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Supreme pizza in the Philippines. Is it appetising?

>> No.12070597

Too many toppings.

>> No.12070614

how many is too many toppings? lets talk about it

>> No.12070621

Looks nice, but would likely taste better with less cheese.

>> No.12070751

Incel pizza

>> No.12070764

an abortion

>> No.12070769

more than 3 is overkill

>> No.12070780

Needs more toppings

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>less cheese

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How do they fuck up literally everything?

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fuck you, pineapple on pizza is great

>> No.12071011

I heard that you can't get any fresh mushrooms on the Philippines. Is that true?

>> No.12071073

Too much crust,dough looks too spongy too.
Bad topping prep/distribution, literally threw some onion rings on it hapzardly that could have been diced some and put all over the pizza easily.
Looks edible but not much better than frozen.

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Just ordered two pizzas.
pepperoni, bell peppers, onions ,olives
chicken, feta cheese, jalapeno, olives
Fuck anyone who orders pizza with three or four kinds of meat on it.

>> No.12071261

Looks like Papa Jones

>> No.12071281

based flips heaping on the toppings.

lmao faggit

>> No.12071286

Looks delicious bro
only faggot anglos with small dicks would complain about that pizza

>> No.12071292

Needs less cheese and a few more veggies

>> No.12071382

Looks good but not great. A little too much cheese, too much crust, a little too much stuff over all.

>> No.12071568

Nothing in the phillipines is good because you're surrounded by dirty flips

>> No.12071620

Bruh cheese is fat that needs to balanced off with acid. More cheese means you need more acid be in from tomato sauce topping or hitting that fucker with some lime juice. I cook pizza for a living don't triffle with that shit.

>> No.12071624

looks like a normal average normie pizza desu

>> No.12071629

>needs to balanced off with acid
>everything has to taste the same

>> No.12071632

didn't had a "fresh" pizza for ten years now, i would kill for one.

>> No.12071640

The pie looks perfectly serviceable, but it's not great by any stretch of the imagination. The toppings look unevenly distributed. In a great pie you'll get a little of each topping in every bite. Definitely looks greasy as fuck too which means there's too much cheese. Also the crusts are too wide. You shouldn't leave more than 3cm of crust on a pie that size, and it doesn't look like they got a very good rise on those crusts to begin with. 6/10 I'd eat it drunk

>> No.12071644

If you want to eat pizza that tastes like greasy pre-shredded anti caking agent laden mozzarella than be my guest and make sure to pay for that extra cheese upcharge.

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looks like frozen pizza

>> No.12071854

there's literally nothing wrong with eating cheese, that pizza looks bad but that's another story

>> No.12071856

who is she and why is she bogpilled?

>> No.12071929

I never said there was anything wrong with cheese. I take issue with shit cheese.

>> No.12072035

Crust is way too think but it looks ok

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anything but thin crust is trash

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I used to love all kinds of pizzas loaded with different toppings. I still won't complain about it and will enjoy it if that's what the group decides on. BUT, I've come to prefer plain cheese pizza, preferably some sort of NY/Brooklyn/thin-ish style (but not like cracker thin) crust. Then I like to top it with red pepper flakes and parmesan. That's my thing.

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Pineapple and ham or bacon pizza is fucking delicious you freak of nature.

>> No.12073364

onions accomplish the same thing as pineapple and are much better

>> No.12073376

It should have spam. Because of this thread my next pizza will have spam

>> No.12073523

What kind of garbage opinion is this?

>> No.12073559

i don't get it

>> No.12073630

Worlds better than brazilian pizza desu

>> No.12073649


I remember being 8

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Supremely shit taste

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>but would likely taste better with less cheese.

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