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I gotta try it before I really have a say but it looks decent. Not for $5 though I think $4 is more reasonable

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I just can't bring myself to spend $5 on a single item at Taco Bell. I've still been getting a few spicy loaded nacho tacos every day even though they raised the price.

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Problem with nachos is that you inevitably end up in a situation where all of the good stuff is gone from the top and you have a ton of chips left.

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honestly they should just take the drink out and make it $4

I hate mandatory drink "deals"

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>unmelted shredded cheese
>bland nacho goo
>refried beans

Garbage. Who would pay $5 for that?

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I had one, pretty good. But I have a routine where I buy fast food then start drinking when I get home and then eat when I get a buzz going, by then nachos would be too soggy. So I can't see myself getting it too often.

Well it does come with a drink in the box, so it's like 4 dollars for the nachos and 1 for the drink. It's pretty filling too, surprised me when I was done with it.

This doesn't happen unless you make it happen. Try mixing it all up and crushing the chips.

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>so it's like 4 dollars for the nachos and 1 for the drink
But the drink goes directly into the garbage.

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Nacho box is $5.99 for 1130 calories worth of food and it comes with a drink
Nachos BellGrande is $4.39 for 750 calories worth of food
Nachos Supreme is $3.29 for 440 calories worth of food
Triple Layer Nachos is $1 for 320 calories, but doesn't come with ground beef or sour cream.
So price per calorie it's not horrible, but who the fuck wants to eat 1130 calories worth of chips? You can't even really split it up between 2 meals, as they'll get soggy.

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Aw come on I usually finish about half of it first before tossing it
Baja Blast is okay but Taco Bell pairs better with alcohol
Too bad they can't just include a can of malt liquor with their boxes

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>throwing out the CHAD Baja Blast

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Okay, I usually take a few sips, but rarely make it even half way through.
>taco bell pairs better with alcohol
Do people really go to Taco Bell sober?

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It's just a bigger cheaper version of the Nachos Bell Grande, so no complaining here from me.

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>ordered the chicken one
>go home
>it was beef

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Just open the box for 5 seconds and check before you leave. It's not that hard

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Any time the person in front of me sits for a minute at the drive thru after getting their food I take a pic of their car on my phone so I can key it if I ever see it again.

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they always get my order right though

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freaking based!

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hate that shit

best to cook nachos in layers then combine after for maximum coverage

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Puting random spanish words makes you sound retarded

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My thought is there needs to be more food. I'll be ordering 2 tacos and a crunchwrap to go with that.

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Why don't they just let you buy the nacho box alone?
I don't want a big drink I won't finish or I'm drinking something else like beer.

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Pretty good, especially the shredded chicken one. Add chipotle sauce.

Nacho boxes are going to hurt burger joints real soon.

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I thought about getting one for the GoT finale, but just ended up going with 4 loaded nacho tacos (spicy, obviously).

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OwO whats this

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Tonight on 4chan nightmares:

"What in the F**k are we doing?"

Chef Ramsay heads to /tv/ to tackle the many problems facing this board

"This is one of the most disgusting threads I've ever seen."

Where he faces off with janitors so stubborn, so delusional, they don't even realize that they are the reasons the board is failing.


The moderators have lost their passion not just for the board but for themselves as well

"Bloody hell."

The catalog is drowning in Game of Thrones and capeshit threads, and that's just the beginning

"God that's awful."

And the archive is disgusting


The posters are just about ready to mutiny.

Can Chef Ramsay pull the mods head out of the sand?


Or will the board be forever lost to shitposters?

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Nice puke box

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Jesus Chris. They say that diversity is great, but i've never seen such a thng in the poorest WHite areas. The worst fast food in the world is in brown neighborhoods. brown of any race. people need to f-off with that crap

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Gotta say this is based

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It's already 1130 calories you fat fuck

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Why is this a big deal? Any texmex place sells this shit

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It's not a big deal. My closest Taco Bell is directly next door to one of the better taquerias in town, but I still go to Taco Bell 9/10 times because I can get a ton of food for $4-5, whereas a single burrito or carne asada fries at the taqueria is more like $7-10. If I want tacos or burritos I'll typically just do Taco Bell, but if I'm going to spend $5 on nachos I'll just go to the actual Mexican place (all of them have a free chips and salsa bar if you go inside).

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GOT is gay and youre gay for liking it


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>he doesnt like watching roasties get murdered

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It was actually good before it went past the books. I even liked S08 for the most part despite it being pure fan fiction, but the finale was hot garbage.

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Sub steak, add potatoes, double cheese, double pico and now we're talking.

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LET'S HEAD OVER TO https://www.reddit.com/r/marvelstudios?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
and talk about Spiderman Far from Home!

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Taco Bell potatoes are the worst Taco Bell item. I'll never understand how there are people that like them; I honestly think those people are the ones that give Taco Bell it's bad reputation.

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you're right, i need to get dessert to go with that

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Oh nice! I've always wanted a cheap box of nachos to munch on while I'm drunk or stoned late at night! Thanks OP!

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How can ANYONE call these nachos?
Their chips are like literal fucking paper.
The thinnest pieces of bread I've ever tasted.
NOTHING could make these chips worth more than 50 cents, even a whole box of them filled with shit they put on their real food.
You're literally buying toppings to eat with styrofoam paper.

What fucking idiot actually buys the chips at taco bell?

I would imagine you've never had a real fucking tortilla chip in your life.

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Meh. I like them. More for me if you don't want any.

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What's to think about? Simply order, eat, and enjoy

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It's pretty good and I'm not usually a huge fan of nachos. Feels like it should be slightly cheaper when it's just nachos & a drink but then, it is a 1000+ calories a meal. Not including the drink if you don't get diet.

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Reviewbrah is that you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6jHS6hh9Ww

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You've never had real nachos, big facts, little guy.

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wow you're angry

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Right? Nigga don't know a single fucking thing about me and wants nothing more than to stand on a pillar of nacho-supremacy.

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yup. why do you care how I feel? what are you, gay? you like shitty nachos. i don't care how you feel about that, just wanted to let you know.

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>i don't care about how you feel
>i just REALLY care about your nacho preferences to the point where I'll be clearly angry and admit it on the internet


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that's because the drink in actuality costs the establishment about 5 cents, it's easy to inflate the value of any deal artificially by throwing a drink on it.

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>faggot thinks he is a psychologist.
don't worry, we're here for you you can let us know how you feel. while i continue to share facts with you.

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>ordered a Grande Nachos Taco box an hour ago
>added spicy jalapeno sauce and potatoes, was delicious
>just remembered I forgot my Baja Blast in the car
lol I ain't going back for it

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I refuse to touch the Bell of the Tacos until the chili cheese burrito becomes a regular menu item again.

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It's still a regular item at a lot of locations

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Central Louisiana, so no dice. Great sadness.
They've expanded into the state proper since the last time I checked that site though, which is nice.

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not bad. i would rather have nachos from any of the bajillion local mexican joints around town

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I always try and ask for extra beans but they hardly ever give them to me

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