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>people eat this

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Looks good. I would dice that up into a tar tar patty and sprinkle some more salt to keep it pulsing while I ate.

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I've augmented my diet to include far more meat of different varieties out of spite for vegans. Vegans are responsible for more meat consumption.

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What is that even supposed to be

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>vegans eat this

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fresh meat

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It's like a lever made out of celery. Start pulling on it and the meat-eating dial goes to maximum. Fascinating how people can turn into an almost purely mechanical reaction.

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If you take ultra fresh cut meat and I mean slaughter the cow and take a cut of meat within minutes then sprinkle salt on it, the muscles will contract do to a chemical reaction.

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Muscle contraction is controlled by ions found in salts. So if you add some of those ions with salt orsoy sauce to a freshly killed tissue that still has/can make ATP energy, they'll contract.

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>people don't eat this

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Fuck yes they do

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Yea looks fuckin good you lil bitch haha

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>do to

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>People actually eat this

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>when you live in a fleshscape and cut a piece from the ground for dindins

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Putting salt on live muscle makes it contract

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>jackfruit tasting anything like pork

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>take food and add so much spice, seasoning and BBQ sauce that you cant even tell what it is anymore

The absolute state of vegans.

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>that piece of meat in the top right corner trying to run away

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I assume it's an animal butchered before rigor mortis set in.

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i was waiting for worms to pop out

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As an avid meat lover, I have made pulled "pork" sandwiches with jackfruit and was blown away by how similar it is to actual pork, the BBQ sauce overpowers the difference in taste and when cooked correctly it has a similar texture. Those beyond/impossible burgers are a far cry from actual beef though.

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As long as the fat is trimmed off or rendered I would eat that no problem

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the "reactions" were fucking dumb

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What is the point of this? I don't see people who also eat meat make an effort to make meat dishes look like a vegetable. Yet, here we have vegans doing everything in their power to emulate meat with fruits and vegetables. It's as if they don't want to forget the taste of meat.

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>I don't see people who also eat meat make an effort to make meat dishes look like a vegetable.

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It's almost as if vegans don't hate the taste and texture of meat but the fact that it's made from dread animals. Think for a second Anon

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Looks delicious.

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This is reason i am not vegetarian:

Making tofu that taste like chicken. Yes you probably can make it taste like something after 2 hours of preparation. All while i can just buy chicken and make taste it like chicken in 20sec (time that i need to grab it from bag and put in fridge). For to tofu that tastes like chicken, i simply put it overnight in chicken broth.

Yes we eat way too much meat, I agree there, we should mix in more vegetables. But eating only plants is as retarded as eating only meat would be. If somebody gone on pure meat diet like most of you vegetards do with plants, he/she would not eat bread, no flour, most spices (like all of them besides salt), no vegetable oil or olive only animal fat, most sauces would be off limit, no sugar. See how retarded is pure vegetarianism? And don't bs me about your feelings and poor animals, because if we all go for vegetarianism what would happen to all cows, pigs chicken etc? Thier entire population would be disposed while still alive, because of cutting costs.

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I'm balancing the universe. Their efforts must not be rewarded.

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The only acceptable vegan argument is that they don't like harming animals, that's fine.
Gross/unhealthy/inhumane are all stupid reasons, we've eaten this shit for thousands of years.

That said I've had some store bought vegan hotwings/chicken tenders. Pretty indistinguishable from real meat when it comes to texture, and that shit gets sauced up so taste wasn't really different either. If vegans can find cheaper alternatives to meat that taste and feel like meat, I'd eat that shit.

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>salt is a spice

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That video makes me itchy.

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A very VERY fresh cut of meat. Like, the animal was alive literally minutes bfeore that video was taken.

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Based Thanosposter.

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So why don't they just eat meat? Are vegans really such babies that they can't handle an animal dying for them to be fed?

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1. Yes
2. There's no social capital otherwise

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I genuinely thought that was a fucking cock pointing at me

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>this absolute level of rent free

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>The only acceptable vegan argument is that they don't like harming animals, that's fine.
>Gross/unhealthy/inhumane are all stupid reasons, we've eaten this shit for thousands of years.
this also with war and rape

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>what are muscles?

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>Soy Sauce

of course

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put that computer back where you found it Tyrone

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If you have a problem take it up with the Demiurge.

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Reminds me of Maddox before he went full cuck.

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I would be more worried that people would do other things with it.

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I love how much butthurt vegans cause.

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Theoretically speaking, with modern technology, could you prepare a steak tartare fast enough that it would start flexing when you added the capers?

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>Vegans don’t grasp reality and can’t cope
No news.

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