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Who else here is having a fine evening coffee beverage?
For me, it's a fauxspresso from a Phin filter, made using 12.2g coffee and filling the filter up almost to the top of the handle with water just off boil, probably 99C. It's way easier to make a single cup with this method than my Moka pot, so I do this when I want just a single espresso.

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What's the best decaf coffee? I can't drink caffeine after 11am or I'll never get to sleep at night.

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Personally I prefer me a good hot chocolate

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Does anyone know of effective ways to make coffee with medium-grind rounds without a machine while still getting the full flavor profile?

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I don’t understand 90% of this post. Also that looks like a fuckton of espresso in the picture

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it's a small cup and its comfy :c

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It's an espresso cup so it's probably like 100mL which is like a triple shot

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Hand grinder

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Hand grinder, I hardly know her!

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Holy freaking based

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Since you're a retard who needs everything spelled out to him, here's the setup

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the virgin coffee
the chad tea

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beans in

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water in

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ground beans in

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filter over the beans, water in
(previous water was removed from the cup before this step)

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water in, previous water was just a 20 second soak, now we fill to the top
(make sure to twist and press down the filter several times here to ensure the grounds are packed, i forgot to and the coffee flew through the filter in one minute instead of the intended four)

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like i said that last step after putting on the lid should take four minutes for all the coffee to drip through, but i fucked it up
final result still looks fine though

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I forgot my microwaved instant coffee in the freezer yesterday so today I microwaved it again and drank it. stop making things so complicated

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Not having a shit taste isn't "making things complicated".

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>he doesn't drink both

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shut the fuck up

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dont let him bully you
i saved ur thread two times by bump, so i wanna see you fight back and stand like the man u are
also pls more cool coffee shots :3

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just learn to sleep better lol
decaf is always bad because it's basically coffee that has been brewed once to remove the caffeine

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thanks fren, but i don't know if i will have any more coffee shots today. i can try it again if you really want though since i screwed up the last one.

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Worse than that is it frequently uses chemical solvents to remove caffeine. SWP is marginally better but still a lot of flavor is lost

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it's fine, it's a comfy thread nonetheless ^w^

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So I bought one of these cold brew pitchers for my decaf and the first couple times I've used it it produced a pretty much perfect cup. I used a random type of grounds I found at the store, coarse of course, because it smelled good
I tried other grounds and they came out considerably weaker even though I left them for the same amount of time and they were all medium roasts.
This time I tried packing the new grounds into the filter rather than just pouring them in and its sitting in the fridge now, if that doesnt work out i'm just going to stick to the original grounds or maybe let it sit for 36 hours instead of 24

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i recently ascended to black coffee. does anyone have a nice guide for finding the best types of coffee? currently just drinking shitmart store brand coffee

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my first order was fantastic. like a jammy wine.
second order was two bags from two roasters and they were both meh. didn't taste as fresh
got another bag ordered for next week
try some african beans, light/medium light roasts. If you've never had good fresh coffee you'll be blown away

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Anyone elso brew 4:6 method with a v60?
How course should my grind be?

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medium, leaning towards fine, on whatever grinder you have

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The first grounds that you used might have been more fresh than the other ones, that's the only thing I can think of. Also dark roasts are going to be more forward and bold with their flavors.

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just start trying things from different places, every country has a unique flavor within its beans. Africa generally has fruity and acidic beans, South America generally has a more chocolate/spice flavor, etc. just try a few and see what you like, i'm personally a big fan of Kenya

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Dark as shit, but not burnt tasting.

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did you buy that in a store? i can't find those beans anywhere online

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What is the best way to make coffee? French press?

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There is no one best way. French press is great, but I like the convenience of pour-over. And then if you're in the mood for espresso it's a totally different style that requires other methods, like a Moka pot or a Phin filter, as OP used. I have all of the devices listed and use them all interchangeably.

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Moka and Phin are not espresso

It's only espresso if it reaches 9 bar of pressure during the brewing.

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In my case super coarse, but it's best to use coffee compass for floavor anyway

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If you think pourover is convenient you’re doing it wrong and your brews taste like shit, but that’s pretty much what I’d expect from a french press fan

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I know they're not espresso, they're espresso-esque brewed coffee, like OP said, 'fauxspresso'. Also "It's only espresso if it reaches 9 bar of pressure" is bullshit, 9 bar is not some magical threshold for it to become espresso, that's just the industry standard pressure for espresso brewing.

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Nigger what? It's more convenient because you can dump the entire filter full of grounds into a trash can rather than being forced to scrape the grounds out of the carafe of a French press. And what are you even on about with these assumptions that my brews are bad?

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A little plastic ring thing broke in my automatic burr coffee grinder and I can't seem to find a replacement part for it. Any recommendations for a $100 or less coffee grinder with an adjustable grind size? It doesn't have to be automatic.

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i have a hario mini slim pro, it's really nice for me since it's designed for a single person, but if you make a lot of coffee at once then it might not be for you because it probably holds 40g at most

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It came in today anons!!

Interesting brewing contraption for coffee. Got the same weigh scale. Also nice to see another based gonfu drinker.

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I made the Phin "espresso" again, properly this time: The trick is to push down on the filter and twist it a few times halfway through brewing. Makes a delicious espresso, I can actually still taste the flavor notes of the beans despite the brewing method. Here it is with the new month's calendar and my preferred accouterments, iced animal cookies.

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I'd really like to try this service but I just don't consume coffee quickly enough to justify it, plus I usually get my beans from a local roaster and it's dirt cheap

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Caffiene doesn't hinder your sleep if you cum hard enough before sleep.

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You can have it send bags out every 8 weeks and snooze it. To that's pretty cool you live close enough to a roaster. I mostly like the so cause they send out coffee that works with your brew method and additives. Feels nice to be lazy on trying new coffee.

I don't know man. I either get tired or energized.

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how do i cum harder?

>> No.12115487

Man, cumming makes it impossible for me to sleep

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Yeah but its oddly difficult to find dark roast decafs, the two stores I went to only had medium and I even went to starbucks which only had one kind of decaf grounds and that was also a medium

>> No.12115739

That's kinda weird considering dark roast has the least amount of caffeine.

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current stash.

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massage your prostate with your free hand, anon.

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Thoughts on using a dripper to brew coffee? I've been considering buying one for the aesthetic.

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It depends what you like. I personally enjoy the smoother, chocolatey coffees more, like Jamaican Blue Mountain, Kona, most Sumatras. CoffeeAM is a good place to try coffees from different regions (when they have sales, you can get a half-pound to try something out for a reasonable price).
Espresso is also damn good.

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Moka pot is comfy and makes me nostalgic.

Lately I've been really happy with my aeropress method. Got one of those new Fellow filters and it makes it into a much better method and allows for finer grinds.

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Is moka pot coffee shitty espresso or just really strong coffee?

Also, what grind does everyone else use? I use medium-fine since every time I use fine, it sets off the pressure valve and scares me every time.

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You're just addicted to caffeine, man.

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Any coffee snobs itt? I want a good dark roast brand I can buy in supermarkets

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I don't think you're gonna find good coffee in a supermarket, buddy

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Technically it makes old school espresso, but now is considered strong, rich coffee. You can still make espresso like drinks with it.

Ditto on comfy.<div class="like-perk-cnt">💚</div>

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Don't know if it's just me, but the moka pot coffee I make is much stronger than any espresso I've ever had. I've been to pretty much every hisper café in San Francisco, and all their espresso shots pale in comparison to the ultra dark coffee made by my shitty, unbranded moka pot.

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Mym54 on aliexpress. You won't find anything better

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*taps still full mug*

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Cringe. Make espresso the right way, not this tarded way

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>drinking any grocery shit

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i get this at costco and its pretty good

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Good tea > good coffee
Bad coffee > bad tea

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Could be the pull they use? From what I know there are two "pulls". A short one, but the long one is called Lungo or something like that.

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Question can the wrong type of coffee curdle cream if it's too acidic?

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Ristretto and lungo, though no I highly highly doubt most cafes would bother pulling either because it requires grind adjustment. It's "Stronger" because Moka overextracts the fuck out of your coffee and you are probably using a greater ratio of grounds to water than a cafe focusing on their ideal of extraction

>> No.12119252

How the fuck do I into black coffee.

>> No.12119369

True. Though I would think hipsters would try harder on their coffee, but I guess business is business.

Get good coffee. It's hard to drink shit coffee black Also the type of coffee and brew method affect taste. Having life turn you bitter also helps.

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Only happened to me once when I forgot about the decalcifier still in the kettle.

>> No.12119842

>”comfy” coffee thread
>insults other people

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I never use a decalcifier since I always use reverse osmosis. However I had to put a little bit from the fridge water since I was out of my regular water. I'm going to try again tomorrow with the same stuff essentially but with different coffee. If it doesn't do that I'm going to say it was the coffee.

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its less of an effort thing and more about waste/efficiency. You'd basically have to have a second grinder dedicated to ristretto to ensure its dialed properly as you can't use the same grind for your regular shots and it's not feasible to adjust/dial in every time someone orders ristretto when the vast majority of customers aren't going to ask for it even if you feature it. I mean maybe someone more knowledgeable can chime in but that is something that would only make sense for the most elite cafes or hobbyists.

>> No.12120068

...though I guess I should clarify there's no real definition, some cafes just stop the shot earlier but in my opinion all you're doing is underextracting compared to if you'd used a finer grind which would taste a lot better

>> No.12120287

>Elite Cafe
That's kinda what I tend to image hipster coffee places, but then again that term could apply to people who pay more for a s t h e t i c and marketing tag words.

Maybe they do that to cut down possible bitterness though by sacrificing flavor.

>> No.12120447

A lot of third wave cafes are just riding the wave and selling the image for sure in my opinion.
Like I said it's just my opinion, underextraction will lead to equally bad sourness and there's really no need to stop short if your standard shot is dialed right. If you pull a ristretto with finer grinds it's going to be more concentrated and more flavorful

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eat shit nigger

>> No.12122149

>bro just buy a $5000 machine what are you poor

>> No.12122175

What's your travel mug, /ck/?
I'm looking for something >16oz, not plastic, and good insulation.

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I find bubba bread Thermos to be nice for the price. Though now I just stick a mason jar in a neoprene cover with a plastic lid.

So I brewed my coffee with my store bought beans and it didn't get curdled. I'm thinking it's the beans.

>> No.12125024

>putting cream in coffee

>> No.12125065

>Nigger what? It's more convenient because you can dump the entire filter full of grounds into a trash can rather than being forced to scrape the grounds out of the carafe of a French press.

Nigger what?
French press is more convenient because you pour hot water and forget about it, rather than babying the fucking thing with a gooseneck kettle.
And when you're done you just rinse the carafe out into the compost like a sensible human being. Wet garbage is how you get flies you animal.

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Did I make a mistake in buying this? Trying to get into whole bean coffee and didn't want to spend Benjamins on an electric one.

>> No.12125098

where do you find it then

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ok, do you have any suggestions then

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Check your local farmers market. Every city has a coffee company or 10 in them that put out halfway decent beans. A vendor at my farmers market brings in all types of different origin beans. Best I've tried was a light roast from Ethiopia

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Go ahead and laugh you ass clowns but this is one of the better ground coffees you can find.

>> No.12125141

It's decent, I had a good time with it
Not super ideal for filter though because grind isn't that even. Anyway should make a decent cup, especially with forgiving methods like aeropress

>> No.12125151

What would you recommend for filter?

>> No.12125158


>dark roast

If I wanted something with little caffeine, I'd drink tea

>> No.12125175

Most people recommend expensive burr grinders for filter
But honestly even with the hario skerton it's gonna be miles better than pre-ground coffee so don't bother for now, it's a money sink

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Rotpill me on these spiffy looking grinders.

>> No.12125212

>you just rinse the carafe out into the compost

>> No.12125219

looks really difficult to clean and it's probably not even very effective since it looks like a novelty item

>> No.12125231

It's perfect for fine grinds.
If you want a coarse grind for french press, you'll want to install a stabilizing bracket to support the burr.

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ITT hipster doofuses
what is it about coffee that attracts you guys?

>> No.12125243

There is some nuance to a good cup of coffee and different flavors to experiment with. Granted some of it is a bit overblown with its presentation and the obvious coffee snobs need to get stomped.

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File: 70 KB, 1010x412, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Illustrated step by step guide for the illiterate and the mentally challenged

>> No.12125282

Instant coffee tastes like shit
Gas station coffee tastes like shit
Starbucks tastes like shit

The only way to get coffee that doesn't taste like shit is to become a hipster doofus

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>> No.12125291

>putting wet organics in the garbage
Your NEETcave smells like shit and is crawling with flies.

>> No.12125300

what the fuck is a compost

>> No.12125308

a pile of organic crap that smells like a diaper dumpster

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The green bin next to your garbage and recycling, into which you put your rotting wet food waste and yard clippings so it can be processed into fertilizer.

>> No.12125332

we don't have that in my country, we just dump all of our trash into the ocean/landfill

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4channel is a first world website.
Please improve your standard of living or at least lift yourself out of squalor before posting.

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>American website
>first world
anyways, for this evening it was a standard mug of V60 pour over since i wasn't feeling espresso

>> No.12125633

Looks gay

>> No.12126319

Where'd you get that Moomin mug?! I need jt

>> No.12126405

you’re so newfag it hurts

>> No.12126988

you'e such a nigger it hurts

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I can drink coffee black if it's good, but a smidge of half&half makes it so comfy.


So I tired brewing this coffee a little different. After I brewed it in the moka pot I put it in a mason jar with a paper filter; to take out some of the acidity in it. Drank it black, and tasted pretty good. Still kinda bummed they sent me the wrong type of coffee, but at least it tastes good.

>> No.12128306

I received a bag of this stuff for free. It's pretty alright for preground coffee

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>> No.12128381

Duh, like I need a reminder.

>> No.12128406

Honestly nothing beats a good hot cup of coffee in the early morning while browsing shit on the internet or do your favourite thing on the computer.

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>> No.12130086

Fuck you retards for tricking me into getting a meme pot it always comes out too bitter or burnt and I've tried every stupid soi youtubers suggestions and still it comes out trash

Way too much work I'd rather just use a pour over

>> No.12130099

>a meme pot
Huh? Also it's a poor carpenter that blames his tools.

>> No.12130315
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This is what happens when you don't choose the superior pot.

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hey /ck/ I need some advice. My grinder broke so I need a new one. I've been using my trusty aeropress for years, but now that the grinder is broken I'm thinking about getting an all-in-one grinder/coffee maker like pic related. Am I retarded y/n? Has anyone used on of these before?

>> No.12130397

I haven't used it, but my gut says it's way to over-engineered and expensive for the price.

>> No.12130412

Price isn't really a problem for me if the product is well engineered and works for years. I had my eye on this one because it looks too simple to break.

>> No.12130428

I have this pot, and i absolutely love it.
Thing is, the coffee comes out really strong obviously, so you need to like it in the first place.
Interesting thing though, is that freshly roasted fancy beans that i ordered online came out mostly too strong to enjoy it, but generic cheap brasil beans i buy 1kg for like 8 euros, is surprisingly balanced, and i love it more compared to the more expensive ones.

>> No.12130431

Fair enough.

>> No.12130513

Well, I just realized that the machine doesn't have a grinder so I was mistaken anyway. Seems to me that most coffee machines with built-in grinders are pretty crap unfortunately.

>> No.12130540

I recommend diluting Moka pot coffee if you intend to drink it straight since it's very similar flavor-wise to an espresso. If you're using cheap beans and getting a better result, it's probably because the beans are older and less flavorful than fresh beans. Try making a caffe lungo by adding hot water to some Moka brew.

>> No.12130545

Just get a pour over mug and a hand grinder. Much less bulky and probably cheaper too.

>> No.12130650

you are?

>> No.12130700

Look online for local roasters in your area. Get it freshly roasted, grind yourself. Improves the taste a great deal.

>> No.12130830

mix it with some foamed milk and make a moka pot latte you retard

>> No.12131763

If it comes out burnt then you're letting it sit for too long, take it off the heat once the coffee starts flowing

>> No.12131867

Take zinc

>> No.12131909

Huge truths

>> No.12132245

Is brewed coffee actually better than instant?
I tried both and didn't find so much of the difference except instant is bitter

>> No.12132488


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What kind of water do you use?
I use moka, and i'm honestly using tap water, which in my area is pretty hard, and i'm wondering if it would make my coffee too bitter? I heard that water makes big difference.

I don't really want to spend money on filters. Do you think getting bottled water with low mineral count would be a good choice to just test it out?

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looks tasty OP, but boiled coffee is not an espresso

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I just use my 10 year old drip coffeemaker, and drink it out of my trusty mug

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are aeromemes allowed in this thread?

>> No.12132666

wagie detected

>> No.12132940
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Who here instant club?

>> No.12133136

water plays a huge part. You can buy distilled water and use 3rd wave minerals if you want to get real fancy or just try different filtered waters.

>> No.12133293

Get a two gallon reusable jug and refill it with reverse osmosis at the store. I use it specifically for tea and coffee.

>> No.12133327

>tfw day 2 of no coffee.
I really wanna brew some bros

>> No.12133328
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Coffee time straw addition.

This americanos are great in these.

>> No.12133392
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>Keurig has had the flashing lights of death for a week now

>> No.12133425

K**rig fags GET OUT

>> No.12133486

Just let someone enjoy there brew man. Why not suggest an alternative.

>> No.12133532

Handgrinding takes FOREVER though.

>> No.12133646

Enjoy swinging from a rope dumb K**rnig

>> No.12133649

I use a Moka pot bitch, I'm just not autistic enough to gripe at how someone gets their brew.

>> No.12133901

We have a moral obligation to steer people away from podshit

>> No.12133931

Anyone who calls their boiled acrid sludge that comes from a Moka pot 'espresso' gets the rope.

>> No.12134251

I don't see why not. I've never used one though so I can't comment on its abilities.

>> No.12134257

Are you impatient? I grind between 22g and 25g at medium setting (11g on fine for use in a Phin) at a time to make a single cup and it takes maybe two minutes.

>> No.12134267

Keurigs are shit though. I think that it's common decency to explain to people who don't know better that they are getting memed. They produce a ton of trash, are ridiculously overpriced, and make shit coffee that can only be enjoyed with, may Allah forgive me for uttering this word, cream.

>> No.12134268

>two entire minutes

Holy shit. Use your cordless drill on that bitch.

>> No.12134405

First off, you can use a reusable pod; though non-reusable is garbage. Also kurieg doesn't make the type of coffee I like, but some people might like it but just calling them out like that isn't going to make them switch to a new way you just don't have to be that level of Dick. Also fight me I will put a bit of half&half in my coffee if I want.

>> No.12134413

>25 grams for a cup.

>> No.12134446

water straight off the boil? enjoy your burnt, shitty coffee OP. you need to wait for it to cool to like 70 C. also an easy way to make instant taste half decent when you dont have time or access to proper equipment.

>> No.12134449

theyre basically just small cafetieres so no reason why not. not used one but cafetiere is my equipment of choice for coffee.

>> No.12134457

t. 12yo

>> No.12134567

Why would you buy another accessory just to use your own coffee? That defeats the purpose of having one of those machines and you're locked into fixed volume of water. If you're spending $100 plus a refillable basket, you might as well just get a fucking kettle and French press which will be cheaper and better. K*urig users are retarded ducks and they deserve death.

>> No.12134574

Phoneposting at work

>> No.12134583

That's like buying the key from your bull to unlock your cuck cage

>> No.12134979

1:14 ratio retard. 350mL / 14 = 25g

>> No.12135036

>a cup

>> No.12135154
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>So poor that he can't afford 350mL cups
Do you drink everything out of shot glasses?

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