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how do i make caramel iced onion? any tips? thanks

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Put in pan with oil
Medium heat
Stir onions

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Cut 2 yellow onions into thin strips and saute in butter until all the water is out and the sugar starts browning. I recommend adding about 3 TBS brown sugar so it's already a little browned.

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>I recommend adding about 3 TBS brown sugar
Do not do this.

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wont the butter burn? or is that what causes the my yard reaction?

>> No.12394639

>my yard reaction
My fucking sides

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You're thinking of mallard reaction, and the butter doesn't burn if you add the butter and onions, then turn the heat on.

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The goal is to caramelize the onions, not the butter nor onion juices.

-French cut onions
-Start butter/oil and onions together.
Mix to coat all onions
-DO NOT SEASON UNTIL THE END; you do not want juice on the bottom
-Med. high (stirring every couple of minutes or so)
-Do not let the bottom burn black, scrape the bottom when you see any brown fond start to accumulate.
-When they are done, throw in some chopped thyme, lil bit of red wine vin, s&p

Should take about 45 to an hour.

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Do not add sugar unless you fucked it up somehow

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If it does burn, dump the onions in a new pan.

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This makes mustard gas fyi

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>caramel iced
>my yard
isn't this just "pretending to be retarded"?

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