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>ordered delivery pizza for university job fair
>drove to college
>get called by boss "don't order food, we can't serve it there"
>"oh but I already gave the order to HR and they should be paying for it"
>"Oh no worries they won't pay for it"
>"okay... darn"
>2 hours later I get a call from pizza place
>"sorry guys but we can't serve the pizza"
>"the pizza is already there and the driver is waiting for you"
>call boss
>"no worries, we can just pay for it anyways"
>get told to just keep it
>goes into the back of my car

What do I do with this much pizza?

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piss on it in front of homeless people

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>didn't give a courtesy call to cancel the order
You piece of shit.

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I think you mean based retard cause just got a bunch of free pizza!

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Sounds like your boss is incompetent

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Eat as much as you can.

Go fit as much as you can in your freezer.

If there's a soup kitchen or w/e just tell them what's up and try to pawn it off on them. I dunno.

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>Give pizza to a soup place
what they fuck are they supposed to do? Make pizza soup?

Ya dumbasssssssss......

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invite your friends over- oh wait shit you have no friends. Well since you're on campus, put the pizza on a trolley and walk thru the crowd ringing a triangle, screaming "FREE PIZZA YOU RETARDS"

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That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard of. I can't even count how many times my shitty managers ordered Pagliacci for us at Amazon as a half-assed effort to improve morale. Friday came around and I was drinking those "social beers" like I was pregaming. Fucking pampered college losers didn't know what to do with a beer anyway.

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I laughed, hard, bravo

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You're on a college campus retard. Just fucking give them to people. Only one per "people" tho. The karma you will reap will serve you for at least one lifetime.

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holy shit what a half-assed .gif

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Walk to the ave and trade a pizza pie for some smack and shoot up in broadlight on the sidewalk with them

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They made it sound like they called and cancelled. That's why I mentioned it to them

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Remember, when Youre paying your student loans, this is where your money is going.

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Is Amazon that bad? I might hop over there

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not that anon, but here you go fren

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I would take all the slices of those pizzas and put them in a trash bag and then into the freezer

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What's in the bag on top of the pizza?

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Plates and forks

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Donate to homeless shelter and post pics

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Fucking based

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>What do I do with this much pizza?
>not inviting /ck/ to come eat with you
where you at senpai?

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You around Seattle area too bro?
I’ll take some pizza off your hands

I fucking love Pagglici’s

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He's gonna get you!

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by ziplocks and put it in the fridge, hell even freeze some of it. are you stupid?

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I live in Seattle I assume you do to sense pepeliacci is a WA company please give me pizza I'll give u a hit of weed for one that pizza ain't cheap

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's all for now!
Oh wait.... I forgot something...... Oh yeah!
*presses coconut pie into your face*

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at least give him a nug you cheap sack of shit

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Yeah I'd give him a nug it's legal here the place down the street is selling an ounce for $25 on special for 4/20 which is cheaper than one of those large pizzas he has in his trunk

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slice than freeze, if you have a big enough freezer, then when you feel like it, taw in the oven, not the microwave

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That pizza box art is awesome

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Pagliacchi is good shit man, just stash it in the fridge

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Find hungry college kids and give them free pizza

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Riiiiiiiiidddddiiiiii Pagliaaaaaaaccio, sul tuo amore infranto!

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>university job fair
>drove to college
0/10 work harder on your fake stories before you post them

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>but boss...I am paligacci....

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Fenneko is my waifu. Isabella can eat shit.

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No one cares

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you took the bait fren so you obviously do.

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College and University are synonyms in America. You think I just bought $275 worth of pizza for no reason?

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Vacuum seal and reheat in a skillet with a few drops of water.

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Either freeze it or if you don’t have room just go to uni and offer people free pizzas

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Fuck spoiled uni kids. Give them to people who actually need it, like actual children at a homeless shelter.

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> not reheating your pizza on a pizza stone in a 450F oven for 3-4 minutes

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$300 in pizza is a joke to most companies. They wouldn't bat an eye

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OP here. Nah. Fuck those cockroaches. If i believed in handouts i wouldnt be working.

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take all the pizzas out of their boxes and stack them on top of each other, then proceed to fuck the very middle where the tips of each slice meet

best if the pizza is kinda hot but not hot enough to burn your cock

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>tfw student organization orders little caesar for the free pizza event

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Based, fuck the homeless. Worthless parasites.

>> No.12203083

>assuming greedy collegefags aren’t taking out loans they never plan on paying back
>assuming their whole existence isn’t based on handouts from their parents and the government

>> No.12203088

You lucky bastard.

>> No.12203091

>Unironically using the term collegefag

Yeah okay my blue collar friend. Id offer you a pizza but i dont want to watch you fold it in half and eat it like a burrito.

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Your degree is worthless wagecuck. Enjoy your unpaid internship.

>> No.12203105

Uh why can't you serve it there?

>> No.12203113

because the last time pizza was served becky ate too much, gained half a pound and complained to the school

>> No.12203122

>implying the unpaid internship doesn't offer employment opportunities

>> No.12203143

what the fuck is wrong with you? why didn't you cancel the order? did you at least tip the driver?

fucking jackass.

>> No.12203152

who is "they"?

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in the US a college is a school within the University
so you have the University, and within that University you have a College of Arts and Humanities, a College of Math and Science, etc.
since undergraduate studies are at colleges within the University, most people use the terms interchangeably

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Financial cuckold.

>> No.12203225

HR & Boss

>> No.12203260

why would they do your job for you? you're the one who ordered the pizza. you're the one who was told the pizza was not needed. the only reasonable assumption is that you would cancel it.

>> No.12204249

>my job
Isn't it HR's job to make these arrangements? I'm a software engineer but I picked this up because they failed to do so the day before.

>you're the one who was told the pizza was not needed.
They basically told me not to order any more food. I said, "Well I already ordered pizza and HR told me they're paying for it. Should I call them and have them cancel the order instead?" And the disconnect here was that the boss said something like, "I'm sitting with HR right now and I got this handled." I assumed that meant that pizza order was cancelled, not that they just agreed to not pay for it.

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capitol hill will also work.. cal anderson preferably, or near the dumpsters outside comet.

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Freeze it and reheat in the oven later. Goddamn nigga get a brain.

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you wanna prank my old coworkers??

100% serious

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Collegefags are morons, the smartest people I have met are ruralfag hillbilly/ rednecks, mountainmen and ex special forces guys. Citycucks are faggots.
>Inb4 I have never lived in a city.
I have lived in Chicago, Las Vegas, Portland, Vancouver and Seattle. Cityfags can eat a DICK.

>> No.12204334

Based and caphillpilled

>> No.12204342

Poor flyovers are always so obsessed with coasties lol

Nobody thinks about you nor can they hear you screaming out from the swamp. Maybe youll earn their respect if you ride a tiny unicycle and jump thru a flaming hoop, not boast about redneck intelligence :)

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You think about them constantly because you never shut up about them

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I lived in the high desert mountains of WA state. Checkmate GMO niggerlover citycuck.

>> No.12204377

>Desert mountain
Skipped geography class to go tip cows, Tyler?

>> No.12204380

Cities are filled with miserable assholes who comfort themselves by talking down to the relaxed, nice people out in the countryside.

>> No.12204388

I think the hillbilly here meant "dessert mountain"...

>> No.12204392

It keeps for a while. Give it out

>> No.12204402 [DELETED] 

There are cacti where I live and I live on a mountain. Checkmate retard.

>> No.12204407

Lol you're so bitter. Eastern Washington is quite nice tho

>> No.12204412

So you raise cactus in the mountains. Oh i see. That is so adorable, you think deserts just need cacti to be deserts? Arent you forgetting the other major characteristic...? SAND??? HELLO!!! How can you be such a dumbass nigger? Lmfao

>> No.12204430 [DELETED] 

Not as bitter as my wifes son, stickboys who bend over for niggerdick and used up high mileage roastie whores and kikes.

>> No.12204437

This is what living in the boonies does to you, you slowly unlearn your own language

>> No.12204441


But.. the climate is defined by annual rainfall. Not cacti or sand.


He’s in seattle. Id throw it all away before giving it to any if the homeless there..

>> No.12204444 [DELETED] 

There is sand and cacti where I live. High desert moutains exist but you are a seattlehomosex so you will never know. Ferry county best county.

>> No.12204450

Nice quads, too bad that doesnt put food on your plate. Now stop posting and check your possum traps

>> No.12204458

Damn does everyone in eastern Washington smoke meth?

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Just freeze it.
When you want to eat it just let it start thawing and throw it in a covered pan on lower heat for a few minutes, then turn the heat up to get the dough nice and crispy.

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Yeah, nothing like living around the contaminated Umatilla chemical weapons disposal site.

>> No.12204466 [DELETED] 

I hunt and raise my own meat. I grow and harvest my own vegetables. I have a years worth of food at all times. I bet you have 2 days worth in your fridge cuck.
Half of us do.

>> No.12204477

Yeah i also have something called ubereats and doordash... Does your local gas station do delivery?? A la carte slim jim???? Hehehehe!!!!!

>> No.12204491 [DELETED] 

You are a slave to consumerism and GMO garbage. I am free, something soibois like you will never know, actual freedom. How sad.

>> No.12204516

Free to.... Do what. Get baited on a mcchicken collectors forum like the rest of us?

D e l u s i o n

Its all that meth homeboy youre strung the fuck out

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Based city friend. Being stuck out in the boonies with nothing but meth and /pol/ and qanon for decades really warps their sense of reality. $100 says he is a Boomer who found his way to 4chan from the_donald, hence his cringeworthy use of boomerslurs (soiboy cuck, oh no xD)

>> No.12204547 [DELETED] 

The freedom to not be a slave but slaves like you don't know they are slaves so they hate the free but you don't even understand the concept of freedom and you will never attain. A slaves life for you, enjoy.
I am a 26 year old Freeman. Enjoy your slavery.

>> No.12204552

>Whats X
>X is not Y but U will never understand X because you are a Y

Whew chile you ramble just like a dysentery stricken vietnam vet

>> No.12204569 [DELETED] 

I would rather ramble on than be a slave. Not everyone is meant to be free and that is okay. Most are of slave stock and schlomoberg needs his cattle so he can make billions. Slave on slavebro.

>> No.12204573

I think the smell of hobo anus and trash has warped you.

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No one will be free until Marxist revolution overturns the capitalist system and seizes the means of production, friendo

>> No.12204578

Okay. Good fight. Now to pull the killswitch. You may be "free", but you definitely wont be free to post on this board anymore. Enjoy your vacation.

>> No.12204598 [DELETED] 

Figures, every snitch I have met is a faggot coward. Real men handle their own problems instead of crying to someone else.

>> No.12204602

Issa joke, bro. I didnt even report it. *Deftly fingers your ass* put er there champ

>> No.12204604

How can you be this autistic? Think of it like the method "trivial pizza stuff" belonged to the object "retarded software engineer" and everyone knew this, except you

>> No.12204612

Lmao I can just imagine the HR department looking up the phone number for the pizza place, calling them, trying to explain that some other guy made an order but they need to cancel it.

>> No.12204614

I don’t see what was wrong with this. College kids don’t give a fuck about fine dining and generally love fast food.

>> No.12204622

It's just embarrassing

>> No.12204626

Man, I can't even fucking parse this.
Just eat the fucking pizza, you winged faggot.

>> No.12204628

Imagine the smell

>> No.12204632


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it's been said already but I'll nth freezing it. gallon ziploc bags work great, let them cool then stack the slices on top of one another.
if you run out of freezer space, take them down to the local homeless shelter

>> No.12204890

>method "trivial pizza stuff" belonged to the object "retarded software engineer"
Coding is the least part of any real software engineer job.
That is if it's actually one and not just a disguised 'software developer' or whatever.

>> No.12204952

Are you some HR shill

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Mfw I reported it and he got banned

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Holy fucking shit

Why anon

Your pic is apt. Your clown levels are off the charts

>> No.12205327

I'm in Bellingham!!!!!!!!!

>> No.12205580

Just like to think of him meth raging in his trailer screaming about slave soyboys

>> No.12205953

blend it with water to make a nutritional paste

>> No.12206422

should've brought it to the hub fucker

>> No.12206426

shit meant to reply to OP, sorry dude

should've brought it anyways geek

>> No.12206476

pizza party with your friends/family
if you don't have friends/family, suffocate yourself by smothering yourself with the pizzas lol wtf are you living for?
put two halves on top of each other, topping sides together. use as a pocket pussy
go on the sidewalk in front of the house of someone you hate and give the pizza away to the hobos so they keep going back there
sell it on craigslist and use the money to buy less disgusting food

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