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Is it true that Americans microwave their water?

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I microwave 8 ounces of water, put 4 scoops of formula in it, and feed it to babby. Wa la

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This is a weird thing for even yuropoors to be obsessed over

>> No.12119466

Their poorfag voltage is literally too weak to power a kettle.

Even their microwaves take triple the time of European ones.

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the only time I’ve ever microwaved water was to heat water for instant oatmeal, can’t think of anything else I’d want to do that for.

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>Making up bullshit because you are this butt blasted by American superiority.
The call to prayer should be coming up soon, you should get off the internet Muhammad.

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Oh I can hear the diabetes in your blood getting all fired up, careful now or that'll be $100,000,423 plus tip.

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If you're measuring in eu units obviously it will take less time

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But I live in America and I have a kettle plugged into the wall right now. I use it for tea, oatmeal, ans grits.

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If it's something Americans are doing, it's normal for Europoors to obess over.

Luckily they are going to be banned from the internet soon so we won't have to see their dumb posts.

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>your life of luxury and decadence is going to cost y-you!

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