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How do you guys prefer your eggs? Boiled, scrambled, poached, fried, etc.

What is the maximum number of eggs you have eaten in one go?

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>How do you guys prefer your eggs?
Poached > sunny-side up cooked medium in butter at low heat > everything else

>What is the maximum number of eggs you have eaten in one go?

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runny omelette with just a bit of shrooms and garlic
4 maybe, I'm not an amerilard

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What he said.

With salt/pepper, some dried herbs, sliced tomatoes, spring onion and mozerella

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when you said eggs eggs eggs were you doing ed from ed edd and eddy

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deep fried and served with the finest american cheese

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over easy

probably 5 in an omelette once, but I normally eat 3 on Saturday morning

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French omlette > Soft boiled > Scrambled > sunny side up

4 eggs

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omlets, goes well with literally everything.

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Bout to make a shitton of egg burritos to freeze. Cheese bacon and egg. I'm broke so its egg city now

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Don't forget to brush your tongue with baking soda if your tongue gets too white from eating too much eggs.

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Sunny side up or poached if I have something like a breakfast platter to have the yolk with.
Soft-Boiled if by itself

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organic and pasture raised and then consumed without the whites for maximum nutrient density

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Thanks anon, good advice

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If you say anything other than eggs benedict you're wrong don't @ me

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Niggah, no one has time to make your fancypants shit everytime they want eggs. That's a special occasion egg dish.

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poached take way too much effort, its scrambled with loads of butter for me

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I enjoy scrambled eggs, cooked in grape oil, lightly salted and peppered. Most of the time I eat my eggs boiled because it's more convenient since I eat after working out away from my house and I can prep them. Additionally, if you think about, boiled eggs are possibly the healthiest way to cook eggs. No additional oil, perfectly preserved and heated inside the shell.

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soft boiled
sunny side up

the egg holy trinity

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Making tea eggs right now, and thinking about pickling. In my neck of the woods (Pennsylvania New Jersey border) we make these eggs pickled in beats, but I never cared for them. Anyone here familiar with pickled eggs and what to drop a recipe?

Otherwise I usually have just hard boiled or creamy scrambled eggs. A good Spanish fried egg (basted with olive oil, white slightly crisped) is also a treat. My family of five goes through about 2 dozen eggs a week, and I'd love to raise my own chickens for eggs but the township only allows you to keep four.

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scrambled with some garlic powder and parsley, a nice quick easy reliable meal
I eat 6 every day

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I could eat over easy eggs with toast every fucking day of my life
best breakfast possible

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Soft-boiled with some salt sprinkled on. 16.

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The shiny Duke of the Egg Castle.

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I reuse pic related and they taste delicious. I throw in extra onion / garlic.

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Same, friend.

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Does anyone get paranoid about their egg consumption? I know that the consensus seems to be that they're healthy and that the health scares of the 90s were based on discredited information, but... can it really be ok to eat them every day? Everything in moderation, right?

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>doesnt use toilet paper
would not eat that even if I got it for free

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I think "everything in moderation" is a meme. It's just a justification for eating garbage and not eating healthy shit. No amount of eggs will kill you.

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It's wisdom passed down from generation to generation, not a meme. I'm sure there must be some negative consequence of eating too much of anything except the most basic, plain foods and drinks.

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Yeah. That's basically my point. Eat all the veggies and animal products you want, everything else is just bad for you.

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I kinda worry too since I'm packing in 36 to 42 eggs a week

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how the fuck do you eat 49 eggs

ive eaten 10 in 1 go before (runny, liquid half-boiled eggs) and I felt like vomiting after

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how does he get out?

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I love his one handed cokking swagger

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