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What's your favorite Food Movie or food-related scene from a movie?

Tom Jones

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there's no better one

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Tampopo is the official movie of /ck/. Pick any scene you want.


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have you seen the documentary now! episode ?
Juan Likes Rice & Chicken?
its absolute kino

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When peewee eats the Mr T cereal.

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I like Eat Drink Man Woman and The Big Night equally.

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what the fuck

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the ramen version of Jiro dreams...

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this movie was some stupid shit

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saw this one not too long ago. slow drama about connecting with other people by making them food

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I would like to be Ramen it down her throat

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water: the great mystery
pic related. the whole restaurant scene in "the jerk" is great. plus burnadette peters is smoking hot in 1978
what a couple of BOOBS

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Still is, desu.

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Raw egg scene of course

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the white castle!

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God of Cookery. Obviously.

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There's no good yt clip of it, and I can't find the webm I'm sure I have somewhere. But yeah, the egg scene is definitely top 3 - though it's kind of absurd that there are probably people in this thread who haven't experienced it.

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The live shrimp scene.

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Tom Hardy deep frying bacon to make a sandwich for Benedict Cumberbatch. Ohhh.

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I played it at work for a coworker and didn't tell them it was a mockumentary. As soon as Armisen was bashing the bag of rice into the tree to "tenderize the rice" my coworker called BS on the whole thing. My sides were killing me.

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Kino movie. Made me experiment a lot more in the kitchen. The day after I made a dope passionfruit pork stir-fry.

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you already posted my favorite scene.
I rewatch this movie at least once a year, its so perfect.

I also love the spaghetti scene and the scene where the old lady finger blasts a peach

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Bubba explaining the different ways of cooking shrimp.

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the Eraserhead awkward dinner scene

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ok. this is definitely a classic. the guy who played the trucker also did a cameo in Ramen Girl as the ramen master

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Why is he eating the rice like that? Doesn't he know how to use chopsticks?

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That was mildly funny dark humor, but fucking depressing.

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I'll give it a shot.

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>rushing home to your dying wife every day so you can make her feel good about doing her womanly duties such as cooking for your family

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>movie about the horrors of mcdonalds fast food
>makes everyone want to eat mcdonalds after watching
great movie desu

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What movie is this

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Babette's Feast (1987)

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>cooking anything
good joke

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Always wondered where it was from

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Fuck wrong one this is it

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The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover

Fantastic film, plus Helen Mirren!

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This was so much better than his other doc, Jiro Nightmares of Assrape

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>the trucker also did a cameo in Ramen Girl as the ramen master
Well shit, now I have to rewatch Ramen Girl. I knew it was obviously influenced by Tampopo, but didn't know one of the main characters actually made a cameo.

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never saw it. probably banned in these parts

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I like Chef.

also that show with Bradley Cooper was a good watch.

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>Eat Drink Man Woman
that's some good shit

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>not posting the opening scene

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Also absolutely beautifully shot, every scene looks like a baroque masterpiece. Peter Greenaway is a cinematography genius.

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What happened to Brittany Murphy? I haven't seen her in a movie in ages.

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Big Night

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She got married and left public life for her domestic duties.

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>cringe weeb shit
I want reddit off this board

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She died dude, like 10 years ago

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>calling anything weeb and calling people redditors in the same breath
The absolute irony of this post

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>haha the wife died and the family is crying
So this is the power of Japanese humor...

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Silence of the lambs

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>being this new
>unironically calling established board culture "reddit"

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snail goes into the Cadillac dealership and says to the salesman
>I want a Cadillac with a big S on the hood and on each door
>dealer says why would you want that
>snail says because when I go driving by, I want everyone to say look at that S car Go

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Sorrowful rice.

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been here since 85' newfags, anime's never been accepted only forced mercilessly by weebs.

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THIS is how you enjoy ramen. take it from a MASTER!!!!

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