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*seasons your food perfectly*

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When I see him holding a cardboard sign next to a traffic light, I'm gonna bean him in his fucking face with a quarter.

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Every time I see an image, a gif, or webm of this bastard something clicks in the deep recesses of my lizard brain. Some day it might finally snap and I'll end up in homocidal rage which will end with me flying out to his godforsaken restaurant and blasting those fucking sunglasses out of the back of his skull with a twelve gauge.

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Based make sure you livestream it

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absolutely based

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subscribe to pewdiepie

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incredibly based

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*goes bankrupt*

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*serves expensive meat covered in gold to venezuela's dictator while his people die of hunger*

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>Seasoning meat after it's cooked
lmao nice try

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>skull with a twelve gauge.

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with a touch of greasy arm hair

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this faggot is the epitome of modern normiefaggots

He can't butcher for shit, all show, 'le instafamous! XD'

Is his food good? No, but he's epic on social media!
I wish I had no integrity so I could make heaps of money

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Is that David Dunn? I thought he died.

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How long before people get bored of his shit?

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isnt he struggle financially?

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>my lizard brain
fuck off furfag

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Why does he look like a hitman

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he is so based

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Probably because your idea of what a hitman is was influenced by the movie The Professional aka Leon? It's probably the wife-beater Tshirt and the glasses.

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the salt is literally falling off of his hairy ass dirty disgusting forearm. Fucking gross.

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I hope you never look at how the food at restaurants is prepared then.

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i cook my own food dumb nigger

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yeah, make sure your meat is well done and your vegetables are nicely boiled. Wouldn't want any bacteria in there.

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>forearms have more germs than fingers

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>salt doesn't kill germs

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Ask him to toss your salad. He loves to do that.

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he misses, kek

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