave
>Wow. Holy shit dude. Back off my freedom. Don't treat on me. Ur cancer. Fuck off. How dare you.

I don't have a gun to your head faggot. Are you so fragile you can't afford someone having a thought about your diet?

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>Imagine a world where the average Chinese or Indian eats as much meat, consumes as much fossil fuel and produces as much trash as the average American.
>t.someone who's never been farther than the "good" Walmart across town

Well, for one, there wouldn't be a huge fucking island of plastic choking up the South China Sea. You'd be able to the sun in Dalien. You'd be able to drink the water in Gujarat. The victims of decades of Communist oppression would have the strength to rise up against their oppressors. The educable poos would have a reason to stay at home to work for the betterment of their own country instead of fleeing to the West at the earliest convenience.

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You can have your thought. Are you so fragile that you need to sperg out and start having fantasies about guns when someone tells you it’s retarded?

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No matter what you post she'll never smile at you anon.

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Sounds like a world where they’ve leaned to make such absurdly efficient usage of all resources available, allowing even the poorest to have and enjoy all they could ever need and more.
Sounds like a paradise, to be honest.

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Because their lives are ruled by fear and hate. It’s mental illness manifested as a political position

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This level of projection is amazing. Leftist faggotry is against empiricism and logic, it's about your feefees being hurt because facts are bigotry!!1

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The person you’re replying to clearly isn’t conservative you absolute moron

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>murimutt thinks they know what a conservative is


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It’s an empirical fact that the amount of meat the USA consumes exacts a relatively high environmental cost compared to plant-based foods, eggs and dairy. It is also an empirical fact that Americans would be somewhat healthier if we reduced meat consumption. It is also a fact that the price of the most popular meats is heavily subsidized by the government.

Not sure what “muh meat at every meal,” has to do with empiricism and logic.

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>Do as I say, not as I do.

Perfect words for this generation.
>teens skip school to protest climatechange
>you adults should do more!
>all go eat at BK afterward
>get confronted
>b..but I was gonna get the vegie burger

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lol this post is basically just "no, u"

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Less meat /= no meat

I mean, i know you support Trump, but you cannot possibly this stupid, right?

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>Vegans say don’t eat meat for “health”
>Vegans then say don’t get vaccinated

How can a group of people be so stupidly hippocritical?

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Banning cigarettes would also make people healthier, but that will never happen. Besides, know-it-all pussies like you trying to tell others how to live their lives are even more cancerous.

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Dead rising was right.biomeat slugs now.

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